Magick in Music 🎢

Warm greetings to everyone! :smile:

There are so many ways to draw energy and build up power within our practices- and one of the easiest and most accessible ways to do so is through music:notes:

As a witch living in a crowded metropolis :cityscape:, nature is harder to come by. While I love living in the city for its convenience, I often find myself lost in the chaotic energy here and craving the serenity of the deep woods and the ocean where I grew up :evergreen_tree:.

Music is a great way to escape into your mind and imagination, or to draw elements and energies into your practice! :sparkles:

Here are a few ways to use music to incorporate the elements and energies into your practice:

To invoke the element of water, listen to nature sounds of rivers or the waves of the ocean :ocean: . For more powerful magic, the soundtrack of a thunderstorm and heavy rain will bring more energy to your works :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: . For softer and more subtle magic, a soothing and fluid windchime bell could be just what you need :bell:. Here is a very soothing piece: Water Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation

The element of fire can be found in both the sounds of fire, in lively instrumental pieces, or in songs about powerful emotions. For more subtle fire energy, YouTube has many wonderful videos of campfire ambiance: Cracking Mountain Campfire :fire:

Wind/air energy can be found in the sounds of mountain breezes or in percussion instruments :wind_face:. The soft notes of a piping flute or the gentle sound of a Tibetan singing bowl can help to open your mind to find clarity, or to carry your spell forward :fog:. State of Zen by Mandala Dreams is a wonderful airy piece with notes that flutter like the wings of birds in flight :bird:

Earth energy can be grounding and solid- call upon this stable energy with instruments that have a deep sound- such as drums, chanting, or didgeridoo. The Chinese instrument Guqin and the powerful song Medicine Chant by Anilah both have the sturdy and set qualities of earth energy.

Do you use music to help or to inspire your practice?

If so (or maybe if you just love music!) please offer some recommendations of songs or artists that have helped to inspire you! :musical_note:

Feel free to share any spells, prayers, or incantations you know that use the power of music!

Blessed Be :blush::sparkling_heart:


Wow!!! So nice!! Thank you. I agree you have to have music and it sets the soul and tone. I can’t imagine living in a city anymore Cinncinati was the largest I have ever lived in. but we had some awesome nature not far away. Again Thank you!


Thank you, @roxanne! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, living in the city has a lot of benefits, but I do miss nature! Especially lately with the quarantine and being stuck inside- music (especially the natural soundtracks) has helped me a lot in the past few months as I struggled to connect with nature. And thank goodness for houseplants! :herb:

I’m glad you had some lovely nature close by in Cincinnati, and I hope you have surrounded yourself with more beautiful nature now! :sunflower: :two_hearts:


thankyou for the wisdom!
i connect with music while im working with majick


You are very welcome, @alisa! I am glad that music plays an important role in your practice too! :hearts:

What kind of music do you like to listen to while you work your magick? :sparkles::notes:

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