Looking for information about Necromancy and Demonology

Hello, @BryWisteria and @Amethyst
It was a weekend of peace somewhat, weekends are days whereas I tend to talk with him since his weekdays schedules are so busy than mine is.

On the other hand does anyone know any information regarding necromancy and the summoning of demons? Its for the sake of a surrogate sister of mine, I intend to defeat the caster who placed the curse on her before she was born. Her biological parents are either Catholic or Christian and have probably been enchanted to loathe her very existence for the last 20 years thus forgetting the one at fault is the one who performed the spell and not their daughtet or demon in her. Any guide about Necromancy and blacl magic would be appreciated really.

I don’t intend to use Necromancy against the one who performed the curse. However if the Yin and Yang belief from the East Asian countries can be applied in western spell casting, I intend to create 2 or 5 different light spells yet powerful enough to break that very curse with the condition of defeating the caster. I intend to let her be at peace and be at ease finally since her relatives have been treating her more horrible than mine ever had.

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Hello @anne2! Or is it Margaret?

I don’t know anything about demonology or necromancy or anything like that, all I can tell you to do is cleanse. Cleanse your area, the person, take a bath, ritual music, all that sort of thing. Sage smoke is like the bleach of cleansing, it blasts out the negative stuff but you want to follow it with something like rosemary or palo santo to leave good energy behind.

There is a book called Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch’s Defense Manual (Beyond 101) I’ve been told that’s good. That’s the American link to Amazon, I hope you can find it where you’re at. One of the things it will teach you is to perform daily banishings and make amulets that will prevent most attacks.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. I hope that helps a little bit.


Thanks, @Amethyst

I’m doing this for her not for myself, its typical for most Catholics or Christians in my country to be well misinformed about sorcery and instantly condemn it, which is why such resources are difficult to find. The demon she’s cursed with well according to her is Lucifer itself. How the caster did the summoning ritual for such a curse I have no idea .

It’ll be difficult to perform the spells but manageable, hopefully the demon doesn’t attempt to possess me again after the caster is defeated , last time it did it wasn’t a fond memory for me. I’ll check the link you gave out if its not available in the Philippines, I’ll check this country’s historical beliefs and magical workings of those called Babaylan or Priestess before Spaniards spread out Cathecism and Christianity in this country and destroyed such beliefs to be demonic workings in an instant.

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You could always make up some bath salts for her. That would seem innocent wouldn’t it? Just a lovely smelling bath salt, nothing to see here. LOL.

Other than that, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It’s a good idea to look into your countries history to find an answer that your friend will find acceptable. Good idea!

Sorry I couldn’t help you more!


Hello, @Amethyst

Hehehe… I found a link about Babaylan online its below. I’m about to study this history and class system in the time before later on.


This is a wonderful question, @anne2! I’ve opened it up into its own topic so it can get the attention it deserves :+1:

I personally do not know much about either Necromancy or Demonology/summoning demons. But you may find these resources to be helpful:

I also agree with @Amethyst’s adivce- cleanse and seek out protection spells! A strong defense is often the best offense :+1:

Wishing you the best of luck, Margaret- blessed be!


Good idea! And that link looks interesting. Lots of information for you there. I hope you find something that helps your friend!


Thanks a lot really, TheTravelWitch and at @Amethyst for the guide,

I have a general idea of what stones and a staff I intend to conjure with a second weapon that’s made of my own life force now. One will deal with most of the protective spells and the later is aggressive against what is considered hostile or has ill intent, a wakizashi, with certain conditions to wield if that is. I’ll probably figure another spell or Hatsu out that uses Manipulation and Emmission later on after I manage to perfect the 2nd spell.

Merry meet, merry greet and merry part,

P.S. @Amethyst, either of the two names I have will do when you intend to call or mention me.


You are very welcome, @anne2! It sounds like you have a solid idea of how to go about it now- wishing you the best of luck and sending good energy your way! :hugs:

Blessed be!