No bathtub?

Hi friends!
I see many spells which ask for taking a variety of baths for cleansing, protection and other various uses. I don’t have a tub. Any suggestions for alternatives?

Thanks for helping a newbie!


Hey @ArcticCharm , I’d love to do these bath rituals but the cost of water and reheating it is so high at the moment, I do these rituals in the shower. Put the petals in the shower, make/buy a beautiful scented soap, light some candles and incense and it works well wonders. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Hi @ArcticCharm! I also have no bathtub :bathtub: We have a stand up shower :shower: with a seat.

A couple of things you can do, depending on the cleanse, ritual, spell, meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: etc…

  • If you have small mesh bags… place the herb(s) in there.
  • Hang the bag from the shower head
  • Place the bag in the bottom of the shower where the water will hit it
  • Make up the herb mixture in a small pot on the stove. Strain the water into a bowl & use a small cup or the bowl to pour the water over yourself after you’ve finished showering. The herbs can go into the mesh bag & in the shower with you.
  • If its an herb :herb: or plants such as Eucalyptus, hang a branch or piece of it from the shower head or where the steam will get to it
  • Place candles &/or incense in holders on a surface safe to do so like the back of the toilet, around your sink.
  • Place crystals by the candles/incense
  • Crystals that won’t be damaged by water can also be placed in mesh bags with or without the herbs
  • Use a bluetooth speaker, your phone, laptop, etc… for the sound or to listen to the guided meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

Ritual Baths without a bath?
Bath Improvisation
:bathtub: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub!

These may also have some ideas for you as well!


@Susurrus herb mesh bags, what a fantastic idea. I’m going to do that. :grin::sparkling_heart:


@tracyS thank you! :blush: I’ve had to ask around & get creative for baths I also have soaps made with pieces of crystals in them for different things too. I have Amethyst for Intuition, Calming, & Stress Relief, Red Jasper for Grounding, & Citrine for Personal Power & Manifestation. I have to get another Rose Quartz for Healing the Heart & Self Love :laughing:

I’ve also used teas that are a combination of the herbs I’m looking to use & just placed the tea bags in the bottom of the shower or hung from the shower head as well. :hugs:


Fabulous, I’m going to steal your tea bag idea too. :joy::sparkling_heart:


Thank-you! I appreciate these suggestions :snowflake:


Great points! :snowflake:


You’re very welcome @ArcticCharm! & @tracyS :hugs:

I hope they help you both! :blush:


I can’t use my bathtub right now, but I hardly used it before because I’m so tall. I hardly fit in any tub comfortably :laughing: I actually have a video on my channel about Ritual Bath Alternatives if you’d like to give it a watch! I know it’s also linked up there in one of those threads somewhere.


Here’s my fav recipe for Shower Steamers - there are tons out there I like this because I add Kaolin Clay to mine like they suggest, to make them last longer and not dissolve right away. You basically use whatever EO, flower, or any item you want for correspondences to what your intention is - it’s fun to make with older kids/teens as well and for gifts. I had this printed out and finally found the similar article where I could link and give credit (below).

Aromatherapy DIY Shower Melts (4 Shower Melt Recipes) - A Life Adjacent.

Shower steamers I made - I only have one left (it’s broken boo) with some of my own herbs in it. I made the others recently where I can just grab the base which is basically plain and add some EO’s to it as I’m ready to use it. I love mint, eucalyptus, and rose especially!


Ooohhh!!! I used to have a recipe for these! I hope you don’t mind if I jot this down :star_struck: I haven’t made them in FOREVER because I lost my recipe. I love using these :two_hearts:


Hi @ArcticCharm!

I can see you’ve got some awesome ideas and suggestions here already- I don’t have anything else to offer aside, but I do want to add in my support! :heart: You can absolutely alter bath recipes to suit a shower, or use shower-specific recipes (like the steamers or hanging herbs nearby!) :blush: :shower: :sparkles:

I used a shower steamer for the first time the other day- whatever type it was (it was a gift and wasn’t clearly labeled), it didn’t work too well unfortunately :sweat_smile: I absolutely love the idea of them though, and am super excited to try making my own! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for sharing your favorite recipe, Jan- I can’t wait to take a look! :sparkles: :pray:


I have a bath tub but only did one bath ritual in there so far. I am tall so sitting in the tub I have can be unconformitable at times. I will do some of them in the shower though.


The tall thing is my issue, too :rofl: I’m 5’9" and bathtubs aren’t made for people my height. I totally relate!


LOL, 5’7" here. They really aren’t tho.


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