Meeting Macha - A little under 9 minutes

Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess - by Stephanie Woodfield Created with her blessing. Permission was given for us to do a reading from a part of her book. This pathworking really resonated with me, and I felt compelled to create a video about. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to share just a portion of this incredible book. You can find her on Amazon.

Special thanks to my amazing husband for doing the voice over reading. Even though he doesn’t understand my “hippie” ways, he fully supports me. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Thank you @SilverBear that was different but I enjoyed it so much!


Beautiful video, @SilverBear! You did such a fantastic job putting the clips and pictures together- it was mesmorizing to watch :heart_eyes:. I found the introduction to be really helpful- easing into meditation slowly :two_hearts: And props to your husband for lending his voice- he did a great job with the voice over! :clap: I know you were very excited about this one, and all your hard work has really shown through! :clap: Bravo and thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


Thanks everyone! This was a very different video for me. I loved piecing it together and I am happy to report the author loved it so much.


@SilverBear great job. My husband is the same way. He helps me setup shelves and makes items for me, but he doesn’t understand what my hippie self is doing most of the time. He knows that the meditations really help with my anxiety lately, so he is happy about that part.

I love watching your videos! Thank you so much


Lovely meditation. I just realized she is one of the Morrigan. This book sound very interesting. Thank you for sharing her with us.


Yes, the Morrigan. I should have probably mentioned that LOL… oopsie! :smiley: