Ways of incorporating the craft in my everyday life?

Hi my magickal peeps, i have a question (as usual), so being busy but from 4:30am to 11pm non-stop and usually eat while walking :woman_facepalming: :flushed:, i tend to not have enough time for the craft. I know ways such as having tea and setting intentions is a method of incorporating magick in everyday life but how about rushing around dropping and picking up the kids, grocery shopping and intense exercise? The only break i do get is a coffee so maybe that’s something? I am trying better to make time but honestly it doesn’t always happen… A we speak i am summoned to the loo to clean a butt lol :laughing: :flushed:
So any suggestions?


Good morning @TheMuslimWitch :hugs:, it’s about 6 AM here, I’ve been up for an hour, but that’s when I am helping my son & husband get to work. I make their lunches & start the trucks to warm up in this weather. :cold_face:

  • Stir things clockwise to bring in Positivity/good energy/luck & stir counterclockwise to repel negativity/banish

  • Listen to “witchy” music :musical_score: while you’re cleaning the house.

  • Use your broom :broom: (besom) to sweep away negativity & put salt :salt: in the four corners of your home.

  • Use body washes with scents :nose: that are calming or promote self-love :heartpulse:

  • When adding ingredients to food mix them clockwise (counter) depending on the intent of the ingredients while thinking about the intentions for the ingredients you’re using.

  • Draw sigils with spoons while cooking, preparing, stirring.

I’m sure others may have other ways of using magic in the mundane. Those are a few things off the top of my head that I do myself.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know. Also check out this topic:

The Magick in the Mundane


One piece of advice I saw recently that I loved, and that I really try to do anyway, is to slow down and see things through a witchy lens. If you slow down enough you’ll see that there is magic all around you, you just have to pay attention.

It’s also worth noting that even the most “advanced” witches don’t do spells every day or even once a week. Living a magical life, in my opinion, is just being open to the magic that’s already around us in the world.


Sprinkle salt on your carpet before you vacuum to banish negativity, as long as you empty out the vacuum after. Meditate on soap bubbles while washing dishes. Mentally thank everyone who brought the food to your table when picking up groceries. Visualize opening your third eye and seeing clearly while washing windows.

I hope this little list helps. I’m also interested in everyday magic. I’ve always been interested in what things witches do for a daily devotional for instance.


Exercising is perfect for moving meditations! I do them often. Here’s an article I found while doing a simple search. I skimmed it, but haven’t read it yet. 5 Moving Meditations for People Who Can’t Sit Still | The Temper When I go for walks, I send everything in nature love and light and thank them for sharing theirs with me. In my opinion, gratitude in and of itself is magickal. Hope this helps. :heart:


This list is already full of wonderful ideas. I use @Siofra_Strega’s kitchen magick ideas every time I cook. Some other ideas:

  • Do you add cream/ sugar to your coffee? Stir it clockwise and state affirmations. For example, I use a cinnamon stick to stir and state “I accept change in all forms. I love and accept myself. I am safe and protected.”
  • Sugar brings “sweetness” into your life, aids in love. Milk is associated with fertility, abundance, motherhood. Coffee itself removes energy blockages, is an energy booster, and promotes grounding, happiness, luck, romance, and lust
  • Do a simmer pot while cleaning. My favorite is orange slices, bay leaves, clove, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. As I add each element to water (moon water if I have it), I think of the intention I want it to add. Then I let it simmer while I clean. It smells amazing and infuses the house with its magickal properties. You can find lots of different recipes online or make up your own.
  • Feeding your local wild life if it is safe to do so (I don’t recommend feeding stray animals unless you plan to adopt them or wildlife that will become dependent on humans). I have bird feeders set up that I put seed in year round. We have cardinals, doves, chickadees, house finches, robins, mockingbirds, and now grackles (annoying bullies). It is a nice way to stay connected to nature. And if you work with a deity that is related to nature/animals (Gaia, Artemis, etc.), you can dedicate this daily feeding to them.

I could go on but I don’t want to make it any longer than I already have. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@MeganB what a great piece of advise. I too struggle with being so busy, I just wrote this down and stuck it a couple of different places to remind myself of what I am doing. Thank you for sharing this. I love it.


Indeed I seldom do spells but that also helps keep it special. Valentines day is on the Way been thinking on potions


@rachel21 – You’re welcome :heart: It’s something I have to remind myself of daily lol

@jim – Sounds like you’ve got some good plans brewing :tea:

@Amaris_Bane – That is a fantastic list of ideas! :star: Thank you for sharing them all!

@BrightBearnot me over here needing to exercise more… but I get lost in thought very easily lol it’s something I’m working on myself.

@Amethyst – That’s a good one, too! It’s been a while since I’ve cleansed the space with a good salt vacuum :thinking: I might have to do that today.

@Siofra_Strega – A great list :pray:t3: and again with the witchy music! I still need to make my playlist…lol


I need to do that myself. LOL! It’s just that Sally vacuumed for me, I feel weird about having her doing it for me.


I think I need to do the salt vacuum where we have carpeting too. It’s been forever since I have done that & I can sweep the kitchen, hall, & bathroom with salt.

@MeganB at this point I have 3 or 4 even if there is only 1 or 2 songs. I have a Celtic Music playlist too. I use YouTube for Woke Nation things. I haven’t actually looked to see if they are on Spotify though. Oooo… project!


Sounds like a good idea for this coming waning moon :waning_gibbous_moon:


Sorry for the late reply. These are excellent ideas of how to incorporate magick in everyday life… It can be easy to forget sometimes just because i am not that doing rituals or spells everyday that i am still a witch and i can perform other ways of magick. Thank you and sorry that you replied to me at such a busy time x


This is so true… I too have noticed this on my weekend bike rides in the bushy bike trails. I have so much to be thankful for from the fresh cool breeze, the lush green trees and grass and the amazing weather even if its raining and of course the warm sunshine… I even briefly closed my eyes (when it was safe to do so) when it was nice and sunny close to sundown and took in all the power the sun was reflecting off… It really was empowering and i always look forward to doing this.


I just recently read about washing negativity away when we shower and visualising a bright light as if all the negative energy of ourselves and others are being washed away down the drain. I still should and will do this since showering is part of our daily routine… I just don’t like to rush my practice especially meditating and such so i tend to think its better to be respectful and not practice magick then rush it (in my opinion anyways). However, i have started to think this is not so true and even if i can practice on and off during the day doesn’t make it wrong. After all i am the one who decides what is right and wrong for me so i guess an open mind is the best way to go.


yes it is such a great way to give thanks and embrace nature.


This is great thanks for adding the actual meaning behind the ingredients. Since i make a coffee most nights i will do this little ritual :blush:


Once you get good at recognizing the little things around you it becomes easier to lead a magical life!


Thank you so much for asking this question. It was actually on my mind as well. I don’t really have an excuse! Ex: children, hubby or anything. I’m just naturally easily distracted. I suffer from insomnia also. So, trying to come up with a plan or schedule has been hard for me. I guess I was making it harder than it has to be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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