How should I use my mugwort?

I just bought mugwort. And I wanted to know if drinking it can help with both psychic dreams/lucid dreaming and spiritual visions?

Also, what’s a good amount of the herb when making the tea? Like, how many spoonfuls?

One more thing, how many times can I drink it? Because I know too much is bad, so I want a good amount. Not too much, or too little.

Thanks in advance! :heart:


Do let me know if it works out for you. I have not had good luck with what I purchased. the taste of the tea was BAAAADDDD. Maybe that means I made it too strong? that being said if it was too strong I also didn’t seem to have anything come from choking it down either.


I burn mine in a cauldron as an incense. Make sure its food grade and from a good source. I like chamomile tea and honey the best. The sleepy time blend or sweet dreams blend usually works for more dreams. Good luck and Sweet Dreams :zzz:


Welcome @jada1!

I know there are a few folks here who use Mugwort somewhat regularly in their Crafts, so I’ll let their words and experiences from the following discussions help guide you:

Mugwort is not a gentle plant and it is not for everyone!
Mugwort Questions

Also, @Silverbear shared a fantastic overview video of Mugwort with a lot of helpful advice:

I’ve had mugwort baths before and really enjoyed them :bathtub: :relaxed: and external use seems to be quite safe but, as others have mentioned in the resources above, ingesting it in any amount should be done with caution.

For Mugwort Dosing, WebMD says the following:

The appropriate dose of mugwort depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for mugwort. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

From WebMD: Mugwort

As with any herb, it may interact negatively with other medications or herbs you are taking. If you can find a local herbalist or apothecary that you trust, I’d suggest bringing a copy of your personal medical details/history and consulting with them if Mugwort is safe for you, and if so, the exact limitations and amounts your body can safely handle.

Happy spellwork and enjoy your new Mugwort, Jada- Blessed be! :sparkles:


That’s possible that it was too strong! I either drink it or burn it outside (bc my father had breathing issues). It helps me have astral dreams and I remember them! But yes use a small amount!! If you’ve gotta chug it, it’s not worth it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: or you can mix it with a tea you do like to weaken (how do you spell that?? Weeken or weaken?? :joy:) the flavor.


I have had great success in the past using Mugwort to aid with Lucid dreaming :sparkles: I don’t mind the taste - but I drink lots of different types of tea :tea: so I’m used to the different flavours they bring.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry posted good advice, its always wise to check with a medical professional before taking anything and like @Sarall said make sure its food grade. Personally, I take it around twice a week, if not less, but again please seek professional guidance. I purchase mine from Indigo Herbs.

You can add different sweeteners and herbs to play around with the flavours until you find one you are comfortable with - I have mixed Mugwort with honey, mint and lemon balm in the past :honey_pot: :seedling: :lemon:

Other ways to aid Lucid dreaming can be found here. To reinforce some of the techniques listed I usually count my fingers back and forth whilst touching them and I visualise my door :door: before I fall asleep. If I see my door in my dream I can walk through it and I know I’m Lucid dreaming and I’m safe…

Good luck, let us know how you get on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think mugwort has taken over a pot on my deck, but I am not sure.


Omg @Undomeher it’s so crazy that you said that because I literally have a pot that has nothing that my mom or I intentionally planted but has 3 or 4 different types of things growing in it and one of the things is a feathery looking bright green that my apps can’t ever seen to agree on the exact type of mugwort it is but insists that it is “a type of mugwort” :woman_facepalming:t3: so I leave it there in case I ever get a positive Id on it and it’s something I can use in my practice because I’m not sure if “a type of mugwort” is the type of mugwort listed in spells and don’t want to harvest it or risk using it and have unexpected results if it’s not the right type or isn’t useful to anything magical I’d rather just let it grow. But I’m glad to know that there are other people with unindentified mugwort possibly taking over flower pots


I am trying to make sure that the plant that I have is mugwort and not ragweed,as the two are apparently often mistaken for each other. Seems the flowers will be key, but I am leaning strong towards it being mugwort.

It’s amazing to me how much of what we use is all around, often without our knowing.


Nevermind…I just looked at the flowers and what looked like mugwort yesterday is clearly ragweed today. Oh well. The growing season is almost over, so next year I will plant mugwort and be sure.


I just bought a bag of dried mugwort for tea and I’m thinking about trying lucid dreaming with it. Is there anything I should be aware of for first time doing this? Imma gonna keep reading more on it but I was curious.


@SilverBear i just started your shadow work and I was curious if mugwort tea would help to work through some of the shadows? I have a hard time relaxing enough to let the shadows seep through.


@NoName hi mugwort tea can be great for lucid dreaming or to help astral travel. I would suggest that you meditate before you drink your tea and don’t eat a few hours before. Also keep a notebook by your bed so you can write down any dreams or messages you might receive. Also if you have the crystals to cleanse your third eye that can be very helpful too. Love and light to you


Yes, mugwort can be helpful…but I would lean more towards lavender and chamomile tea for relaxation.

And all this… :slight_smile:

Mugwort contraindications: Can include allergic reaction, contact dermatitis, miscarriage and may interact with certain medications.