How can i get my Witchy mojo back on?

Hey all,
i wanted to ask first off if anyone sometimes feels a block towards their practice at times? I have been feeling that i have been neglecting my practice recently. It is not that i have fallen out of love with my practice as i still feel that flame of passion for my craft, but it seem like something is holding me back from practicing. Part of it is that i have been making up excuses and although some of them are valid such as i can’t get through a 10 minute meditation session without being disturbed by others, i do not feel it is a good enough reason to be feeling this way as i am genuinely a bouncy positive person.
Do you think that it is because of the list of many negative experiences when practicing that i have been neglecting my witchy practice, or do you think there is a negative energy block? :tipping_hand_woman:


Both. It sounds like you maybe avoiding cause you cant get time to yourself. Is there anyway to tell your family and make boundaries about personal time?

Someimes i don’t want to practice because when i practice i have touch and deal with difficult or challenging feelings. Being present and quiet can be hard.

Which one does your intuition tell you?
And I totally understand and think this is part of being human. I struggle with this too. May your fire for craft and self tending be lit again. :fire:


First sorry you’re feeling this.

Check out this link
It’s Ok to Fail in Witchcraft :green_heart:
It has 2 videos, 1 at the beginning, and 1 at the end (I’ve linked them at the bottom for you) . The second is that we are people, and the mundane is part of life.

The other thing I’ve learnt, is that to keep the sacred in our lives we need ritual. Ritual is doing the same sacred practice over and over. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or long. It just has to be daily. If we frequently change our ritual the ability to create a sacred space or routine breaks down, so it’s important to setup a simple, short daily ritual to stay connected.

I have now, 3 altars. My main one in the frontroom, the fancy one. My outdoor one, it’s a stick and a rock under a tree, and the third, is at my kitchen sink, it’s a bowl with a tealight. Many celebrate the Sabbats, decorate their altars, I haven’t had time, so my main altar is Sabbat neutral. Loki doesn’t care, he’d rather we talk. :grin: If I had no altar at all, Loki and I would still be connected.

My daily ritual is like so.
I wake up. First I lick the inside of both my palms and then place those palms on my throat, then breathe out. Giving my first energy to the gods.
Then I draw :algiz: over my face with my hands in the air 3 times to protect myself (I don’t always have time to meditate or draw in white light), a simple rune drawn with your hand and the air over your face is very powerful. You can also draw it on your inner left wrist with a pen too. This whole process takes about 2 minutes.

Then it’s up and on with the mundane. The way I add ritual into that, is when I make a morning coffee, I make one for Loki and light one of his candles, if the sinks busy (dishes), it’s that one, it doesn’t matter. You don’t even need to light a candle, but offering a coffee to Loki and one to me, I am making a mundane task (making a coffee) sacred. If you worship Freya, if you offer a crystal to Freya, wear or carry the same crystal on you during that day, then you are connected to Freya. When I put a daisy into my Fae garden, I put a daisy in a bowl on my kitchen window, that way, the Fae are with me all day. Doing this, everything becomes sacred.

Remember the mundane and the sacred are the same, something is only mundane, because we say it is. My ritual is to always talk with Loki. Because talking with the gods has become my sacred space, the mundane in life, is always sacred too because I can talk to Loki anywhere, anytime, during any moment, in that way I am never disconnected from him. :green_heart: When we look at one thing as sacred and another thing as not sacred we have lost the key element of spirituality, and that’s, everything is sacred, because everything we do in our life, is our life, and our life, is Sacred.

The only space I have that’s mine alone is my car, so I’ve hung a crystal over the rearview mirror, and that’s another altar. Again, it’s just a coffee, or other drinks and Loki and I will sit with each other and talk while parked up.

My point is, you can bring the sacred into the mundane, it doesn’t have to be fancy or long. It can just be sat on a park bench after having done the shop, with a “hey Loki, fancy an ice coffee when we get back”.

@celineelise is right about boundaries, otherwise we can get exhausted but it’s hard, my family don’t always accept my boundaries, kids aren’t good with their mums with that. That’s why sometimes we have to use the mundane (going shopping for groceries and sitting in the carpark for an extra 5 minutes with the divine before we head home), (I’ve even chatted to the Loki in the bathroom :rofl:) to connect with our sacred, or we’ll burn out.

Don’t give up, remember it’s not how long or fancy your ritual is, it’s more important to just say hello to the gods each morning, they’ll do the rest. :green_heart:

Here’s the videos direct to save you time.

I’ll leave you with an old Norse saying:
How can you stand in the water of the roots of a tree, if you haven’t enough water in your roots for you to be able to stand.
Love you. :green_heart:


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I’m so sorry you are feeling blocked. It happens to all of us I think. I really don’t have much else to add. It appears the others have given some great advice.

Just want to send love and hugs your way. You will get through this time of strife. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging:


I am sorry your feeling this way.

Thank you @tracyS for your response. It is a good reminder.

I don’t have anything to add @TheMuslimWitch as, like you, I too feel blocked at times and, after reading Tracy’s post, I understand why I still can feel disconnected as I don’t keep consistent ritual.

I hope you can find two minutes each day at a minimum. @Mystique had a post about her shower ritual and I believe someone else had a post about their face washing.

Sending you supportive energy!


I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with your practice. I’ve been dealing with something similar lately, too. Mine is more of getting lost in the mundane without making space for the sacred - plus, there’s a lot of disconnect with me right now :sweat_smile: it happens to me every once in a while so I’m not surprised. I usually let myself move through the emotions and give myself grace. As @tracyS said – it’s okay. We’re just human and things like this happen.


I’m dealing with it too


Thank you for replying :blush: Yes this actually the main reason that and the fact that mundane tasks get in the way. Being able to have alone time for my craft to me is like treating myself in a sense and sometimes when i am busy running around doing stuff for everyone else, it gets me down so i guess i get into the “i don’t deserve it” or after every single thing is done i will practice" mode which really isn’t realistic as nothing in my house is ever complete house work wise.

You know you maybe the most chill witch i know :blush:. What you are doing must be working and i should really take the pointers you mentioned seriously. I guess i need to change my mindset that doing a “proper” long ritual or meditation counts and everything else doesn’t. I mean i have just shut my eyes for a few seconds when i walk on the bike trail to appreciate the sun and it’s energy and give thanks and i never saw that as short cutting… I don’t know i guess you can tell by what i am writing i am all over the place and just need some me time and less discipline and responsibility. What you have wrote is extremely helpful thank you :people_hugging:

@Sivonnah Thank you i will check them out :blush:

@Mystique Thank you sending hugs right back at you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :people_hugging:

@Phoenix_Rose No any input is really appreciated :blush: I guess the amount of time it took me to reply shows how hectic it is here at home and something need to be done… I just don’t want to be cutting into my much needed sleeping time :blush:

@MeganB I hope you will be able to find a solution but just moving through the emotions is a good place to start which i should really be doing. i just find it hard when day in and day out life is the same. My husband also has left all responsibility on me and it make it hard. I know i am the one to blame but anything and everything related to talking to people, to government related stuff and even dealing with people is up to me even his hobby of buying and sellinng cars is my responsibility! All this and then there is the 4 kids who never want to wake up for school and the endless errands to run, things to do, groceries to get and then the housework and the cooking and finally making sure my husband walks everyday for his diabetes and then giving him some ‘us’ time too… I think i need a holiday alone lol Oh also one good thing adopted two new baby kittens… Not the smartest idea right now with everything that and i already have 2 cats, but they are getting me through the days with their cuteness and cuddles :blush:

@Devenne I am so sorry and i hope you are able to find a solution and that everything smooths over asap. I wish i could be the one to give some advice, but i actually am needing some myself right now lol :blush:



I send you some of the chill :rofl:. Loki helped me do the dishes this morning. Well, he talked I washed. :joy: