Modern Stories of the Old Gods

I am definitely pro-modern myths and stories. I have seen posts go around on Tumblr (back when I was on Tumblr) of what the Gods would do or look like today. These often included things like Hera leading a women’s shelter, Persephone having a garden full of the deadliest plants on the planet, and Apollo guiding medical students in their training. There are even those who have created new Gods for the modern time.

This includes a post I found through Google about a Coffee God.

In times of hardship, many of us turn to faith, falling back on the whispered prayers of the damned, or the chanted mantra’s of the believer, ancient rituals leaving us muttering and swaying over candlelight and offerings as we appeal to a higher power. En masse, however, more people worshipped at his altar than in any church or temple, not knowing they were taking part in acts of veneration; instead of smoky incense filling the room with Oudh and jasmine, the air carried roasted arabica and soft vanilla fumes, sweet cinnamon pastries replacing the church wafers…

Coffee shops became the new temples, as people welcomed the sun over a latte and a tired smile, that first sip warming the soul. Quiet and unassuming, he had helped to build the modern world, one demitasse at a time. Now, of course, he was much tamer than his wild youth, offerings and rituals becoming coins exchanged for a smile and a flat white, little rituals that still held their own potency. The cafe we find him in now lacked the grandeur of a cathedral, but held its own appeal; cosy and intimate, there were shelves of beaten books where you could usually find good advice hidden between autobiographies and old romance novels. The tables and chairs were eclectic and old, worn in by centuries of use so that nothing matched but made pockets of warmth and familiarity. Source

Or this person’s poetry about the Greek Gods in modern times.

athena dresses in cool, slick suits for office hours,
and then after she clocks out,
she beats her knuckles in on other people’s jawbones.

the fight clubs are her temples. Source

Or even the creation of an egregore that rules the algorithms of the internet!

My newest video (out on Saturday, if you’re wondering) is one where I share five of my favorite stories about Brigid. They’re dated, of course, taken from folklore and mythology when the written word did not exist in Ireland. But does that mean they can’t be retold in a modern context? Do we have to see the Gods through the lens of their ancient stories?

I don’t think so. I think it is perfectly acceptable to see the Gods how They are today. We have evolved and modernized and I believe They would do the same. So here is a piece of writing I wrote about Brigid in the modern age. It does not have a name yet, and I don’t know if it ever will.

:fire: Brigid :fire:

Brigid, keeper of the Sacred Flame of Inspiration and Healer at the Holy Wells, I feel you in the flickering cursor waiting poised for my quickly moving fingers, words fill the blank space of the digital document and carry me through flowery descriptions and inspirational how-tos.

I feel you in the pit of my stomach as anxiety boils over, hear you in my ear as the tears break the cusp and spill over, begging my shadows to reveal themselves, willing my change and transformation not through the fire of the forge but through the flame of therapy and introspection.

No longer do you stand on the battlefield, shielding those who cannot defend themselves.
No, You who are Living Sovereignty now take a stand with those who cry in the streets,
for the system has failed them.

Mothers and children still need You, Lady, and Your light shines brightly as new life enters the world, mirrored in the fluorescent lights of hospital rooms around the world. Your keening is felt in the sighs and shudders as life leaves those who are no longer meant for this world, as those who have taken up the role of Healer do what they can to save another life.

Brigid, Keeper of the Sacred Flame and Healer at the Holy Wells, I feel you around me, enveloping me, transforming me, shaping me to be what You need of me in today’s world. I imagine You look on with pity at those who do wrong to others, and sadness as You do what you can to protect those who serve You and those who don’t.

You are here in the sunlight that grows our food.

You are here in the fires of inspiration that bring words of poetry, beauty, and wisdom to life.

You are here in the medical facilities, shining your light for those experiencing both the brightest and darkest days of their lives.

You are here.

And now that I’ve made myself teary-eyed with my own poem and the emotions that it evokes, I am off to enjoy some more writing.

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Okay, I am weepy eyed now… This is very beautiful and eloquently written.
Hugs and appaulse!:hugs: :clap:t2:


I love this piece! It’s a beautiful thought for the modern age <3 It’s easy to get lost in the mysticism and lore of the past. You have a gift thank you for sharing <3 Blessed Be <3


Beautiful poem. Brigid would be proud.


Thank you for your kind words everyone :hugs:


@megan, this was so beautiful to read! What a great poem! You are so talented .

Blessed be.


Thank you Walter :candle:


That was beautiful & wonderful. Amazing job, Brigid is smiling on you. :fire: :candle:


:cupid: empowerment


Your poetry is so powerful- what a delight to read, @MeganB! :heart: I love the idea of the Gods being seen through different lenses over different time periods. I agree that it is perfectly okay to worship a deity in whatever way feels best to you- whether that means using old texts to recreate their image or seeking out modern ways to view them :blush:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and talents, Megan! :sparkles:


Thank you @Siofra :sparkling_heart:

And you as well!

This has honestly always fascinated me. I want to do some modern re-tellings of different Irish myths but I have to walk the fine line of making sure I’m understanding it properly and being respectful to the living culture of Ireland!


Thank you for this entire topic @MeganB!! It’s fantastic and such an interesting subject. I honestly see Technopaganism as the religion of the (distant) future.

The old concept of religion is so deeply connected to the concept of book :open_book: as the root of spiritual knowledge. E.g. the Greek Magickal Papyri, the Bible (Latin for book), sacred Grimoires (French for grammars), ancient scrolls, etc. :scroll:

As more and more generations of people become digital natives, there is a shift: What for us feels more real and important, but at times equally obscure, is what goes on in the cloud :cloud:, because that’s were all information ultimately lies.

The creepy part is that the beings in the Cloud are at some point not going to be governed by humans anymore (like today) since they will be mostly AIs, perhaps even totally autonomous, almighty entities.

In any case, I loved when she mentions in the video that creating content is making an offering. It in fact is! Creating content like your beautiful, heart-felt poem is a great way to give back, a form of devotion and above all, making your voice heard in this Universe of broken links and short attention spans.

Blessed Be! :candle:


Truer words have never been spoken :laughing: But thank you for your kind words. This digital age is getting interesting, for sure. My entire grimoire is digital right now, though I want to move it to a physical book sometime in the future but I don’t want to just print everything off. I want it handwritten which…is a challenge.

Anyway, this piece of writing will end up on my own website eventually as just a simple poem.