Let's talk Plans for this Full Moon/Blue Moon

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re all in good Spirits. I’m excited for this New Moon/Blue Moon and of course Halloween because it’s my favorite time of the Year. I’m gonna have a Relaxed and Peaceful witchy night at Home. What are some of the things you all have planned?


Hi @MelaninWitch! This full blue moon Samhain is going to be so cool! I’m planning to make a healing candle and honor my ancestors.

I’m also planning on some activism magic related to the election using Michael Hughes’ spell to bind Trump and Blue Wave spell. I hope sharing that is allowed - I’m not trying to preach or start a political debate or anything! :grimacing:

What are you planning?


Hello. Im going to be home during the day and my husband will take my daughter out. While he is doing that, I am having tea and getting my crystals together because around 9 or 10 pm my witchy friend is picking me up to go to her daughter’s house and do a ritual with them and charge my crystals under the Blue Moon. We are all wearing our witchy dresses for it too. I wish I knew where my hat went, I have one that matches my dress perfectly, but we cleaned the basement & I don’t know where it went when we did that. It’s okay though, I can rock the dress without it. I wear it every Halloween since the year I bought it. It’s about 22 years old & still is amazing.


:us: Yay for activism! I love when witches feel called to do what they can to help create a better world!

That sounds so fun @krissie117 :jack_o_lantern: We need a witch hat emoji…because I guess we don’t have one? Anyway, I hope you have an amazing time with your friends and a blessed ritual!

:sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

I’m planning on doing my Blue Moon Wellness Spell. Probably some meditation and divination. I just have to find the space because this apartment isn’t that big or conducive to doing ritual :rofl: I’ll just have to make do!


@MeganB I just got the tea out & it actually says full moon on it. I read the ingredients and it’s a black tea with orange peel, cinnamon, rose petals and some other fruit in it. It sounds lovely to me!

I do my work in my bedroom and it’s not that big, but I’m sure you will make it work too!


I’m doing the solitary Samhain ritual here on the site and eating garlic bread pizza and pumpkin pie for my feast. Oh, and making moon water. Can’t forget that. It should be really energized what with the holiday/full moon/blue moon energies. Can’t wait!


I’m going to watch The Night Before Christmas (I’ve never watched it!) with my wife and make spiked apple cider cocktails! :cocktail:

On Sunday I was invited to a bonfire so I hopefully I’ll get to see the Full Moon before I start to freeze! :snowflake:


I’m planning on making more Moon Water, A ritual, meditation and some manifestation. Sitting at my Altar with my Crystals which I seem to do a lot those are my babies.


The wall altar will have 4 candles running, 3 purple and 1 silver, to honor my deities.

:waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:

Meanwhile, I will be outside with my scrying bowl filled with moon water from the last full moon. I also have a ring of salt and 6 black candles ready to go, if the wind isn’t too bad. Super excited to experience my first Samhain as a witch.


I just bought more Candles today to get ready. I’m excited I Love the Night of the Full Moon I feel so Powerful, and this one is on Halloween night which makes it even more special.


Sounds Amazing I can’t wait until I meet my witchy tribe. I do a lot of rituals alone. I’m a Solitary Witch, so I do a lot of things alone but would love a group of other witches I can do witchy things with. I know you’re gonna look awesome in that dress as well.


Everyone has such fun plans for the Full Blue Moon! :large_blue_circle::sparkles:

I’ll be cooking up a storm here- some Polish rosół soup, baked butternut squash, and a few funky Halloween treats I found on Pintrest:

Hot dog mummies and sweet potato pumpkin fries, anyone? :grin:

[Pictures from Pinterest and Pintrest]

I’ve decided to do fun and festivities on Saturday for Halloween :jack_o_lantern: and then switch into a slightly more somber mode with an ancestor altar and meditations on Sunday for Samhain :candle: . Sunday is also All Saint’s Day here in Poland, so many people around the country will be lighting candles for lost loved ones.

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy blue moon-Halloween-Samhain-weekend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@MelaninWitch I love all of your ideals .
I know that I am going to make moon water . I have already cleaned the bottle plalo santo.
The rest is going to be whatever I feel inspired to do … unfortunately I cannot do any spells outside my apartment community😂 but I will sit my bowl at a window and envision the moon. I am reading keeper of the keys …
It is raining here in Philadelphia, a good book and some tea is what this soul needs.


It raining here & windy on Cape Cod, it just gross and raw out. I have been drinking tea and doing some divination from my bed while I recover. Last night, I let my daughter ask the pendulum questions for the first time. I showed her how to hold it and she had a lot of fun doing it.


Hee! Those are cute! Sounds like you’ve got some great plans. I hope you have a fun weekend!


This tea sounds delish! I may need to recreate it :heart_eyes:


Haha those halloween treats look adorable!
And oh maaaannn I am craving some rosol :sweat_smile:


That sounds like such a fun weekend @Francisco! Yay for cocktails :cocktail: I may need to make some Poison Appletinis :thinking: :apple:


Hello! I am so excited for tomorrow.
I prepared myself a little schedule: I’m going to start by cleaning the space, having a shower and put creams and lotions on my body, have a little “for me” moment.
Then, I’m going to walk a bit in the nature outside of my house while repeating manifestation goals and affirmations in my mind while bathing under the moonlight.
Once at home, I would set up the altar, meditate a little on the sign of Taurus and then make a little spell to remove what no longer serves me (by burning a paper where I write it). If I can, I would like to make a love or luck spell as well. (I tend to associate the Taurus sign - and all earth signs, to money, so well :wink:)

Have a beautiful weekend!

Of course, charging my crystals and making moon


That does sound very delicious! I’m normally a coffee person :coffee: but I’ve grown to enjoy my fair share of tea, too. Mostly at night :night_with_stars: because it helps me sleep lol

Best feast ever lol :pizza: I wish you the best in your ritual and moon water making!


You’ve never seen it? It’s a fantastic movie – my boyfriend’s favorite. We actually have a drawing we got a long time ago hanging on our wall of Jack, Sally, and Zero :laughing:

I hope your night is peaceful :peace_symbol: and productive! Sounds like you’ve got a good evening planned :crystal_ball:

Is the ring of salt for outside? I just caution against putting salt on grass or something like that because it’s actually super bad for the plants.

Regardless, I’m excited for you to experience your first Samhain as a witch, too! :star_struck:

I do a lot of my rituals and spellwork alone, too. Tis the nature of being me, I suppose :rofl: I just haven’t found the right group of people, not to mention the fact that I moved not too long ago.

You too :heart: It sounds like you’re going to be busy lol

Seems like the kiddos are awakening to the witchcraft. My daughter pulled her own tarot cards yesterday and had a lot of fun, too :crystal_ball:

That’s the best way to start a ritual, in my opinion. Gotta get yourself in the right headspace for the witchcraft :sparkles: It sounds like you’ve got a solid plan! I wish you a blessed Samhain :jack_o_lantern: