Made a dream sachet for my daughter

My daughter asked me if I could do anything to help with some weird dreams she was having. I was more than happy to oblige :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I gathered up Thyme & Star Anise(both Anti-nightmare), Lavender(Peaceful sleep, restlessness), white and red Rose Petals (Unconditional love), Rosemary(Purification), Pink Himalayan Salt and Sea salt(Cleansing), and uncooked Jasmine Rice(Protection).

The crystals are Amethyst(aids in meditation and sleep), Onyx(encourages stillness, calming), and her own Moonstone(a type I can’t quite remember the name but it conveys Goddess energy).

Filly and I meditated for a little bit. I asked her what kind of dreams she would like to have which consisted of tons of kitties, her friends, and various things she would like to do. Oh and can’t forget the pet Dragon :dragon: :yum:
I had her write on a bay leaf what she wished for in regards to this spell.

Once I combined the ingredients, I said,
“The Moon is my friend, watching over me,
Bringing the beauty into my dreams.
The stars are here, forever to shine,
Bringing serenity and peace of mind.
When I close my eyes, they won’t be gone,
Keeping me safe until the Dawn.”
(by unknown)

I then had her recite the words holding her sachet and Moonstone in her hands, putting her intention and energy into it. Next, I had Filly take 3 deep breaths and while holding the thought of her intention, exhale into the sachet and Moonstone.

We placed it under her pillow and she went to sleep tonight feeling safe, peaceful and happy!
I love it when I am able to do my craft and incorporate her. It makes us both feel really good, and makes me one proud Momma!


Aw, I’m so happy she was part of making the dream pillow! But, if I may, could I use the ingredients and chant you incorporated into the sachet? I’d love to do that for my daughter. She’s also been having bad dreams. I think it’s bc of the new school year and still having to deal with school online. She missed the way things used to be.


You sure can, absolutely!!

Filly feels the same. I know all the kiddos miss their friends. Here in Anchorage, kids will be going back to school October 19th, so that will be nice for them. I think all us parents are a little apprehensive about it though.


What! I can’t believe that they’re actually, physically going back to school! I guess Alaska has less cases? Idk but I’m thinking of making an anxiety pouch for her as well. She loved the spell pouches!


Right?! That is something I do not understand about this virus. How some places are functioning as if everything is normal and other places are not.

I found out recently that a city that is about an hour drive from where I am at has been having kids in school since the start of the year. That wearing masks in general has not been mandatory! Here I am thinking it was like a statewide thing!


What?? I thought it was statewide too! Where I live, it’s the law. Then again, it’s New York and we’re pretty bad with the 'Rona! And trying to prevent a second wave.


Wow! I’m not up to date with the happenings regarding the rona state to state. It’s all so overwhelming! I wish we could just be rid of it altogether!


@janelle, what a great spell for your daughter! Awe, sorry she was having nightmares and I hope it stopped! Like you said, it’s great you incorporate and share your magick with your daughter. What a great way to pass down your knowledge.
Blessed be.


What a lovely thing to do and a great spell! You got the Mom thing down good!


It’s funny to see the differences everywhere. I’m in Toledo, OH, and while our county is mask-mandated, the children are back in school on a strange schedule.

Mon/Tuesday, kids with last names A-K go physically.
Thurs/Fri, kids with L-Z go physically.
On Wednesday & Saturday, the school is deep cleaned & disinfected. The kids also have chromebooks for online courses the days they aren’t in school. And people who didnt agree with that schedule had the online-only option as well!

Ohio has been pretty strict on mask enforcement & the children do have to wear theirs, but like in our restaurants, they can be removed at your seat because social distancing space is in effect.

PS) I love the ingredients you used. I have some star anise & never know what to use it for. My dream satchet somehow opened & spilled all over inside my pillowcase, so I need to make a new one!


Seriously! I wish it would just disappear and never come back! Is there a banishing spell for RONA?! LOL.


This is great!! :star_struck: I love sachets! And it seems to have worked well for Filly!!

Beautiful recipe, Janelle! It looks perfect for a gift and also for all of us who are trying to explore dream Magic. Stealing the recipe!


This is such a beautiful pouch spell- and how wonderful that your daughter helped you to craft it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope it continues to bring her many nice dreams of kitties, fun, and her pet dragon! So cute :blush:

It’s crazy to hear how different things are in different places :astonished: Here in Poland, all the kids went back to school like normal at the beginning of September. Not a smart idea in my book- and now cases are back on the rise here and across Europe. My school resumed classes too, and while they have some safety measures, I would have prefered them to continue with online classes :confounded:

I think it will be good to have such lovely dream sachets like this one and other aids like anxiety pouches/jars, and self-care bags this school season.

Thanks so much for sharing, @janelle! :heart:


Wow, that’s weird to hear that kids are back in school at some places. At least they have options.


I’m with you on that! Let’s all work on finding that banishing spell lol


Thank you @christina4, @walter, @Amethyst, @haley, @Francisco and of course! Steal away!, and @BryWisteria!!

She has been in such a chipper mood in the mornings which, usually she is a little grumpy butt good dreams or not lol. I think it’s safe to say it helped her. Plus she keeps telling me how good her pillows smell!


Hooray! Glad to hear it worked so well and gave you both a happy morning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A very successful dream sachet and spell! :raised_hands:


You’re welcome :blush: and I did make one for my daughter yesterday. She is now giving me a hard time waking up for school at the moment.


Beautifully done! I’m going to try this with my daughter as well - she also complains of bad dreams. I have been experimenting with a handmade dream satchel for the past 3 months…but I didn’t include her in the ritual itself. Your post has given me some new ideas to try. Thank you!

Please continue to post these ways of incorporating your daughter into your Craft :green_heart: It’s inspirational :star_struck:


Hello @Bennu_Ka

It’s nice to meet you, I’m Marsha. I agree with you, I would also like to see more posts about including your daughter in the craft. Although, in my case, it would be my granddaughter. I love this idea, thank you!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always