Learning Astrology

Does anyone have any recommended website for learning more about my personal astrology? Or is there an astrology master post somewhere here or on the main site? I tried searching, but couldn’t find a collection of information.

Astrology has been something I’ve not looked into since I was about 8 years old, so I’m very lost seeing all these relations between planets and constellations. But I would love to understand more. :black_heart:


The planetarium is a good place to go that’s where I learned most of it and it’s fun and free where I live in va. :ringer_planet::sparkling_heart:


Oh, that’s cool! :black_heart:

Aren’t planetariums about teaching astronomy, though? I think there are a few in Sydney (Australia), I could attend. But I’m looking for astrology information. Sorry. :sweat_smile:


@starborn I think @Cosmic_Curiosity is the Astrology one to go to. Beginner Astrology - Guide to the Houses
Also there’s guide to the elements etc. Lots. Just key in Beginner Astrology in the above search. :grin: Also @Susurrus is Astrology knowledgeable too.
Astrology Information :milky_way:
Happy learning, all this stuff goes way over my head. I only know I’m Sagittarius :person_facepalming::joy:
Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Hi @starborn,

Hooray for another astrology enthusiast- this is a really exciting area of magick to explore! :partying_face: :star2:

It’s also a very, very vast area - so just a loving tip from someone in the same boat to take it at your own pace. No need to rush! The amount of astrology content out there to explore is really as vast as the universe itself (which is both exciting and intimidating, at least for me!) :milky_way: :laughing:

Tracy has the Astrology Masterpost link- if you click there, you’ll see a huge collection of posts that have astrology information, sorted by type! And I just want to second that @Cosmic_Curiosity is an astrology master- his posts (all of which are listed in the Masterpost) are loaded with great information that is easy to digest. A great place to jump in! :grinning:

Wishing you all the best and cheering for you- happy studies, Katerina! :stars: :heart: :books:


Hi @starborn

Welcome to the wonderful, yet vast and sometimes daunting, world of Astrology!

The master post mentioned has lots of useful advice and information, some of which was contributed by me (beginners guide to…) but theres a ton of other great posts too!

I would also recommend the following:

A great starter book is Astrology Made Easy by Yasmin Boland

Astrology is fascinating but a process in which you never stop learning. Feel free to ask any questions and someone will do their best to help.

Blessed be



It’s moments like these I wish I could mark multiple solutions. :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your help, everyone! :black_heart:

I will dive into it after work today. I’m excited! :grin:

I must have been searching too late at night, as usual, not to spot the master post. :joy:


This site and free lesson/course provided by @Cosmic_Curiosity from AstroLibraries, I totally second going though it!

Last year I started learning astrology and I went through that entire course from beginning to end, it was recommended to me by @Susurrus Personally, was surprised how good for a a free course it is.


Oh no I took a class in a online program about a astrology and astronomy featured by the planetarium August 13 2020 https://lsc.org/news-and-social/news/join-us-live-for-astrology-astronomy-august-13-at-1-pm but they have them every year. I can see how if you don’t want anything to do with astronomy how that wouldn’t work for you. I’m sorry I misunderstood the assignment :blue_heart:


Ohhh! Sorry, I assumed planetariums wouldn’t even consider astrology.

As far as I know, our ones are all like “observe the sky and then go home” kind of deals. Or if there’s any kind of teaching it’s mostly physics-related stuff, like, “why the sun is so hot,” “black holes are scary,” “let’s hunt for dark matter.” :joy: I do have a long-running interest in that, but it’s the astrology side I need beginners help with.

It’s awesome that they do that. Thanks for opening my eyes to it! :black_heart: I’ll have to go through some more thoroughly and see what they offer.


It was my love of astronomy that got me into astrology because i began to wonder if there was a link between them.

A bit of astronomy may be useful for also trying to establish links between the planets and why astrology assigns roles to them e.g

Mercury is the fast planet in the solar system to suits the deliverer of information association, the swift mail man if you like.

Venus is seen as a beautiful bright shining light so perhaps thats why we associate it with beauty and aesthetics.

Mars is red because of iron oxide but if resembles blood…our passions, assertiveness and agression.

Jupiter literally projects us from rouge asteroids with massive gravity pull. Perhaps why we could consider it the great benefic

Saturn is surrounded by beautiful rings. But rings are boundaries. Just like those that we link to the planet in astrology.

Uranus is linked to rebellion and going against the norm in astrology. In Astronomy, it definitley does this as it rotates on its side

Neptune is a beautiful deep blue colour. The colour blue is linked to spirituality while the seemingly tranquil colour casts an illusion of what is really going on deep within the planet.

Pluto is furthest from the Sun. It is dark, cold and mysterious having been largely unexplored. Thus is simuliar to its associations with hidden realms and the exploration of the subconscious.

These might be completely false but were links i pulled together based on both my Astronomy and Astrology knowledge of the planets.

It would also be a bit of fun to go out on a dark nights and identify the constellations representing the signs. Just dont expect to see a fully fledged picture. This sums it up well :rofl:

Blessed be



I love that image. :joy: That’s what I felt like every time I tried to find Taurus.

It’s amazing that you’ve been able to tie the planets and their astrological representations together so well. :black_heart: I wonder how much of these planets we could really see back in ancient times. I know we had very advanced methods of tracking them and such. But if they knew that Uranus rotated on its side, that would be wild!

I don’t know much in terms of astronomy historically, but I’ve researched many technologies that we’ve had back then, that were then lost, and we had to totally rediscover them. The most well-known examples probably being plumbing and concrete, I think?


@starborn Haha i am a Taurus Sun and it takes a bit of imagination to see bull in the sky (apart from the horns :rofl:)

That ancients were only aware of the planets up to Saturn as these are the ones visible to the naked eye. Thats why some signs in astrology have both a traditional and modern ruler e.g. Scorpio was traditionally ruled by Mars but after the discovery of Pluto, this new planet became the modern ruler.

Interestingly, a competition was run to name Pluto.l and the name was chosen by an 11 year girl becase she imagined it to be a cold and dark place, hence linking it to the underworld and its Roman God.

Uranus was the first planet to be discovered using a telescope. This could also link it to innovation.

Neptune was actually discovered through mathematical calculation and prediction . It was hypothesised that a planet should exist in a particular area due to gravitational influences and observation of the area proved this when Neptune was found.

I find it all fascianting and it can be taken firther by incorporating planetary magick into your practice.

Blessed be



I’ve never connected astrology to astronomy like these - honestly, the astrology goes over my head mostly over my head. :sweat_smile: You’ve explained it really well here, drawing connections between the two subjects in a really helpful way!


This morning at 5:00am your post was perfect timing Venus was bright and there were many constellations to be seen in the sky so in the dark I did like you said and identified some of the constellations representing the signs you posted it was fun. :grin: This week there is allot to be seen in the sky :ringer_planet: :stars: :sparkles: The Sky This Week from September 15 to 22: Neptune reaches opposition


Venus is always beautiful to see whehther it is as the morning or evening star. Mars is easy to spot too because the red tinge it gives off. I normally take.oit my telescope for a look at things but it is in my work and im off on long term sick leave at the moment. Here is a photo of Saturn i got a while ago…


That’s awesome


This is a beautiful thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I want to add that I really like the Cafe Astrology free natal chart report generator that’s often popped up here too. The reports are well understandable even with zero knowledge of astrology, and they’re adding new things all the time. The site also has a lot of good astrology information available for free.


I may be talking nonsense though🤣 these were just connections i made on my own but certainly helps me to remember therole of each in astrology


Hey, personal connections are just as important, especially when they make sense! And they make a lot of sense to me lol Astronomy was a special interest of mine as a kid. I remember my mom used to have this astronomy textbook-style thing when I was 8-ish years old. I would always beg to look through it and read it, even though it never made any sense to me. Even now, if given the chance, I could study the stars, planets, and everything in between just because it’s so intriguing to me!