Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Dec 6 🌓

Merry Meet !

Here is your weekly update about exciting happenings in both the forum and the witchy world at large this week:

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[ [ Group Ritual : Together with Your Coven :infinite_roots: ] ]

Join in for a shared group ritual meditation and coven chat on Thursday, December 9th - this activity is open to all members of the forum :tea:

Group Tea Magick Meditation Ritual Winter Version

  • The group meditation ritual has step-by-step instructions that you can join in on your own schedule at any time during the day

  • If you’d like, there is a scheduled hour-long live Zoom chat to do the ritual as a group as well as meet and greet fellow coven members

Group meditation rituals and conversations are held every Thursday. Feel free to visit the previous group ritual post to get an idea about what to expect.

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[ [ Freebie Friday :flower_playing_cards: ] ]

Have a burning question on your mind? Seeking some guidance for how to best approach a problem? :thinking:

Now is your chance to find some answers, as the talented @MeganB is kindly offering free readings via tarot or oracle! :crystal_ball:

Picture from Pexels

The next Freebie Friday post will be Friday, December 10th . For more information and to get an idea about what to expect, check out last week’s Freebie Friday :tada:

[ [ Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: ] ]

This week we will be blessed by the light of the First Quarter Moon. Although the exact time will vary by your location, expect to see this moon on Saturday, December 11th.


The First Quarter Moon is an excellent time to take action regarding your deepest wishes and to address your biggest blockages. It is a great time for growth and self-healing .

From the Spells8 Moon Magick Guide to First Quarter Moon Magick

Looking for ideas for spells and rituals specific to the First Quarter Moon? Know that this special moon phase is part of the Waxing Cycle .


Check out the Waxing Moon Spell Page for more information including history, meanings, and a collection of spells and rituals that work in harmony with this part of the moon cycle :first_quarter_moon:

You can find current moon information for your home as well as complementary spells and rituals to draw on its energy on the Spells8 Lunar Spell Page :sparkles:

[ [ Other Events of Interest :mag: ] ]

A collection of curious (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week that may or may not be witchy-related:

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[ [ Weekly Witchy Challenge :trophy: ] ]

Every week, a challenge is presented to all members of the forum to explore new areas of magick and bring out the best of everyone’s diverse talents.

The theme for this week is: Dual Wielding :crossed_swords:

Dual Wielding Opposite Forces

This challenge will close Tuesday, December 7th at 7:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

After this time a Props and Presents post will appear to give recognition and prizes to all participants :gift: And as always, a brand new challenge will arrive on Wednesday for all challenge enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Join the challenge here: Weekly Witchy Challenge - Dual Wielding :crossed_swords:

[ [ Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: ] ]

Do you have a little extra love to share and are looking for ways to help out a fellow coven member? Or perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times and could use some positive vibes your way?

Spells8 Energy Exchange Circle

The Energy Exchange Circle is run by the warmhearted @praecog29 and is a great way to support and show love to coven members going through hard times. To do a good deed and show you care, consider leaving a note of support in the current thread:

More information about the coven’s wholesome energy exchange can be found in the Energy Exchange Wiki - 2021 .

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New Members :wave:

Merry meet to all of the new members who have joined the forum over the past week!

:infinite_roots: Welcome to the Forum and the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots:

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  • Well done to @Christina4 for sharing the most posts in the forum, on a three-week streak! :writing_hand: Thanks for sharing your wisdom and fun finds! :star_struck:

  • Lots of love back to @Rowan for giving out the most hearts in the forum over the past week! :heart: Thanks for sharing so much love and positivity! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Picture from Learn Religions: All About Yule

The next Sabbat is just around the corner- are your preparations in order or is there still much to do? :gift: And will you be working any First Quarter Moon magick this week? :woman_mage:*

Whether it’s magickal or mundane, feel free to share your current happenings or give a shout-out to your fellow coven members in the comments below!

Blessed be! :first_quarter_moon: :sparkles:


Pretend to be a time traveller day? :joy:


Hahaha they have a holiday for just about everything, Jem! :joy: If you’re curious, I love to check on the site NationalToday- every single day of the year is loaded with holidays of all shapes, sizes, and types! :grin:


Thank you for the shout out! And Congrats to @christina4 as well! :tada::tada::tada:
This week I’ve got some studying to do with the Hermitic Principles and gathering some Yule Decorations for my Altar.
Got a few loose ends to tie up as far as holiday shopping for my kids and the grandbabies also.
Here’s Franklin stopping by to wish you all a Bless-ed Holiday Season.

Bless-ed Be,


Franklin is wonderful! What a pretty tree, too! :slight_smile:


Many thanks to @christina4 and @Rowan for helping this community grow! You rock!

And @Rowan, give Franklin a hug for me, he looks adorable! LOL!

Not much going on for me this week, thank goodness. Catching up on laundry with Sally today, that’s always fun. I rested pretty much for the New Moon, but am planning on doing the Full Moon spell from the site in two weeks. I bought some real bayberry candles to burn on Christmas Eve to bring money into the home and they smell wonderful! All spicy and woodsy at once!

So I’ve got plans for the holidays and am almost ready. How about y’all? Are you having a good week?


Congratulations to @Rowan and @christina4 for all your sharing with everyone and for all the love given to others.


Congratulations to @christina4 & @Rowan! Great job ladies! :two_hearts: :infinite_roots:

I had a neverending list to do for today & finally a little after 4 PM I told my husband that I needed to go reset & do my thing for a little while because the day has just been non-stop since I woke up. I got everything that I set out to do, done though! It’s the stuff that I normally do before my day starts that I haven’t gotten to yet. So far, I have done a meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & I’m checking in here… I didn’t even get to spend the time I normally do in the forum this morning!

This evening I’ll be researching & learning about the rune I drew today & finishing up looking into the 2 runes I drew yesterday. I tend to look at multiple sources for meanings & then try to see how I can apply it to my day, life, whatever.

While waiting for my husband, I started a new book. It actually blends Irish Celtic culture & Ogham & is a plethora of information on all the topics I have come across & really want to connect with more while learning about the Celtic culture & practices in one place! So far anyway, I haven’t made it very far into the book, so I could find out that it’s not everything I hope it is… I think that’s my way of balancing my thoughts on the book right now. :rofl:

As for the holidays, I have gifts started :gift: We have a string of Christmas lights along the roofline of the house. We’ve mentioned bringing up the decorations & I have thought that it’s time to start switching up my altar, have we followed through with any of those inclinations? No. We’ve also had a series of unfortunate events & repercussions to contend with, but we came out on top. Nothing serious. Today was actually a really good day, I got a lot done that I have kind of been putting off & we are all caught up now! :upside_down_face:


I’m glad today turned out good for you, despite you being run off your feet!


Tomorrow, tomorrow is the “Me” day. My daughter won’t be home until 4pm, my son & husband around 5, & my oldest son will be home around 7. So from 8 AM until 4 PM tomorrow is my day for my stuffs. :joy:


Thanks for the updates! Siofra you sure sound busy, it’s really inspiring how committed you are though!
I hope everyone has a great week ahead, and that it is full of Magick. So far my wizardry is paying off in life and I’m sticking on the Path. I think I’ve managed to influence those close to me into possibly seeing magick as a real and good thing. I just need to hold true to my convictions and pass the test. Honestly, a few years ago or so, I never would have thought being a wizard was actually possible in this world. :slight_smile: Hopefully I have a good spell of prosperity ahead of me.

Blessed Be!


Happy howl-idays Franklin! Love Denzel and Sari :paw_prints::christmas_tree:


Right :joy: I’ll try to live in the 1940’s. What about you? :sweat_smile:


Thank you and I love Franklin’s outfit!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And a big thank you to @Amethyst @debra2 @Siofra


Congrats again to you, @Rowan- you deserve it! Thanks for all the love you share :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And many holiday blessings back to the cute Franklin! :dog: :two_hearts:

Ohhhhh bayberry candles, @Amethyst- sounds like quite the spell you have in the works! :star_struck: Good for you for getting prepared early for the holidays- they usually sneak up on me and I’m caught in a last-minute decoration/wrapping panick :joy: It’s all good (albeit busy) here- hope your week is off to a great start! :heart:

Wow, @Siofra- you’ve got a lot going on! Hang in there and remember to stop for that “me time” of yours- you’re working so hard, you deserve it and more! :clap: Glad you had a good day and I hope today is just as lovely for you- blessed be! :two_hearts:

Glad to hear your wizardry is going well, @colin- it’s always wonderful to hear from you! :heart: Stick with your path and keep going strong, you are a very talented and amazing wizard. Hope you have a lovely week! :sparkles:


Good! You could use a me day, @Siofra! :hugs:

Heh, I think I’m just about ready. I need to buy some more groceries but other than that, I’m good to go! Good luck getting your stuff together!

My week is going great, and I hope yours is too!


My “me” day so far… got woken up by my son for a Dunkn Donuts app question, then realized I was awake & made coffee, STARTED to wake up my daughter. Popped in the forum so I could keep track of her waking up process before leaving to drop her off, during the car ride if I could have picked better songs that I can sing loudly & badly & car dance to while she ducks her head & says, “Mom, No, people can see you.” I think she would have gotten out of the car. She did hit the power button when pulled into the drop-off line though. I’m home now doing MY thing.

I fell asleep before 8 PM last night on the couch & at some point we migrated to the bedroom. My husband says I was awake, talking like normal, & went without drifting off… I have no memory of any of it :joy:

The peppers & I have a couple things around the house to do, but other than that, I am looking forward to the quiet & being able to do my thing without worrying about who needs me next & for what… LOL…

I love my family… :heart: Really I do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was in bed by nine. It’s a sad state of affairs when the witches are going to bed early. LOL!

Sounds as if you’ve had a productive day so far! I hope everything goes well for you!


I think I’m going to be from ancient Greece :grin: