Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Apr 11 - 17 🌕

Thank you!

It’s one I definitely won’t forget now! Anywhere in my house is a crafting place :laughing: my daughter will pick a spot on the floor sometimes and just go to work. I have a large piece of particle board that I have her put under her work if she’s on the floor so paint doesn’t get everywhere lol but it works!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you for the update! I have an appointment in the AM but usually, after those, I want to relax & kind of wind down & reset for the afternoon. Perfect timing this week!

@MeganB I have done crafts in my room, the living room, kitchen, the porches, backyard… I totally get it. I mean honestly when the crafting spirit moves you, it doesn’t matter where you are, it just happens. :rofl:


Good afternoon! I wanted to let anyone who is interested know that:

Tiwaz 17th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 1st of Tyr’s Aett :tiwaz: has been posted & is also attached to the main runes post.

I may be back later, kind of in & out throughout the rest of the day. :smiling_face:


Congratulations to @Nikita-mikaelson and to @rachel21 great job ladies thanks for sharing with the forum, you rock !!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, been a very busy time for me with our Income Tax season, so it keeps me busy for the month of April, with everyone trying to get their taxes done and filed. I hope everyone has been well and good. I miss you all but will be back in full as soon as my tax work is done. Miss you all :heart:


Good luck with tax season @debra2! I hope you make it through!


Hooray- I’m glad it works out for you! :partying_face: Good luck with your appointment in the morning, Siofra, hope it goes well :blush:

You’ve been missed, Debra! But goodness I know tax season can be stressful :sweat_smile: Good luck and may you prevail over the numbers (with hopefully a big tax refund to boot!) :grinning: We’ll be here waiting for you when you’re all finished with the work and have your free time back :blush::heart: Blessed be!


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

The full moon is beautiful here tonight.


I saw her too, she’s so big and radiant tonight :relaxed:


@IrisW that’s a beautiful picture! It’s almost too perfect! Thanks for sharing, I can’t see Her from the window in my apartment.


We have cloudy skies & a rain storm coming. It looks so beautiful where @IrisW sees it from tonight.


Stunning full moon, @IrisW :heart_eyes: :full_moon: Thanks for sharing the pic, she is lovely to see! :sparkles:


Nothing but old news here! To find out what’s happening this week, visit Activities to find the current Merry Meet Monday news post :newspaper: