I have a skin diesease---Work with my ancestors for the first time, call upon a deity, or a spell?

I have a skin disease that spreads like crazy when not controlled. It can’t be cured. But I am trying to contain the spread. It’s called CARP for short. Is there a spell to get rid of it or at least make it fade out more? Or should I work with my ancestors for the first time. Or resort to a deity? I am wanting to sit up an altar for my ancestors for other reasons. But could they help with my wishes, and skin condition?


Greetings, @jada1!

I’m sorry to hear that you have been struggling with a skin condition. Sending good thoughts and love your way! :heart: I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with CARP, but I have always had sensitive skin and have suffered from bouts of eczema- I would be happy to share the magickal and holistic remedies that have worked for me :blush:

Green Witchery for skin conditions:

:yellow_heart: Calendula- an absolute life-saver for my eczema. This soothing herb can be applied as a balm to sore, dry, and inflamed skin for long-lasting healing.

@Silverbear has a wonderful video about Calender and it’s herbal and magickal properties here:

:purple_heart: Lavender a lovely herb with a wide variety of uses, commonly found in skin products. Some believe lavender is able to heal scarred skin and helps to soothe anxiety. Culinary lavender can be added to foods or enjoyed as a soothing tea.

You can learn more in the discussion Lavender or search the many spells and rituals that invoke the properties of this helpful herb.

Spells8 Lavender

Other spells for healing:

All-Purpose Healing Salve

Healing Bath with Chamomile and Eucalyptus

Healing Spell

:warning: Please keep in mind that what works for one body may not work for someone else- we are all wonderfully unique! Before applying anything to your skin or taking medicine internally, it would be wise to check with a doctor who is qualified to give advice about your specific medical situation :+1:

I hope that some of this information can help you find a path towards finding relief from your skin disease.

Happy healing and blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much. I might try the healing spell :slight_smile:


Rose quartz, clear quartz are bug crystal’s for healing, if you have any. Also jasper and obsidian. Just let them touch where it hurts, close your eyes and let the crystal entrant with you (leaning to let it’s energy work with yours).

Or you could just hold it while meditating.


This is what I found out about CARP. It can be treated (but it’s expensive) but not cured.
Many Blessings and healing Vibes.


Thank you :yum: