Is this page for Wiccans only?

Is everyone here Wiccan? I keep seeing a lot of things on initiation into Wicca? Though i don’t consider myself Wiccan.


Welcome @triplemoonlove9091!

To answer your question, no- not everyone here identifies as Wiccan. The forum welcomes magick-lovers of all paths and labels :blush:

While there are certainly many spells on Spells8 created along the guidelines of Wicca (and there are certainly many here who identify solely as Wiccan), I would guess that the majority of users in the forum fall under the label “Eclectic”- they do not strictly follow one path, or draw on multiple religions/spiritualities/doctrines in their magickal practice.

I myself proudly identify as an Eclectic Witch (non-Wiccan), but I do enjoy using a lot of the materials labeled as Wiccan on Spells8. I believe that a magickal practice is your personal path and only you can determine your own rules and guidelines- feel free to make it your own!

Thank you for your question- many blessings to you! :sparkling_heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry THANK YOU for clearing that up! I was trying to understand what exactly is a Eclectic witch…? I have heard of “baby witches” “eclectic witches” “solitary witches” and i am not sure what kind witch i am yet…nor how to figure it out…? I am not sure what path i am on, i know a few things. I DON’T want to ever dabble in dark magick. EVER. White light magic, tarot cards i enjoy and would love to learn to read as i feel really drawn to certain decks, i love the triple moon symbol and feel drawn to it. I like using the elements in spells and i don’t usually enjoy reading, i am not a book warm. Lol. But i have really started STUDYING hard. About the Pagan way and different art forms and everything based on witchcraft. I am just trying to find MY path and that’s why i joined this group because i felt like i really needed some guidance. Is there anything that you suggest for me to start with? I was reading the courses on here and it says like the FIRST step to becoming a witch is to KNOW your path. But, i don’t. Not sure where to really even start…


@TheTravelWitch_Bry The reason WHY i stopped practicing before was a friend of mine read my tarot cards and she pulled the DEATH card three times after shuffling the deck because she said she was picking up bad energy. So. Finally after three times of random shuffling the deck she said “The universe wants you to pull this card, it’s come up three times.” She read it and it was speaking of a death that was to take place. And i was blown away…the next morning she was going to read my cards again she had them laid out and my phone rang i answered it and it was my Mom telling me that my God-Brother had been killed in a car wreck and i went inside and told my friend and she turned over the cards to finish the reading and it revealed that the death had already taken place. And i slung the cards off the table and swore off magick and witchcraft. But here recently i can’t ignore the pull and the draw to it. But i feel terrible because i guess deep down i blame myself for his death…


Hey Jyssie, and welcome to the forum!

I’ve been on this path for more than a year and I’m still trying to find my path in all this. From what I can say, it had helped to just relax and go the flow, the path chooses you too.

Also, PLEASE don’t blame yourself for the death of your God-Brother, Tarot cards have nothing to do with it and if you saw The Death 3 times is because it had to happen, whether you wanted it or not.

I’d recommend starting with the basic courses, like self-initiation, and then going for the moon course, just learn what you’re drawn to. Participate in the forum and the activities to get familiar with the craft and meet new people!

Don’t hesitate to reach any of us if needed. We’re all here for each other :slight_smile:

Sending love and blessings to your way :candle:


Thank you so much! I found the courses and started them, currently working on the Witchcraft basics, the five steps. :slight_smile: It’s helpful. I will look into those other courses you recommended to me. Thank you for your kind words and your acceptance. Blessed be. )O(


Here are some posts on here that can help clear up some confusion! As well as some youtube videos to clarify and help you decide which works best for you!

Wiccan v. Pagan v. Witch

100 Types of Witches


I will watch this after work, i work at a pre-school so it’s rather loud and i want to be able to really focus on this. :slight_smile:


Hi @triplemoonlove9091 I’m Siofra from Cape Cod & I’m an Eclectic Witch. I lean to & resonate with Celtic & Irish Paganism with a twist. Eclectic is easier to say :rofl:

@Missa left some great links & feel free to check out the courses & search the forum for any topics that may have an answer to a question or ask it yourself. Everyone here is very helpful & supportive. :two_hearts:

There are more than a few Eclectic types of Witches & pagans so someone will be able point you in the right direction.

You will find your footing. The :tiger: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Lunisolar Calendar and Chinese Zodiac is a great place to try new things & see if feels good or something you would continue. You can see how everyone else uses it & that may inspire you to do something similar.


Holy guacamole. It isn’t my place to tell you how to feel, but the Death card does not mean death, it means change.

These things happen. When I was a little girl, I was in the car with my mom’s cousin and I saw a falling star. I had just seen on the Waltons where someone had seen a falling star and there was a superstiion someone was going to die and I mentioned it. My mom’s cousin got really quiet and he took his life a week later. He was already considering it. There is no way a little girl’s casual comment set him on that path but I remember feeling terrible about it.

That is not the way things work, dear one. You must never blame yourself for something like that. I mean, I shouldn’t tell you what to do, but you know what I mean. It’s okay. Witchcraft is okay. You’re not going to kill anyone with witchcraft, I promise.


www. tarot .com › tarot › cards Death Tarot Card Meanings |

The Death card is not about the literal death of any person. It may represent the death of something else, like a project, plan, or relationship.

Many people go ballistic when the death card shows up in a reading. It’s like: “We’re all gonna die! The sky is falling! Or, I don’t know…I’m gonna break a nail!”

The Death card upright is a change card. It may be something is ending, or transforming.
Death reversed indicates that you are resisting a change that is necessary for you to move forward. Nothing new can begin while you are holding on to this old negative energy.
I’m not the end-all, be-all person for Tarot, maybe Christine or Megan can give a better answer.

As for types of magic?
Your practice is just that, yours.
You worship as you are drawn. Meditation is really helpful in finding a power source, be it a Deity or the universe, the cosmos or even dear old Mother Earth. There is no right or wrong, only more questions.
Welcome to life. :upside_down_face:
Magick is in You, everyone is born with the potential for Magick, but somewhere in childhood, the concept of the fantastic is lost. Like everything else, Magick needs to be cultivated, nourished. Think of Spells8 as your new vitamin store.
You set the ethics you will adhere to. You don’t want to do black Magick? Then don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn the basic concept of it. No one should or can force you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
How exciting for you to begin this great adventure into self discovery.
Sending encouragement to you.



I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your God-Brother, @triplemoonlove9091- but just like others have said here, what happened was certainly not on you. The Tarot cards are a sacred tool, but in the end they are just a tool- like a pen, a sword, a wand, a hairbrush, or anything else. All a reading does is show you the path ahead or behind. Tarot cards themselves (when not being used as a spellwork component) do not bring something into being or prevent something from happening- they simply offer information, wisdom, and oftentimes guidance.

I am glad you have found the Courses- they are a great place to go for step-by-step guidance into witchcraft! :mage: As for finding your path- you’re already on it, Jyssie :blush: The details of this exciting new path of yours will make themselves apparent as you travel it- you may find a label (or a few!) and learn much more about what aspects of magick call to you throughout your studies.

And my best tip of advice- never stop learning! :sparkles::books: There is so much to explore in the magickal world. Keep on going, and enjoy the adventure!

Much love and blessed be! :heart:


I am not Wiccan. I consider myself a Green Witch with aspects of chaos and shadow magic.


You don’t have to do the Initiation. Alot of the Witches here do not identify as Wiccan. I’m Eclectic Witch. I draw from Celtic & Irish Paganism mostly. My Goddesses are both Celtic. I’m not Wiccan, Eclectic. I like runes, tarot, pendulums, oracle cards. I like shadow work & I’m committed to doing the actual hard work. I practice different intentions based on Moon Phases & Astrology is something I’m learning about. Crystals & nature Magix & self care all wrapped in there

I’ve still gone through all of the courses & find a wealth of knowledge. I love reading about new topics that come up in the forum or the courses.


I want to first thank you guys, ALL of you for your guidance and your wisdom on the topics. :slight_smile:

@Siofra_Strega What is shadow magic?


THANK YOU! My fiance just asked me "Why won’t you study anything to do with divination? I said “Because i am not comfortable with it. Some aspects of witchcraft DOES scare me.” And then i read your comment just now about "But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn the basic concept of it. " So that’s like confirmation for me. <3

You are truly a beautiful soul.


Welcome @triplemoonlove9091! I have been here for a few months and learn something new everyday. Just remember that your craft is your own journey and unique to you. I love learning about things, but if I don’t feel comfortable I don’t do it. Just continue to explore and you will be shown so many things. Sending hugs.


Thank you so much!! ! :slight_smile:


I dont know if I do shadow magic, but shadow work basically confronting yourself & shadow side, things you struggle with… but always remember to ground & center, stop if it gets too intense, & adterward rest however that means for & practice self love.

This topic explains it in depth with many great responses Shadow work and how to begin


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