New Crystals, how to use

So I just purchased these and really don’t know how to use them any advice ? I cleansed with sage and now what do I do ?


Hi again. Your minerals are lovely. I’m not good at identifying them but the purple one is amethyst - 9 Ways to Use Amethyst in Witchcraft - Moody Moons
The Rose Quartz (and my personal favorite)- The Power of Rose Quartz Crystals - Wicca Academy
The pretty white one is selenite-Magical Properties of Selenite | Selenite Materia Magicka » Plentiful Earth
I’m not sure what the others are, but these sites will give you great information on them
Good luck


Research them and line their powers up with the spells you use or issues you are having. There are a lot of ways to use them.
I carry a crystal in my pocket everyday. I choose one to help me with whatever I’m dealing with. I keep some crystals by my bed side, and on my altar.


There are so many ways to use crystals. I carry them with me in a pouch every day, about 3 with clear quartz & a piece of selenite. I use them in spells, my wand is made up of crystals, there are so many uses for them. You can even just collect them to have them. It’s really up to you.

That is a good start though, you could make crystal grids or use them in meditation.

@Missa or @Christina4 is much better at identifying from pictures than I am, but I see the selenite, amethyst, & rose quartz.

Working with Amethyst
Rose Quartz Info :gem:
Selenite Info :gem:

I wish knew what the others were so I could find some information for you.


There are quite a few things you can do with them! Holding them while you meditate, putting them around the house. Here is some things to do with crystals on the site! And your new collection is pretty! A great start!


Love the crystals. I agree the purple one would be amethyst. Love the point towers I’ve only got tumbles stones. But I think the point ones so the long ones (I think the clear one, maybe clear quartz or selenite even though not pointed is still considered a point shape ) can be used also for directing energy like as a want. Of even as a piece on Altar or as I think was mention holding it in meditation. Having it around will be helpful as the energy from the crystal in your space will be there even if not holding it or wearing it. Smaller points can be made into jewelry I’ve seen that before. Depends how big I guess it is. The pink one could be rose quartz. Is it shaped like something I couldn’t tell but it looks cool. I’m not sure what the green one might be there’s one that think could be but I can’t remember the name. I have a crystal book I can look it up n see if it could be that. The brown ish one I’ve seen some stones that were labeled fire agate that looked similar but I’m not sure if that’s what it is. The black one hmm it could be a few things. I have a similar crystal just smaller that looks like that which is black tourmaline. But I know onyx and jet have a really black look n can look similar. Sorry I wish I could be more help on that. I’m still new ( like a few months) n while I’m learning alot I am still learning. But if I find anything useful in my crystal book I’ll let you know I’m also borrowing my sister in laws book on crystals so I’ll check that one too and see if any help. If you know correspondences you can use the crystals for those working a as well or also have the crystals around on days they correspond to to utilise their energies on certain days. The daily ritual section is where I started doing that with with what crystals I have. N went from there. Hope that helps a lil. I’ll get back to you on when check my crystal books. Hope your well.


The green one may be jade and the black one definitely looks like polished obsidian, one of my favorites! I recommend purchasing the crystal books by Judy Hall @Babywitchbxtch she is a wealth of crystal information! Btw, I’m Stephanie and I am a baby eclectic witch. It is so nice to meet you!


I think the dull green may be aventurine???

… The dull brownish maybe raw green opal or smoky topaz???

… And the black one possibly obsidian


Congrats on your new crystals, @Babywitchbxtch!

You’ve already done a great job by cleansing them, so the next step would be figuring out the crystal types. You’ve got some great guesses above and I’m not a crystal expert myself but, as another best guess, I would say:

(from top to bottom, left to right)
Obsidian, Selenite
Rose quartz, No idea (tough to tell from the picture!)
Fluorite (if the middle part is bluish) or Amethyst (if it’s all purple- again tough to tell), Green Adventurine or Jade

As for how to use crystals, you are only limited by your imagination! Crystal Grids are a great way to channel their energies, or you can use them to enhance your spellwork. I recommend checking out the Crystals Tag to see how other coven members are using their crystals :gem: :sparkles:

Enjoy your new treasures, Lotasha! :blush:


As far as identifying what crystals you have:

  • Black- Black Toumaline? (Possibly)
  • Pink- Rose Quartz
  • Purple- Amethyst
  • White/Clear- Selenite aka Satin Spar
  • Brown(ish)- I can’t tell from this photo I would need to see it more up close and better lighting
  • Green- Green Aventurine

There are so many ways you can work with crystals! Here in a bit I will give you some book recommendations and articles to help you out! @Babywitchbxtch

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  • “Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change” by Shannon Marie

  • Any book by Judy Hall (she is a crystal expert!)




I agree with @Missa – that little brown fellow might be an unpolished tiger eye (I have a big one like that but mine is a little more reddish) or it also might be petrified wood.

You can use your crystals for all kinds of thing but are a few ideas.

Use your purple amethyst to get in touch with your intuition. You can put it by your bedside to encourage meaningful dreams.

Use the rose quartz today, yay! to celebrate Venus’ day. Hold it when you need to feel self-love or self care or when you are feeling loving thoughts about family, partners, children, spouses, etc.

Green aventurine - one of my favorites. A good luck stone. You can use it in good luck and money spells. If you like St Patrick’s day, you can draw or print out a shamrock, write your wish on it and put the green aventurine on top

Selenite - so pretty. I believe that is the one that never needs charging but it can charge other crystals. that is nice to have on an altar during spells. Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess, Selene, so that is perfect for those Monday spells or anytime you want to commune with the Moon – typically for divination, cleansing, healing spells.

Wow, that black stone could be a lot of different things but all black stones are pretty much interchangeable :slight_smile: they are all grounding and protective. A black stone is nice to have on hand for those kinds of spells, you can use it to repel or block negative energy or toxic people or situations.

My best guess is the brown one is petrified wood. That has ancient, grounding energy and is good for ancestor work or for any matter in which stability would be desirable.


Is your black stone very light? If it is, it is jet. I agree with @mary25 - the black stones are basically interchangeable because they do same thing. You just may find a certain type that resonates with you better.

A good rule of thumb is if your crystal ends in -ite like your selenite point, do not put it in water. They are water soluble, so they will literally dissolve over time.

Don’t charge your amethyst and rose quartz (any quartz) in sunlight if you want them to keep their color. There are a few other that I can’t think of, but they are known to fade/lose their color in direct light.

I think your green one looks more like Adventurine in this picture. Your brown one could be a tiger’s eye or jasper - really hard to tell. Maybe give us a close up with brighter light.

Beautiful first crystal haul! There are plenty of resources out there to get you started.


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