Looking for stones

So we are looking for some stones and having a hard time finding them.

Looking for raw covellite pieces. Not large but somewhere the size of a quarter.

Also looking for raw opals the same size. Real opals not opalite.

Most places we have looked have been fake or painted, dyed stones.

If you know where we can get good quality real ones let me know.

The price will decide if I can get them now or wait til next payday. So glad to be back to working 50 hours a week.


@daniel4 we have a Stone Store in my area with some beautiful pieces. They may have what you are looking for there. Their phone number is 508-548-8411, I go there whenever there is something specific I need. I don’t know how much help that is for you.

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Also, I use New Moon Beginnings when I can’t make it to the stone store.


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Yeah neither carry these stones. Thank you for giving me new places to get other stones .

Looks like covellite is somewhat rare and raw opals are hit or miss.

One day we will find some.


You’re welcome. If i think of any place else I will let you know. Have a great day!


Try Darling Gem Importers. No minimum orders and a wide assortment of natural and manmade stones.

If you can’t find them there, try contacting Persson Rare Minerals

But if you want to buy in-person, nothing beats a Trade Show. Here’s a list with current dates. Check it out!


@daniel if you have Facebook, search “The Spellcraft Cabinet” … it’s a friend’s online store’s FB group. I buy most of my stones & crystals there. She has twice-weekly FB live sales, and also does take requests and will find things you’re looking for if she doesn’t have them. I highly recommend taking the time to contact her!


Always fun to go crystal shopping, @daniel4! :gem::grin:

If you haven’t been able to find what you were looking for, there are a few other recommendations shared in the forums you can check, if you haven’t already:

@marissa shared two online crystal shops that she recommends in the post Online Crystal Shops.

There is a good collection of recommended online crystal shops in the post Calling All Crystal Lovers~ Any Recommendations?

I hope you can find the perfect stones for your collection- Blessed Be! :gem::sparkles:

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I just got the most wonderful stones from The Psychic Tree (https://www.thepsychictree-us.com/). The stones are just about 1-1.5 inches. You can purchase your stone in an organza bag with a guide book that goes with it with loads of information regarding its uses. You can even buy a Complete Chakra Healing Set with 4 stones per chakra and a booklet describing the chakra and each of the stones. Downside, the package came from England so it took 3 weeks to get here. The stones are moderately priced. And best if all, EVERY single stone was charged and I felt their energies immediately. Oh, I also bought a selenite bowl to clean my crystals. Information is also given on cleaning and charging your crystals.


That sounds like an awesome find, @wendy4! :blush: And that’s so neat that they came already charged and ready for use! :gem::sparkles: : Enjoy your new crystals and bowl! :two_hearts: