Nordic paganism and elves

For all those interested in elven magick or Norse paganism, here’s an interesting link.


Oh am checking this out. Recently accepted Loki as my patron deity (correction, hes been with me for years, I’ve just finally acknowledged this lol :joy:), and I love love elves. Love them! Book marked this as have to go to bed lol, :joy:. :sparkling_heart:


Ooo thank you for sharing @Wysteria_Norn! I added it to the Norse Deities Master Post under Other Information :hugs: Thank you so much! :revolving_hearts:


Iceland has some amazing folklore and really interesting stories about local mythical (and maybe not mythical) creatures! I think the favorite one I’ve heard so far is their tale of the Yule Cat :smiley_cat: :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing, @Wysteria_Norn- I know I’m going to enjoy watching this! :heart::blush:


Interesting little show. I like it that his wife sees spirits. :joy: He was very respectful


I’m Icelandic (Old Norse) but, aside from the ghosts, Gryla and Christmas men (Jolasveinnarnir), my family never discussed the lore.
It’s always enchanting to see the little house fronts located throughout on various mounds. And being that the country is so close to the magnetic North Pole and is technically a jokul (or polar ice cap) on top of an active volcano adds to the unusual activity that takes place there.
What I find interesting is the similarities between the elves (think Lord of the Rings which was inspired by the Icelandic stories) and Djinn.
Quite uncanny actually.


I’ve only spent a couple days in Iceland, but I can attest to the special atmosphere there- even though I wasn’t there for long, it is an amazingly unique place! I don’t think there’s anywhere else like it. The rugged, natural beauty of Iceland has magick in the air :mountain: :sparkles:

I think it’s unfortunate that Icelandic folklore doesn’t get the same level of popularity as, say, folklore from the British Isles (such as the Fae, Arthurian legends, etc). I say the same thing about Slavic folklore- there are many wondrous legends, tales, and mythical creatures out there to explore in the world! It’s exciting think about :blush::books:


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