Is Tonight The Worm Moon in North Carolina 2024

Welcome @daisy6, I’m Celestia, happy to meet you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve been here for a few years now, this is my home now :heart_eyes_cat: I’m a very excitable (chaos) witch, and right now I’m excited that you seem to be excited by a lot of the same things I am… :joy: :sparkling_heart:

Dream work! We have a discussion here that @tracyS helpfully pointed out :pink_heart: We share and interpret our dreams there, you’re very welcome to come do both :blush:

Tarot, crystals, where do I even start? There’s just so much. Oh, I know, the tags help here: all posts about crystals here and all posts about tarot here :sparkling_heart:

Intuition? There’s a challenge going on about it, and I put together a few links here :revolving_hearts:

Kali Ma? She’s dear to my heart :black_heart: There are a few links here about her and other Hindu deities :blush: I work with her in my tantric practice. Here is more about that, if you don’t mind the sexual themes :heart:

If you love Kali, you might love Lilith too :black_heart:

Everyone’s so friendly and helpful here, feel free to ask anything at all :revolving_hearts: