My cord cutting spell I did a day ago was very painful

Not physical pain, but I removed the guy from my mind and heart (you know which guy if you looked at my post about me questioning hexing him)
and he messed with me so bad and I think that’s why it hurt a lot. It felt like something was missing. From my heart and mind. I was lonely and so I depended on people, and not a lot of people talked often like I did so I only talked to him, the guy. I let him in on my issues of abuse, gaslighting, manipulation. And he did all of the above.
I let him in not because I wanted too, but because it felt right at the moment. Something to fill that empty part of me.
I felt better after a day. But it hurt a lot. I burst out crying, had breakdowns. Just painful.
Is that normal when doing these kinds of cord-cutting spells?


I don’t know if that’s normal, I’ve never had to do a cord-cutting spell. But it makes sense it would hurt because you are coming face to face with the shadows of yourself that he had hooked into. That … neediness for lack of a better word. You had to get him out, it’s like cancer. Sometimes you have to hurt to heal.

Does that make sense? I hope it does. And I hope you are feeling better now knowing that he can’t hurt you again.

Blessed be!


Yes thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Greetings, @jada1!

I’m sorry to hear you experienced some tough emotions after your cord-cutting ritual. Yes, there are certain types of magick that work with deep and powerful forces within us that tend to leave us feeling exhausted afterwards. Spells like cord-cutting, shadow work, and even deep dive meditations can dig up things that are hard to face.

However, facing your fears and the harder things in life can be necessary steps that lead towards freedom. Hopefully, this cord-cutting spell helped you to find closure for a bad situation you had been feeling stuck in. May this spellwork help you to gain confidence and the strength you need to carry forward to a brighter and more positive future! :heart:

There are some resources here to help recover from emotionally draining spellwork:

I personally have found Self-Love spellwork to be a very soothing and empowering way to heal and strengthen myself after shadow work and other emotional spells.

If you find yourself still struggling to handle the emotions, there is no shame in seeking out trained professionals who can help you calm your inner waters and learn to tame the storm. Know that you also have a supportive coven here to offer love and support :hugs:

Sending lots of love and light your way- blessed be! :heart:


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: