Weekly Witchy Challenge - Powerful Protection - Poppet

:shield: Weekly Witchy Challenge - Powerful Protection

For This week’s challenge, I decided to make a puppet. I did a meditation with Cyndi Unifying The Three Selves Meditation!
Keeping Her Keys Unifying the three selves meditation
I opened my circle and call out the quarters and elements. In a circular motion, I lite my candle and circled my candle three times to invoke Hecate and ask her to come to my sacred place. I thanked her for being with me!

I used charcoal to burn Myrrh for protection and con

I then used my anointing oil to bless my third eye and help raise the highest vibrations! I call to Hecate the Dark Mother of Witchcraft my protection! I call to Circe to help me find my truth I call to Medea!

Hail Hecate Prayer to Hecate which I found on spells 8/ Infinite Roots
You can find that under prayers

I call to Regina for Mistress of Healing and pain

Queen of the Fire and passion

Goddess of the shadows

She who commands the cauldron of rebirth

And wields the dragon chariot

Sings the poison mysteries to those who listen!

Cyndi Brannen writes

Intention- Heal and protect myself from harm, & I purify myself as well.
This will help me to gain perspective to gain progress towards a wholesome life!

Making A puppet

First cut out paper.

Second I cut out a cloth.

Third pick the herbs that best fit for my spell!

You can print this out I hope

:brown_heart:Myrrh-Helps treat my deep wounds, and connection to the unborn soul and helps with breaking any hexes, purification, rebirth, helps with blessings!
I use this to cleanse my doll.
Basil- An offering to Hecate, and in my doll.
:herb: Mugwort- Moon magic, Lust, fertility, madness, health, increases power, astral projection, prophetic dreams, clairvoyance screen divination.

:rose: Rose Bud- Banish anything that harms me like vape! Good for some time but then I always end up going back so I want to quit this intention will help me to get back on track and help heal myself from toxins.

:herb: Basil- Banishing grief and loss, Protection, love, happiness, peace, wealth, money, healing relationships, faithfulness courage, fertility exorcism, business success

:herb:Mullein- Helps banish any incompetence I’ll feeling towards myself, helps banish negativity and entities, and removes nightmares! Mullein Helps with protection love travel business foreign affairs, words negativity.

:rose:Rosehip- Healing, luck summons good spirits

:leaves:Bay Leaf- wards of the evil eye, Protection, banishing, success, dreams purification, empowerment, wisdom, healing psychic powers fidelity, Loyalty, luck, wish magic,

The reason why I use Bayleaf is that I can always use protection against the evil eye and I banish any horrific dreams I’ve been having lately. I wish I could be healthy and get rid of anything that hinders my life.

One for protection and all of the above! I put a couple in there for all my wishes to come true! I just want to be in good health and be at my highest vibration.

:herb:Rosemary- Protection from nightmares, memory loss, As in, romance, purification, love, lust, healing, mental power, memory removing negative fairy magic, protection of concentration and focus, breaking any hexes, releasing and moving on. I bind anything from harming me!

Banish any negativity in my communication in marriage.

:brown_heart:Cinnamon-Love, fast money, happiness spirituality, energy, success healing, protection, power luck, strength prosperity solar Magic

:black_heart:BlackBerry Leaf- Protection, healing, money, business, growth, evil.

:purple_heart:Lavender- Banish any inpatients

:herb:Oregano- Astral projection health happiness, healing strength vitality, joy, justice, protect against evil.

:herb:Parsley-, strength, calm, Inspiration, vitality, passion, luck, wealth, protection, purification, spiritual growth, contacting the dead.

:star2:Star Anise - Protection, happiness, purification, youth, joy, luck, Chris breaking, open the third eye, Next to the divine, psychic awareness.

:salt:Salt - For protection and to banish all negativity and bring prosperity banishing fear !

Overall I did a good job making my first poppet! I put many herbs in my doll for protection! I think I did everything good now I just need to write about it in my Bos. I tried to stick with herbs that were for protection. And since it was a waning moon I had to banish! I think the main thing is going to Diety and practicing my witchcraft to make me stronger. It is what is key to keeping her keys and being a better
practitioner! If you don’t practice you won’t get better.

Blessed be🌟


Beautiful work with your puppet, @Jeannie1! :clap: And you included so many wonderful herbs with protective properties as well- I am sure the puppet spells amazing! :star_struck:

May this beautiful spellwork help you to heal and be safe from harm- so mote it be! :raised_hands:

Great job, Jeannie- thanks so much for sharing! :heart:


I made a protective poppet once. Yours looks a lot better than mine :sweat_smile: may it protect you and keep you from harm!


Nice work on the poppet! I’m afraid of using one, not because I’m afraid it’s evol or anything, but because I can’t sew worth a lick. I broke a sewing machine needle off in my finger trying to sew a straight line. I am not crafty. So, you go girl!


Travel Witch,
I forgot to mention when I was stitching my doll, I prayed out loud what I hoped and wished for.
Have a blessed day!
I’m thinking of adding eyes and other details to my doll so it will feel like me!


Not to bad for the first time,
I recommend cutting out two out at a time.
Thank you Christina



@Jeannie1 i think your poppet looks great.


@Amethyst I’m with you on not being crafty lol. I can’t draw or cut a straight line to save my life. Thankfully my son is artistic so if I need something done he takes pity on me and helps lol.


Thanks Crystal I am going to add to it and if you have any ideas let me know k


Trust me it took me a couple tries before it worked out :ok_hand: and got a straight enough.
This one turned out okay cause the cloth was firmer.


@Jeannie1 i think it looks great and anything you add would just make it better I’m sure


That’s a great idea, Jeannie! :star_struck: If you’d like, you could continue to personalize it with beaded jewelry or even clothes. Make it your own! I’m sure whatever you do will turn out lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Funny thing is I was thinking about putting earring on?


This is absolutely amazing! Makes me want to make one too!

Thank you for sharing the process, Jeannie! May you be strong and live well! :raised_hands:


Yeah my main thing is making my health number one!
Thank you Francisco I have always wanted to make a doll!
And lots of intentions went into it! I love working with Herbs :herb:


I think adding an earring would be lovely! :star_struck: Everyone (probably poppets too!) likes a little extra bling! :ring: :sparkles::grin:


I really enjoy this entry @Jeannie1 I like the whole concept behind your powerful protection. Thank you for sharing :blush:


Ur welcome Nick Wick


Thanks Nick Wick I am learning to protect myself that’s important for us to do.


Thanks, @Jeannie1 your puppet is beautiful. I love the idea of making a puppet, wonder if it could be used in a different way. :clap: :heart: