Here Comes Libra Season ♎️ ⚖️

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It is that time where another Astrological Season is upon us. Libra Season begins on the 23rd of September and also marks the Autumn Equinox. As usual, I have included my recommended activities for the season but have also given a forecast which looks at the planetary transits and aspects that will occur. This may give further insight as to what energies tonexpect throughout.

I hope this is of some use and/or interest to you…

This season brings a taste of libran traits to all of us, no matter what your sun sign is, although they will be felt most by Librans.

You may Place more emphasis on finding harmony, fairness and balance in our interactions and relationships. It also brings a greater focus on socialising and building connections. You may be easily attracted gatherings and to collaborate in projects. Use this time to strengthen partnerships (loving, friends, work) and ensure open communication, ensuring equal give and take. During the season, you may want to enhance your personal sense of style (clothing, hair, make-up) and create aesthetically pleasing environments, maybe doing some decorating or rennovating. There is also a heightened appreciation of beauty. The sense of fairness that we experience is also heightened during this season, and you may find yourself standing up for others or for different causes that you believe in. Ultimately, this is the season where you strive to resolve conflicts, find compromise and seek harmony.

Looking at the season in more detail, Mars is currently residing in Libra and will remain there for the first half of the season. This means that you will not only see others perspective, but will take action appropriately to suit all. Libbra softens Mars’ assertiveness to ensure a balanced approach to action. The drive of Mars will motivate you to invest your energies into relationships of all kinds. Diplomacy will be reached with charm and tact, combining Mars’ assertiveness and Libra’s need for harmony. Be aware though of slipping into passive-aggressive behaviour. There is also a strong drive for Justice and you may find yourself not just talking about sticking up for others but taking appropriate action.

On September 24th, Mars in Libra forms an opposition with Chiron in Aries. Be aware that this may bring an imbalance between meeting your own needs and those of others. There may also be a real.need to find reassurance and approval from others. Your challenge during this time is to find some sort of self acceptance by acknowledging your successes. It also calls you to heal wounds in relationships. Yes consider them but also assert your own views and feelings to your partner.

On October 5th, Mercury enters Libra but at this point, it is too far from Mars to form a conjunction. Communication will be the key to solving conflicts at this time, considering all viewpoints and communicating them fairly and calmly. This will also allow for rational and considered conclusions being made. Words will be chosen carefully to foster positive relationships and avoid any offence being caused. Dialogue will also be the key to fixing relationships. Remember, it is good to talk.

On the 9th of October, Mars is at it again, forming a square with Pluto in Capricorn. There’s a real struggle between keeping the peace and taking control of the situation. It is important to be open and fair during communications and channel any intense motions in healthy ways to avoid potential conflict. However, there is a greater sense of being able to overcome setbacks and challenges.

Near the end of the season, on October 21st, the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Libra. This will bring strong and harmonious communication with the strive for fairness and diplomacy. Intellectual abilities are heightened and you may want to challenge yourself by engaging in learned conversations and debate. You will be able to weigh up the pros and cons of any situation you currently find yourself in and make informed, objective choices.

The following day, on the 21st of October, both the Sun and Mercury conjuncting in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn. This brings a potentially challenging end to the season. There is a real urge to express yourself and share your thoughts and ideas with others. These words will carry a lot of weight but you must be careful not use them to manipulate or control others. Don’t let emotions in your words or communication be your downfall. Remain calm and collected. Think about your thoughts, beliefs, and communication patterns. Are they suiting you at the moment, or do they need to change in some way? If so, this is the time to do it.

I have included my usual suggestions for activities to help you embrace the energies of the season:

Blessed be



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Thank you so much for the detailed insight into this intriguing crystal. I will confess that I am no and it is not something i use much in my practice.that being said, it is something i would like to further explore, understand and use in the future. Thanks again for sharing your excellent knowledge.

Blessed be



I think I’ve got a jump start! Ive been experiencing some of these already. Working on building better relationships with my family. I’ve become an ALS advocate. I just got my hair colored a beautiful bright blue! Im also socializing more. A metaphysical shop near me has been having lots of events and classes and meeting some witches face to face! Im hoping the momentum will continue!


You are getting right into the Libran spirit!


Did I hear permission to buy art gallery and botanic garden tickets? Woohoo! :partying_face: :tickets: Might just treat myself to a new haircut too- sounds like a great time to freshen up the look :haircut_woman:

As always, your infographics delight the eye and the mind- there are so many wonderful ideas here for making the most of Libra season! I’ve been revisiting your posts halfway through the month or so for another burst of information and reminders- they are great guides to each season :blush:

The astrological breakdown of big celestial events happening during Libra season is awesome too- thank you so much for everything, Alan! :star2:

Wishing everyone a happy, balanced, and blessed Libra season :balance_scale: :libra: :blue_heart:


Ooo… Libra :libra: season came up quick on me! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! Every time I feel some sense of relief another hard turn into chaos lately. Seems to be my theme for 2023 :laughing: I’m doing much better navigating those turns though comparatively! :blush:

I’ve gone ahead & added this to the astrology master post as well! Thank you @Cosmic_Curiosity


Always such great information, @Cosmic_Curiosity :clap:

Your posts on astrology have genuinely helped me learn more about the subject. It’s one thing that tends to go over my head - mainly because I struggle to remember everything :joy: but it’s not for lack of trying!