Mars Retrograde 💣

From September 9th to November 13th Mars starts it’s retrograde, which happens around every 26 months✨

Mars ruler of war, passion, ambitions, sex life, anger and energy is turning retrograde in dynamic, fiery Aries! :aries::zap:Mars is also the ruler of Aries, so this retrograde could provide some fairly intense stuff, especially if your Sun, Moon or Rising Signs happen to be Aries.

So what does this mean for us? :thinking:

When Mars is in retrograde, we can become hesitant, uncertain and constantly second-guess ourselves :thought_balloon: Our confidence isn’t as high as it normally is, and we may begin to doubt or question our abilities. Our moods may swing more aggressively :zap: or emotionally.

Fear not though! We do not have to sink into uncertainty or lose control over our emotions during this phase. By acknowledging :bulb: what Mars Retrograde means and by preparing ourselves, :books: we can view this period as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment :innocent:

If you do find yourselves struggling with confidence, having trouble maintaining positive energy, internalizing your anger, and having negative thoughts, there are a few things you can do to counter the “Mars Effect”:

Carry any of these 5 crystals: :sparkles:

-Red Jasper (nurturing, balancing, self worth)
-Fire Agate (Creative and sexual energy)
-Sun stone (Vitality, joy, self confidence)
-Carnelian (Confidence, courage)
-Citrine (Energising, boosts optimism)

You can wear them as pendants, sleep with them under your pillow or next to you on your nightstand :sleeping: You can carry them around in your pocket or pop them on your desk at work.

Morning Meditations

Especially the morning of the retrograde, mediation can help you let go of negativity and prepare yourself for the day ahead :relieved:

Be Organised!

Irritability and anger :tornado: are common during Mars Retrograde, in preparation for this I find it helps to be EXTRA organised! :memo:Write lists, leave early, double check your calendar. The more on top of things you are, the less likely it is that something will slip through the cracks and make you blow! :volcano:

Daily Affirmations

Confidence usually takes a hit during Mars Retrograde. Counteract this by using daily affirmations that reaffirm what a brilliant, determined, confident person you are! :stars:

Take a breath

Tensions may be running higher, try not to snap back or take it personally if someone is short with you. Take a breath if you feel your anger rising. Take a walk in nature. :evergreen_tree::cherry_blossom: Breathe. Let it go.

Remember to look at Mars retrograde as an opportunity, not a hindrance. Yes, your energy and emotions may experience blips. But every blip is the chance to get to know yourself better!

Peace to all :dove::dove::dove:


As long as it’s not Mercury retrograde :rofl: thank you so much for this great information! I’ve always been influenced by the planets/moon phases. I’ve learned how to prepare. If you know me by now, then you already know I have my crystals with me! Also I find that elite shungite helps with shielding negative behaviors from others and myself. That’s got to be my favorite!!! Being prepared helps.


Ohh that’s a good one! I like Elite Shungite, I also find Pyrite good for sheilding I wear it as a pendant most days. :sparkles:

Good old Mercury! Sends me bananas! I wrote another post on Mercury Retrograde a while back, heres the link :blush:

Mercury Retrograde :sparkles:

October 13 to November 3 is the next Mercury: The pre-retrograde shadow begins September 23, post-retrograde shadow ends November 19.

This retrograde will be in Scorpio, so anyone with Sun, Moon or Rising maybe more effected, on the whole this retrograde will probably make us all feel a bit more nostalgic and sentimental.

I’ve just noticed aswell- Mercury goes direct 3rd November, which is election day for Americans right? Interesting!


Yes, pyrite is a great shielding stone! And thanks for the link! Also, the 4th of November is election day. Close.


Maybe that’s a sign that the election will send us a crazy president :rofl:


Or hopefully as its going direct just before, maybe everyone will be on a good wave and you’ll get an awesome president :thinking::joy:


Thanks for the info. I guess I better be ready, since I’m Aries rising, and can already be a bit short tempered. I’m hoping to be in a better place by Thursday. Right now, I’m having trouble sleeping, and that can make me really snappy. Can anyone suggest some good stones to make sleep easier and more restful?


I have a Scorpio sun and Mercury Retrograde always hits me very intense so I will be wearing my citrine and have my carnelian out. I will probably make up a crystal bag. I think I’m going to try to work with and not against the Retrograde. I have some things that I need to make sure I stay in line with and get taken care of without losing my temper with anyone. Some days are harder than others but I will make it through this stepping stone.


Thanks for this. I don’t follow astrology that much, it confuses the heck out of me, but I’m glad to know I’ll need to be more confident. I think if I have the money after shopping this week, I’m going to get me a pyrite pendant. Can’t be too careful. You always have such wonderful information @mrs, thank you!


@PuppetMama, I like to use Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Hematite to aid sleep :blush::blush::blush: I usually put the selenite under my pillow and the others on my nightstand after a pre sleep mediation!

I also find lavender or camomile tea helps wind me down. Good luck :tea::+1:t2:


@mrs I love chamomile teas to wind down. I have 3 different one chamomile lavender, chamomile, and nightly calm that has chamomile and spearmint and maybe lavender? I’m not sure but it has 3. I drink them before I go do my bedtime thing. Last night though, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up before 7AM and retreated to my room.


Definitely @krissie117! It’s such a good idea to go with the retrogrades and not resist them. If you are prepared for them and aware they are active it’s a great time for self reflection :dizzy: to learn abit more about yourself, and ultimately better yourself! :sparkles:

Oh they sound lovely! :blush: I love tea and trying new teas, I find the whole experience of drinking tea makes your sense ls more aware!


@kasie it is hella confusing at first! :exploding_head: When I first started learning my mind was completely blown. Now I try and focus on one topic or week or I’ll focus on learning all about a particular planet that’s doing something exciting that week :joy: I have my little astrology book where I jot info down so I can refer back for these posts :open_book:

Thank you very much, you are so welcome :heart:


Thank @mrs, I just bought Lemon Ginger to try. I haven’t been able to yet, but I’ll get to it today. I plan on taking it easy and figuring out my plan for the week. Right now I am just spending some time in my room and lifting my spirits before I join the day.


Sounds perfect! :heart::ok_hand:t2:


@PuppetMama, @SilverBear has a sleep potion video on her you tube channel. I use it in a diffuser beside my bed and it has helped with my sleep. And, I too am Aries with a hot temper.


Hopefully :slight_smile: I’m not sure I like any of the candidates. Lol


I think that’s a given considering our choices!:rofl::rofl:


@mrs Thank you so much. I have all of those. I’ll have to round them all up and try them tonight. I do drink chamomile tea, but sometimes it just can’t counter my insomnia.


@Katt I’ll have to check that out…and get a new diffuser. Mine broke a while back, and I keep forgetting to order a new one. :upside_down_face: