How past interests may guide me. (Crystals)

Good morning.

Prior to being introduced to Witchcraft and Wicca I had already accumulated a small crystal collection. I am wondering if the crystals I was drawn to previously can indicate something about me to help guide to my path. ??? (Or am I overthinking this?)

The crystals that drew me the most were Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Tiger’s eye.

Is there anything to this, can any one give me guidance?


Hey Joey!

One thing that I’ve always been on the fence about myself are crystals. I just don’t find myself particularly drawn to them anymore but that’s me personally.

I knew a woman once who said that to choose a crystal, you should close your eyes and feel the energies of the crystals around you. The one that grabs your attention is the one you need. It’s possible you felt a connection to those particular crystals because of their metaphysical properties! It’s also possible that you chose them because they’re pleasing to look at :sparkles: Either way, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with both of those methods, so to speak.

If you feel like the crystals were choosing you, so to speak, here is some information you might find helpful about each crystal.

:gem: Amethyst - loving this stone lately!
:gem: Amethyst Stone->Good Luck Guided Crystal Activation
:gem: Tiger’s Eye->Balance & Vitality
:gem: Crystals for Protection
:gem: New Lapis Lazuli rune stones came!


Thank you for culling all of that information for me.


You’re very welcome! I know there are many people here who are way more qualified to talk about stones and crystals than I am. I’m sure they’ll have more information to share, too.


Greetings @JoeyP!

Megan already shared some wonderful advice and some great links for you, so just adding in that I think it is worthwhile to spend some time examining the crystals that called to you!

You might ask yourself: what is it about these crystals drew me to them? Their colors, their elements, how they make me feel, their magickal associations, their ties to deities, etc.?

By meditating on and examining the qualities and meanings of the magickal things that we most connect with, it can help give us deeper insight to our own selves and our unique practices :blush:

Just keep in mind that it is natural to grow and change over time- the crystals that called to you in the past may have already served their purpose (and if so, that’s awesome!). While it is helpful to examine different aspects of our practices and tools, we are by no means bound to them. Feel free to use and draw on the crystals that call to you in the moment. The more you connect with them, the more clear their messages will become :gem::sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be!


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