I am back from study overload feeling more Magickal

Hi all,
so i have been making very rash decisions lately and have been over stressed. I have come to realise that i have been doing so to compensate for all my stress so as a treatment i would try to do things for myself i usually wouldn’t (which didn’t end well). So just before writing this post and doing my daily rituals (or night i should say here in Australia), i wanted to make a post.

This is most likely jumbled and not making much sense but i just feel so free as i have now completed my last assessment for the semester (and my 2 classes). I have one semester remaining and a placement but i am certain i will follow through because hey why no there’s only 6 months remaining of a 3 year long degree then i’ll have my Bachelors (the first in my family who did uni/college).

Anyways back to my point, i have been feeling unmagickal with all my commitments of study, home, family and health which hasn’t given me enough time for sleep so when i would have usually woken up early to do my morning ritual, i couldn’t and slept in which made me groggy and irritable all day. Finishing this stage in my studies has lifted such a burden as i wanted to quit a thousand times over since having 4 kids and a dependant husband is not easy. But for now i did it and i can’t wait to get back to my usual magickal self.

One question before i go, does or has anyone else ever felt like they lost their magick within themselves or have doubted whether or not they are even really a witch? I mean i felt deep down i was still a good witch but didn’t really practice in that period. Let me know your situations as i feel i maybe the only one who feels like this :heartpulse: :blush:


I’m pretty sure that we all have had a version of this feeling before & it’s called burnout. As a matter of fact, this entire week I have been just popping in & out so quickly due to family from out of state being here for a few days, my 2nd child being a part of a traumatic event at work first thing in the morning, my daughter well; hormones & her aren’t friends yet :exploding_head: never mind I had 2 therapy appointments & a follow up to surgery within the same. The whole week this was going on, I was very, nonchalant with my magickal workings or not doing them.

I know what feeling you’re talking about & for everyone it’s different. It’s like, you’re not connected to anyone or anything. Nothing feels like it’s right. I have found that’s myself telling me that I need to rest & go at my own pace or 1 thing at a time.

Something else to remember is that you may not outwardly feel anything… but when you do 1 little thing, even mundane, that’s your magic in all it’s beauty, & it’s going to blossom when you are ready for it. It’s okay to take a break or just leave it to when you get to it after your home things are done with something simple.

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That’s a very good question. Aside from the burn-out issue, which Siofra so ably addressed, there is the existential question – am I witch because I have inherent magic within myself? Or am I witch because I practice witchcraft?

Looking at the evidence, I would say I fall into the latter category! I do believe there are people, probably most of the people on the forum, who are “natural” or “born” witches who have special abilities, like psychic abilities or special insight or talents that allow them to access and connnect to magic in their chosen ways.

I don’t, actually :slight_smile: I consider myself a witch because I practice witchcraft. My spells don’t have any power, apparently, other than to motivate me to make personal changes or act more mindfully about my goals. But in that, they are very helpful to me. And I do feel more meaningfully connected spiritually, especially to nature.

So, and I say this a little wistfully, I guess I can’t lose what I don’t have? But I can definitely relate to feeling burned out and out of touch with myself. I have to make self-care charts so I will do self-care, otherwise I would never do it.

Can I also say how much I admire that you achieve all that you do. I am in awe.


@TheMuslimWitch Absolutely. I have a very busy schedule and long days due to a demanding career. Which I also love and wouldn’t give up. But some days are hard to find the energy to do spells or rituals on a daily basis. I also recently graduated with a BS degree and that combined with full time job and trying to work a side business was really hard. And I was really hard on myself. What I have learned, is I can do small things each day to continue my practice even on the busiest of days. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. For example: I wake and set my day in gratitude. Each morning I have a cup of coffee to start my day. I have made that into a ritual and add intentions and blessings into my morning coffee. This sometimes is all I have time for and it sets my day in a positive uplifting and magickal direction. If I have more time, I will do more. Between meetings I will take 2-5min to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths to connect myself back to my heart center. I pull my daily tarot when I can. Sometimes I don’t, but that’s okay. Each day my practice looks a little different, but my morning gratitude and coffee ritual remains constant. Magick is in everything we do and can be done on the fly. :magic_wand: :star: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m no longer hard on myself for what I feel like I’m not doing. Enjoy what you can, even if it’s just a creative thought you are putting out to the universe. Create it in your mind and it is true. :heart:

Congratulations on all your hard work toward your degree! It’s hard work. Be good to yourself. You are doing great! :star:

I hope that helps! :heart:


I am sorry to hear this. I hope everything gets easier for you :heartpulse:

This is so beautifully said. Thank you for putting it in this way. I mean wearing crystals i feel connected to even sometimes just lighting a candle gives me that sense of magick, its just when life is non-stop sometimes i loose hope in myself and my magickal practice. I will try to stay positive and remember it wont be like this forever and even if times do get busy it is my own practice so i should understand that i am still a good witch even when i cannot find the hour in the day to do my rituals :heartpulse: :blush:


Thank you and trust me its nothing to be in awe about my life is like a cyclone half the time with me rushing in and out of home caring for everyone and still making time for my daily workout to keep the 46kgs i lost off then not finding enough time for studies to just cram it all in last minute…

I too feel very much more like a witch when i practice witchcraft but i do still know i am one when i am not practicing. It just takes me a small walk or bike ride to feel and sense all the wonderful natural world around me and y simply breathing it all in and feeling the enery from the sun it makes a major difference… That being said i do tend to miss out on this too since i am so busy but while riding the motorbike to the gym i just close my eyes while stopped feel that energy from the sun and know that i am one with the universe and yes my own magick has an influence on how my life will play out… Hope my rambling makes sense…


Thank you, you are so inspirational and don’t know how you do it! Like you said the little coffee ritual and deep breathing do go a long way i feel too…


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