How do I read this egg cleansing I did?

I’m getting more specific with my culture and doing culture specific rituals, something easier I tried was an egg cleansing. I have a general idea of what it could mean, but would someone who has more experience in this area be able to explain what they see in the egg result? Thank you!

There are 5 almost 6 tendrils going up to the top of the glass, I say almost 6 because one of the tendrils looks like 2 connecting together on the top half of the cup.

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Well egg cleansing is a great way to cleanse yourself but this is my belief. Strings going up are bad words, gossip, bad juju….if you see small bubbles it is the ancestors or spirits fighting against all this badness….look for figures , letters because this can be the first initial of your attacker and figures can be how they did the bad intent or woman figures is a woman who did the attack and of course a man figure is of course a man who threw the bad words or curse at you…


I would definitely do another egg cleanse tomorrow. You will notice it will look better….with hope very little strings


I’m sorry for the delay in response, I did find an article about the ins & outs of doing an egg cleansing. It goes through the whole process. I shared some information from it that may be of some relevance to you & added the link to the entire article where it came from:

Egg Reading Article

Some of the signs that can make you can perform a spiritual egg reading and cleansing:

  • When you start to have insomnia, nightmares, or mysterious accidents
  • Ever-in bad mood, tired, or a sluggish feeling
  • If you want to start a new business or project
  • When you lose your job or encounter unforeseen expenses
  • When you get the feeling that your paths are blocked
  • You want to get rid of negative energy or black magic cast on you
  • When you feel distant from your partner or friends for no reason

Egg reading Meanings

Here is a brief guide on how to analyze the meaning of the egg broken into the glass. Normally, the yolk will go to the bottom of the water, but if it stays in the middle or goes up, this is a sign that there are negative energies against you.

  • When many bubbles come out surrounding the yolk, or they shoot upwards. It means that there are too many negative energies, and they have been building up for some time.
  • If pointy shapes come up in the form of nails or needles, it means that there are envious people who put these negative energies in your way and don’t want you to do well.

I hope this helps you as well as @LadyFireCancer, she may have more insight than I. I have never done or heard of an egg cleansing before. I think it is something that I am going to learn more about though! Thank you for the topic & I hope you can do it again or read the current one with much success. :two_hearts:


Greetings @quadeera!

Apologies, I’ve also never done an egg cleansing before nor do I know much about it, so I’m afraid I don’t have anything to offer. But it looks like @LadyFireCancer and @Siofra_Strega had some great advice for you! :grinning: I just want to say thanks for sharing about egg cleansing, it looks like a very interesting method of divination :egg: :sparkles:

I hope you can unravel the mysteries of your egg cleansing and that the messages within prove helpful for you! Blessed be :blush:


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