Need help with crystal magic

Hi! I’ve been having trouble finding a good source for crystal magic. I have tiger’s eye, aquamarine,quartz,rose quartz, obsidian and aventurine. can you help?


Those are great stones. Are you looking for ways to use your crystals in magic? There are some great crystal activation spells on Spells 8. You could carry them around or put them on an altar. Tiger’s Eye for confidence/courage spells, aquamarine for meditation, lunar spells and ocean magic, quartz amplifies any spell, good for all-purpose, obsidian is excellent for protection against negative energy, aventurine (is it green, red or blue?) in green is a good companion for luck and money spells and also growing plants. But this is just a short list. So many good resources online. Try Pinterest!


Hiya @sankar

@mary25 has given you some great ideas!

Crystals are 100% my jam and I will try and incorporate them into every aspect of my practice. If you’re looking for some proper spells that utilize crystal energy then I would be more than happy to recommend some books that are in my collection that are great for beginner witches as they are step by step instructions.

‘Wicca Crystal Magic’ by Lisa Chamerlain
‘Enchanted Crystal Magic’ by Pamela Chen
‘The Crystal Witch’ by Leanna Greenaway and Shawn Robbins
‘Crystal Magic’ by Aurora Kane

Let me know if you’d like me to look up some spells in these books and I’ll send them to you =)


Hey there @sankar :wave:

You’ve already gotten some great answers here and I just wanted to chime in! :blush:

First, those are some wonderful crystals that you have. I don’t personally work with too many crystals but when I do, I tend to just carry them around with me or add them to different spells to amplify or call in that energy. I know there are also a few people here in the forum who really enjoy making crystal grids. Maybe you want to give that a try, too?

Here are a few links to get you started!

❋ Flower of Life Crystal Grid: Printable Matrix
Creating Crystal Grids :gem:
Crystal Grid For Love
Abundance Crystal Grid: Jupiter’s Sigil