Is it so important to meditate?

So I have a really hard time getting my Mind and body to sit through a meditation. I am a new craft practicer I was raised Christian and someone told me that meditation is like prayer in Christian belief and I know that you just can’t be a true Christian if you don’t have prayer a relationship with God! So is meditation a relationship with the Goddess? Or am I over thinking this?


Hi Christina,
In my personal experience meditation is what quiets me down. It is normal for the mind to be what they call the “ monkey mind”, it is everywhere and anything but quiet. Also the body can be restless. I used to always have to scratch that one itch and got frustrated a lot by all that.

Then somewhere I heard someone say, it is ok for the body to have sensations. You can just notice them and if you wait, you discover that they go away. Just like that monkey mind. Notice that there is a thought, but compare it to a little, single white cloud in an otherwise blue sky. That wouldn’t bother you either. It floats by and that is it. You can still enjoy the landscape because of it.

With meditation it takes time for the mind to relax, for me that can be up to 25 minutes. So, now I meditate for 30 minutes a day. I started with 5 minutes and did that for a week. After that I added 1-2 minutes. This helped against getting too restless.

Breethe is an app that helped me a lot. I know it is on iOs, and I think it is on Android too. There is enough free content to get you going with meditation and several visualizations. The meditation training they have is 12 weeks long, you can do the first 3 weeks for free and within that you can also alter the silent time between begin and end. Perfect to start with for me and several of my friends.

Maybe you can give that a try. What I liked about it is that the lady guides you towards relaxing your mind and explains a little more each day. It helped me to look forward to the next day to find out more. I have the app for quite a while now and use it almost every day.

I hope this helps :smiley:


In my life All I needed to start something hard like meditation, I have ADHD, was to take baby steps.

You don’t need to be the best meditator there is, just start with a couple of moments a day every day.

It’s not formal schooling so nothing is strictly required but it helps you develop as a witch.


I believe meditation is important as a healthful practice. It is good for your brain, body and emotional wellbeing. I suppose there are many aspects to meditation. For me, it’s a form of mindfulness where you are in the present moment, not thinking about the past or the future. That can be really hard! You can try focusing on your breath or sensations around the room. Maybe try some stretches or deep stretches before you meditate. Walking in nature can be a form of meditation. You can also try holding a crystal or using a candle flame (or incense) while you meditate. One of my favorite forms of meditation is walking around a labyrinth. I often use guided meditations because I have a restless mind. I find them restorative. There are many on YouTube you can listen to. I like Alina Alive’s guided meditations. Another fun thing to do is create a sacred space in your home where you can meditate. Meditation is compatible with all religions but it can also be done in a completely secular way. It really is not strictlly like prayer, but it can be an adjunct to prayer. Prayer typically involves an ask, a devotion or gratitude. Meditation is more clearing the mind. But clearing the mind can let insights or answers evolve. So I would say it is compatible with a faith path but not necessarily tied to it.


Hello @christina42. I view meditation as developing a relationship with myself on all levels, including my higher self. There can be meditations where we focus on connecting with a deity but for the main part I feel it is giving me a chance to connect with my wiser self. It also gives me a chance to connect with my guides although sometimes they don’t wait for me to meditate. Lol.


I would also say be careful - this is just my opinion – but be careful of thoughts like “you can’t be a true ____(fill in the blank), if you don’t _____ (fill in the blank).” Just think about what statements in your mind do…they impose judgments and limitations and grouping. If you test that line of thinking, I think you will discover that it is not invariably true, so why impose it? It makes your world smaller. There are all kinds of ways of being that are legitimate. If you met a Christian that didn’t pray or didn’t pray much (maybe they were focused more on works, for example), would you dismiss that person as not a true believer? and would that be fair? So, I’d think about those kinds of preconceived notions because they really put the brakes on the learning and experiences that come with an open mind. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a moral code but it is something to think about.


There are many types of meditation the Lord’s Prayer is of of them. Meditation can be focused on alight filling the body or focus on the the breath. I key is to learn to quite the mind. I was raised split as my mom became a jehovah witness when I was 4 and my grandmother a practitioner of Irish folk magic and my paternal grandfather a Rosicrucian helped my dad to make sure to balance the brain washing wit knowledge of all religions and mindfulness. I never realized until much later in life that I was taught meditation with focus on the breath at a young age. I was taught about levitation and spoon bending as well as hypnosis at 5 was lucky. Easy meditation Is as follows breath in 4 seconds hold 16 seconds exhale 8 seconds repeat 10 times boom you have just meditated then you can try just letting your body breathe and imagine yourself sitting on the side of the road and imagine your thoughts are cars passing you by as you sit on the side of the road.Do not focus on your thoughts just let them pass my cars on the road do not worry if you get distracted it’s fine you can just return the focussing on the breath that is meditation The quieting of the mind. It’s been proven scientifically that eight weeks of 15 minutes a day and a MRI of your brain before and after will show great changes in the structure of your brain you can even meditate on adding space in your consciousness space to deal with pain space to deal with stress it is a great tool it can help you immensely but don’t worry if you’re doing it right or not just returnYour focus on the breath. After eight weeks you will notice yourself without an MRI that your focus will improve that your thoughts will be more clear and even if you took an IQ test you probably score higher on your IQ test then before your meditation practice started. Myself by focus on energy points known throughout the body and I focus on the Brahma cave located mid mind where the Pinal gland is my focus on my intent there and feeling the feeling of being brought down meditation is weightlifting for the mind you’re exercising muscles they will get stronger you’ll get better it just takes time and practice remember you could do anything you put your mind toWith dedication and practice and as I said many times Tech is tech. It’s easier for you to pray pick a mantra to whichever god or goddess you wish to worship and repeat it over and over and over again one form of grounding I use is the letters IAO this is the ancient name of God but they’re not pronounced IAO they are sound it out long 4second eeeeeaaaaaaooh. Over and over I will have to do with the alpha and omega you will find references to Alpha omega in the Christian Bible. Some people find it easier to meditate in pure quiet some people like to have music in the background another way you could try if you have trouble is to light a candle have the flame at I level and just stare into the flame as you breathe just focus on the flame focus on the flame focus on the flame then you close your eyes as you focus on the flame keep the picture of the flame within your minds eye and focus on the flame with your eyes closed. Do not worry It is hard at first for weight lifters and bodybuilders don’t start bench pressing three or 400 pounds they start with light weights and they work their way up because you are exercising your most important muscle in your body your mind your consciousness which is not entirely in your body but all around you. IHope this helps you and hope that helps anybody who reads it do not worry you know if you have a hard time just keep at it it will come all good things come to those who practice for they say practice makes perfect it is true have an excellent day and enjoy your weekend


Meditation isn’t necessarily a relationship with your deity, but they may "speak"There to you during this time. There are different types of meditation. If sitting isn’t your cup of tea, try doing a walking meditation. I started with this and slowly progressed my way to being able to sit for 30+ minutes at a time. I’ve been practicing for well over 3 years though.

I use/love headspace for my guides/unguided but timed meditations. They have this article on Walking Meditation. There are also several guided ones on YouTube.

The key thing with meditation is focusing on the present (not the past or the future) and increasing your self-awareness. It also helps you manage stress better and reduce negative thinking.

Keep in mind that thoughts will come up during a meditation. Acknowledge the thought and let it go. I do this by stating “Thinking” in my mind and release the thought. The same goes for any feelings that arise, stating “Feeling” and letting the feeling go. I will note the thoughts and feelings on my normal afterwards for me to review if necessary.

If you feel restless when sitting, that’s ok. I will still get restless from time to time. Allow yourself to feel this restlessness, acknowledge it, sit with it. Eventually it will calm down.

Also, you don’t have to sit. You can lay down, sit in a chair, sit reclined on the couch; whatever is a comfortable position for you. I use the yoga pose savasana quite often. I rarely sit cross-legged anymore as it either hurts my knee of makes my leg fall asleep.

I hope these tips help!


You’ve asked a very good question.
@Troy Said, essentially that prayer can be a type of meditation. Having thought about it, he’s right. Meditation, like prayer, is a matter of focus, breathing, and relaxation. There are many guided meditations on Spells8 as well as on YouTube. Try some of those, they can be instructive and useful.
Good luck and Bright Blessings


Hey Christina! Welcome to Spells8! :heart:

You’ve gotten a lot of great info here from many of our wonderful members and I wanted to share my thoughts as well. :blush:

Meditation can be a difficult thing to learn if you’ve never done anything like it before. We’re taught to believe (wrongfully) that meditation is about sitting down and emptying your mind. Honestly, for most people in the world that is nigh impossible! :unamused: However, there’s still hope!

I really like the visual that @Troy mentioned with viewing your thoughts as cars passing you by as you sit on the side of the road. Some thoughts move more slowly than others. Some thoughts race past you and you can’t even catch them. Other thoughts my stop on the side of the road with you and bug you, asking you for directions and wasting your time. That’s okay! Part of meditating is the ability to acknowledge those thoughts and redirect them elsewhere.

@Amaris_Bane said something interesting that I might have to implement for myself :sweat_smile: When you have a thought, say “thinking” in your mind. When you have a feeling, say “feeling”. This is such a cool method! I like that you’re acknowledging the thought or feeling without giving it any extra attention. :clap:

One way that I view meditation and passing thoughts is like a conveyer belt or clouds in the sky. They pass along gently. Some of them are larger than others. Some of them are dark and terrifying while others are light and fluffy. :cloud: Letting them pass while simply seeing their presence is a great first step toward a peaceful mind.

Have you tried a guided meditation? We have several here on Spells8 that might be helpful for you! There are also videos on YouTube that guide you through meditation and, as @Rev_Angel mentioned, even apps! I believe @Siofra_Strega (another moderator here) uses Insight Timer for her meditations. They might be worth looking into!

Here are some links for you to check out, too :blush:

And again, welcome to the forum!

These videos are from my own YouTube channel but you will also find many more like it on YouTube from other creators.


@christina42 - walking, running, hiking, breath work, yoga, showering, singing, music, sex, dance, zen/zazen (sitting meditation), drugs, guided, chanting, mantra…. All forms of meditation with the right intent. Meditation, like witchcraft is all about your desire (intention) and your chosen method and you must have an intention and state it (even silently to yourself) prior to doing it.

If your desire is to connect with your deity, you state that intention and choose a method that will work for that deity.

If your desire is to relax, then you state that as your intention and choose a method that will work to relax you.

So mote it be. :pray: :palms_up_together: :woman_in_lotus_position:


That’s a great point. And your right about the Christian who dosnt pray but good work in other areas of life in the name of Christianity. I would consider them a good Christian. Thank you


@MeganB the “Noting” as it’s called is a technique I learned from headspace! They also talk about viewing thoughts as cars or clouds passing by but since I have aphantasia, this didn’t really resonate with me.


@Amaris_Bane when I first started to really work on meditation… used Headspace for the beginners lessons & I think at the time it was a promotional free period that was extended in 2020. I remember them using the “Noting” & letting them pass by… taking mental notes that way has helped me be able to recognize when my thoughts have sidetracked from the goal & my meditation practice has gotten so much better as time goes on!


I love the Spells8 Daily Devotionals which include several meditation choices each day. They are usually about ten or so minutes long, so they don’t take up much time and I find that they ground me and are calming. They keep me spiritually connected. I feel the difference on the days when I don’t do them.
I also just finished the Spells 8 Meditation Course which is great for beginners.


I can also share some techniques from a remote viewing course I took a while back. With practice, it can take you to deep Alpha or Theta state, but the process is a bit involved and takes some time and concistency.


I do find that it is best when doing guided meditations that you use earphones that go inside the ears.


have practiced many types of meditation.,it can be an excellent tool for learning manifestation and visualization. I now meditate on empty head. I also get into the meditative state or gnosis as it is sometimes called for my daily energy practice which is Grail Chalice activation, Celtic cross Activation, brahma cave activation, golden triangle activation, tree of life activation. Spinning double octahedron activation. Merkabra activation. Star activation,Torus energy hub in both up down and simultaneously up and down energy. these are all visualization techniques I combine with QiDao Tai Chi and meridian massage. Every morning I finish with the sphere of Hekas and calling forth the guardians of the watchtowers, they get clearer with each practice and the energies get stronger and well I don’t know why but I lost 85lbs since I started with this and with daily meditation. I don’t exercise other than what I listed. It can change your world. I’m eclectic so you will see me talking about Masonic, or Rosicrucian Taoist and Budist as well as Gnosticism and Chaos magic. I believe it is all the same even Christianity is magic. A catholic mass is ceremonial magic at its simplest. But all these and Wicca as well are about manifestation of your desires is an ethical way. Meditation is a valuable tool to train your mind and if you were to get an mri before you started meditation practice and after ten weeks there will be significant changes visible on mri. As I was saying everything is connected and all practices are similar look at the headspace guided meditations which are based in Buddhism have energy practice similarly to Rosicrucian.A noteworthy point is If you are feeling bad after meditation try a different way as there are many and don’t continue a practice that doesn’t work for you, as the point of meditation is to elevate and expand your mind and awareness through quieting the mind. The guided meditations on here are good too. Try them all as tech is tech Remember you are the captain of your ship you control your reality. I give you one more analogy. Quantum science takes bout the Quantum vacuum (aether, elleussian fields, astral realm, holy light, cosmic light, ect, ect)there is a experiment that observed whether light was a particle or wave and it was proven that it is the observer’s decision that makes it either. Meaning it is Scientifically proven we each control are own reality. Our opinions form reality. So training the mind to control our thoughts is the first step towards self mastery. Don’t force it though. Needs to be organic as a quite kind can connect to the universal consciousness (the Akashic record, the book of god). I’m listing names across different traditions to make a point. Relax and experiment with different styles techniques until you find what works for you. Be it Christian, pagan, eastern, or just something that is like a muscle memory for a past life your instincts


My two cents is that I have always found meditation to be a practice, rather than a thing I do. That said, if you want to learn to meditate start small. Can you do five minutes? No? Try one minute. Try guided meditations from headspace or youtube. If you start small and work your way up, you may find that it becomes easier. Hebb’s Law - neurons that fire together, wire together - means our brains are built to improve at anything we practice regularly. But it is up to you in the end. If you want to get better at it, there are ways to do that.

[Edit: I wrote this just before bed. To be more clear, I see
both magic and meditation as things I practice to get better at, rather than completed skills. Hope that helps.]


To build on what @Undomeher said i started with short guided meditation “courses” (Meditation Roots) here & practiced with Headspace courses that start out short & lengthen over the course.

I also used Meditation in a Moment to start with 1 minute meditations & building from there.

I have gotten much better since making it a regular part of my practice, so I use the app Insight Timer & there are some breathing & meditations on Finch & Fabulous [thank you @Amaris_Bane] (apps for building self care & routine practices)