Meaning of Owls In/Along Path?

Sorry this is so blurry but here is a picture of an owl on my car. My friend took a picture of it on their way out. We were watching The Owl House before they left. While they were here I was remarking about how much I liked Kasie’s oracle card reading in the latest Divinity Discussion and that I needed to use my oracle cards - the ones with the owl on them.

:owl: :owl: :owl:

Strange coincidences or something to look into? (I saw them mentioned a couple times in the Animal Totem discussion but I didn’t know if this belonged there or as it’s own topic.) I have a friend that swears there is meaning for our lives when we meet animals in/along our path while walking. If that is true, what do owls mean?


WOW… that is significant…@Praecog29
I just got chills…

I am impressed you got that picture, too! … blurry or not! Thats amazing!


This is so weird because I was up early one morning and heard a pair of owls “talking” to each other on the top of my roof before my morning devotional. It kind of scared me because I had never in my life heard an actual owl before. it was awesome. I did let my small dog out right after but watched to make sure they didn’t snatch her up.

I don’t believe in coincidences, just small synchronicities that happen to tell us we are on the right path. What have you been focusing on that the Universe is trying to answer for you? This is powerful.


When two things align I consider it a coincidence, but watching the Owl House, the owl oracle cards, and the actual real-life owl right there on your car- all within a few hours of each other? That’s much more than a coincidence in my book! :laughing:

And speaking of “coincidences” with owls- @MeganB just posted a great resource doc about the God Pluton (sometimes called Hades)- which mentions that screech-owls are sacred to Pluton. Could be something to look into! :owl:

Owls are also sacred to the Greek Goddess Athena, among several other owl goddesses around the world. It might also be worth pointing out that last week’s full moon is sometimes called the Owl Moon :full_moon:

Owls, owls, everywhere! Keep us updated on what you find, Benjamin- this is very exciting :star_struck:


That is a beautiful picture and experience :owl:

I don’t necessarily believe in coincidences, but I also don’t believe everything is a sign from the Gods or Spirits. I would say that with what you described (watching Owl House, thinking about your oracle cards, etc.) it might be worth meditating on.

Owls are sacred to Pluton :skull_and_crossbones: Greek God of the Underworld but also to Athena and many other deities, as @TheTravelWitch has mentioned.

According to World Birds, owls have a lot of significance in many different cultures and respects. I’m not sure what type of owl this is, but here is a bit of information you may want to read.

Seeing an owl in your area is the same as seeing one in your dreams.

  • Single Owl – Seeing an owl in your dream means you should be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings. Borrow the owl spirit animal’s power to see things on a higher level.
  • Barn Owl – It symbolizes good financial situation in the near future
  • Common Owl – It is a sign that you should focus more on yourself and your needs for a change.

Owl Mythology and Folklore

Owl mythology is perhaps the richest and dense of all. You can find a reference to it throughout various cultures, folklore, and traditions globally.

In Greek, Athena symbols are arguably the most widely known symbol in owl mythology. Since owl was her sacred animal, if any of the soldiers spotted an owl on the battlefield or flying over it, then it would mean the goddess of war smiling upon them. Sighting Athena symbols would instantly turn the tiding of the battle in favor of the one seeing it first.

The Egyptian owl god is a fierce guardian of the scared occult knowledge. Owl mythology speaks of them guarding the souls of the deceased as they pass to the next plane of existence.

The Chinese culture and folklore much respect the wild side of the spirit animal owl. You can find breathtaking pieces of ancient Chinese art that depicts the phoenix’s immortality intertwined with the legendary fierceness of the owl. Chinese culture also speaks about the owl in bird protection, acting as a shield against all negative energies.

There are also popular references of owl mythology in civilization over time like the Hindu, Roman, and Celtic. While most of them speak about the “angel of death,” almost all of them acknowledge the wisdom and transitional significance of owl.

I definitely recommend looking at this website. They have an entire page dedicated to owls and their significance.



I don’t know much about owls other than they’re the favorite bird of Athena, but that’s an awesome picture!


Thank you, everyone, for your responses. @MeganB, you have so many good resources. Thank you! :pray: I don’t believe everything is a sign but it was curious how things lined up last night. It’s definitely worth the mediation and research. :slightly_smiling_face:


It appears the owl was a sign of transition because Monday morning we received wonderful news concerning a family member. While there is a long road ahead for this person, it feels like a weight is coming off of our shoulders. :relaxed: Also, last night I had a nightmare free night :zzz: for the first time since Labor Day weekend.


It seems that the owls were a harbinger of good news for you, @praecog29! :owl::two_hearts: I hope the trend continues- may every time you see an owl, let good news soon follow! :blush:


That’s so good to hear! I almost shared your story of the owls in my podcast episode coming out on Monday but I wanted to get your permission first :sweat_smile: so I didn’t.


After seeing the quality of work you do and the effort you do for things like your podcast and YouTube, you have my permission to use anything I say here as it pertains to witchy stuff. :wink:


Ahh well thank you <3 I’m glad you’ve found the meaning of your owl symbolism and that it’s working out for you!


Omggggg I’ve be seeing the EXACT same owl !!! My pics suck though cuz it’s been on me two trees



White owl: the mind
Owls in general: I wonder which ones stick out to you? Lots of interesting connections/correspondences there - Dreamwork, freedom, renewal, self-work, support, witchcraft are looking good :smirk:


We continue to receive good news to many of the poor stories we faced in 2020. On top of that, since seeing the owl :owl:, I have not had any nightmares. :open_mouth: This is after having horrible nightmares since Labor Day. I think the owl was a sign that this was coming.

I also feel closer to my Goddess :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: again and my spell work seems to be working again, too. This is probably related to the higher self confidence thanks to the limited but restful sleep :zzz: I am finally getting.

Thank you for the page from your book. What is it called?


That is great news! The pic is from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences :heart_eyes:


There are 15 books in the series? :open_mouth: I added them to the wish list to read. Thank you!


ooh yes, I’ll be purchasing a couple of the others myself soon! Ceremonial magick and Divination look awesome :heart_eyes:


I love the picture whether or not it is blurry. It’s a gorgeous animal.

I know we have owls, sometimes I hear them talking to each other and other times I hear just one, or I think it’s just one. We have them somewhere around our home. I love listening to them, it’s very calming for me.

I agree, a little late to the party but I made it, that it was definitely a sign of well wishes and transition. It seems like they brought some good things too!


A lot of meaning about a owl, only you @praecog29 will know it’s meaning, if there’s one. Perhaps all call from the Goddess. :waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon::waning_crescent_moon: