Is there a step between Broom Closet & Open Witch?

Is there a step between a closet witch and a witch (open witch)?

Some people know I practice but my religious friends and family do not. I tell my kids I am a witch because I hate that they misuse the word and have a negative stereotype and I want to set it right. (The cat will be out of the bag if my kids talk to my parents more!) (I grew up in a household where Satan’s Holiday was never celebrated so we never went trick or treating.)


@crystal5, that is an excellent question! I have made it a thread of it’s own to see what others think.

I understand how you feel about the negative connotation connected with the word witch. Living closer to Salem, MA… it’s either not taken seriously or there’s a negative association. Rarely is there a middle ground or positive outlook where I live right now.

I’m pretty sure that my neighbors know, that they spend so much time with our daughter, which we are ever so grateful for, that I’m sure during some adventure she has mentioned it to the neighbor. Especially where she has some interest in it herself. :joy:

It just hasn’t really come up. My close friends know that I practice, but that’s because either they practice or ask me questions about different things they see me do or wear. I don’t hide it. I wear jewelry, and clothing, and carry pouches tied to my belt loops. So I will answer questions honestly if asked about them.

I had my neurologist recognize my Brighid’s Cross that I wear around my neck & found out that she is from Kildare, Ireland. So that was pretty cool. My father & brother though… do not know or if they do they haven’t mentioned it at all to me. I didn’t tell them. My father was brought up Roman Catholic, I’m not even sure what my brother practices because it’s changed through different versions of Christianity.

So I’m not sure maybe a toe sticking out of the closet? :thinking:

I’m being silly, but I hope maybe someone else can help or have a better answer for you I feel like I am somewhere in there too…


I think there is…I feel comfortable going into a metaphysical store and discussing witchcraft. That helps with feeling not so closeted for me.


I do have really mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’m not ashamed and I would like to be more transparent. On the other hand, being out would likely impact my jobs and it would pose other problems for me I won’t go into. And it’s not like I’m trying to win converts or make a point about my spirituality. Being in the closet works for me because I am a solitary person anyway, practically a hermit, except for my work. But still…mixed feelings about it.


I feel the same.



Good question, and not so easily answered.
In or out, it is always your choice. Is the pressure too much for you? There’s no set time frame nor rules for “coming out of the broom closet.”
I’ll light a candle for you.
I send strength and good luck your way.


I agree with @mary25 about the mixed feelings. I am also a solitary practitioner & I don’t advertise it, but I don’t lie about it either. I go to crystal shops & metaphysical shops without issue, but politics, religion, spirituality… I just don’t generally talk about it to others. I am also the most introverted, a hermit in my neighborhood. I will go on the back porch or in the backyard to do things instead of my front yard where people will see me.

Very thought-provoking question because it’s a busy weekend here & I’ve spent most of it in my house doing my own thing or in my yard avoiding the company & the tourists that have flooded my area. :smiling_face:


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Greetings @crystal5,

That’s an awesome question, and I can see you’ve already got some equally awesome answers :blush:

I just want to say that being “in the broom closet” or being “out” as witch are all about how a witch displays themselves to others- it has nothing to do with how they feel about themselves and how comfortable they are in their own practice. There are many things (such as safety and wellbeing) that could stop a witch from “coming out”, and I think it’s important to say that a witch in the broom closet is just as much a witch as one who is out- in or out doesn’t define the strength of your practice, only how you interact with other non-witches.

As for a process of coming out of the broom closet- I think it’ something that could be done in one big jump: to come out, post on your social media, tell your boss, and let the whole world know that you identify as a witch :mage: :loudspeaker: . But while I have full respect for anyone who does that, I think it’s safe to say that most of us take it in smaller steps :wink:

I only tell (or, more inconspicuously, allude to) about my practice to select loved ones and those who share the Craft. It’s a choice I made for safety and because it’s what I am most comfortable doing. And that’s what I’m happy with- I don’t intend to “come out” any farther than that.

So that does still mean I’m “in the broom closet”, because I’m not fully out? Or am I half in and half out? :thinking: I think, like others here have said, it’s all about personal choice- set goals, do what makes you comfortable, stay safe, and, most of all, be happy in your Craft and the person (witch) that you are :blush::sparkles:

Great discussion, Crystal- thanks for opening it up! Blessed be :heart:


Ah, once again, you so wonderfully said what I was trying to get out… I’m telling you sometimes before that 2nd coffee… my brain forgets words, paragraphs, sentences :rofl:

I don’t plan on coming out any more than I already am, because I am happy & comfortable with myself as I am right now. I am in a constant change type of situation… so I’m really figuring out my practice & how to proceed from here with what I have learned, been through, & skills that I have acquired for different things that happen on a daily basis.


Hahaha I know the feeling- coffee (and tea too!) are true magick when it comes to mental matters :laughing: :+1:

Finding your happiness is a very powerful thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Proud of you, Siofra! :raised_hands: :heart:


I was planning for a ritual and came across this.

I am not quite sure this is correct.
What motivates us to learn more about our craft?
I am motivated by my curiosity and intuition. Perhaps to solve mysteries. To connect to the universe.


In simple terms, it’s advertising for the site… not everyone here is Wiccan. I am not Wiccan, but when I was looking to get back into practice & learn what I knew & things that may have been not mentioned or an idea of what I was going to follow through. When I did the first set of courses I did do the initiation, but since then, I have found that I can’t honestly say that I am exclusively Wiccan.

Also, in this context, it would be for yourself to come out to yourself, not for you to literally come out of the broom closet. The Self_Initiation is at the end of the first set of courses that are sort of introductory courses for any path with some basic guidelines or setups that are traditionally used within Wicca. Ultimately, whether or not you choose to do it is up to you & whether or not you decide that Wicca is the path you want to follow is up to you also. Or incorporate parts of it into your practice.


Beautifully said, Siofra! :clap::blush::heart:


I have mixed feelings about the phrase “in the broom closet” and being out of the broom closet. Honestly, it’s so weird for me to think about. This topic is already on my list of blog post ideas for my site so maybe this will be the kick I need to actually write it out :laughing:

But anyway, you’ve gotten some great advice here and I really have nothing else to add.


You’ve already received things of great answers. I only came to say that I agree with most others that I don’t actively hide my craft from the majority of people but I don’t go out of the way to advertise either. I love on the South within the Bible belt so am cautious of what I say and do. I do have garden flags to celebrate the sabbats but no one in my area cares because they all know me. I do where pentagrams in public but they are small and I can easily tuck them in my shirt if needed. Most of my “witchy” aesthetic is crystal jewelry, wearing certain colors, out enchanting particular objects I carry with me.

I do actively live “in the closet” with my husband’s dad/stepmom and grandmother. They are extremely religious Southern Baptist and I’m afraid of what emotional baggage/damage they would give to my husband. But for me it’s simply not discussing my beliefs, choosing more discrete jewelry (stone pendants versus pentagrams for example), and sitting through whatever prayers they say without being disrespectful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is you have to find the level of “out” that works for you.


@MeganB honestly, the only time I’ve ever seen the phrase used is on this site & in the forum :laughing: before here it was, either you knew that about me or you didn’t type of thing :rofl:


Hi! I think you got the answers you where looking for , but if it is ok, I would like to share my experience as I was in your shoes some time ago, when I decided to tell people about my spiritual path. Been raised in an Orthodox Christian country, everything outside the path of the Bible has set, is either satanic or is to be mocked. Tarrots :arrow_right: satan, spells :arrow_right: satan, reiki :arrow_right: stupidity etc , and ok I mean it is not the worst, but when you are brainwashed by religion this is the furthest your mind can go.
So, when I told people, apart from those who were acceptive, I had to deal with a lot of misconception and fear. I tried to explain how the craft works, but not all had their ears open to listen. And actually that made feel threatened, I mean, am I going to lose my sanity just because someone is unable to listen and accept other realities?

So I decided that the best thing for me would be to keep what I wanted for myself and generally be in stealth mode. I endede up sharing very few things and only to specific muggles. I do understand that it is our nature to share, but it is better to keep our peace. Also my family (or whoever else) not knowing that I practice does not make me less of a witch; we do not have to characterize ourselves in some way (in /out/ in between the closet) so to be able to practice; we just have do “our thing “, focused on the path we’ve chosen while being safe from whoever is around us people and spirits alike :partying_face: :partying_face:

Funny Ps: my mom has seen my altar and she thinks I am learning yoga and collect crystals because i like sparkly things :rofl:


Well said!!