Palmistry - Do you read palms?

A very short video about the basics of palm reading and a bit of history.

This topic is very in depth and can become very overwhelming, so lets just start out with a few of the basics!

I have not tried my “hand” (lol) at palm reading but always found it fascinating.


I think the best way to learn is by looking at real-life examples of palm lines.

There’s a book called Palmistry Made Easy (1979) which shows pictures and pressings of people’s palms. Some of them are from children into adulthood, tracking how they change! :raised_hand:

Great topic and beautiful pictures, Laurie!! Thanks for making this video! :heart_eyes:


Definitely added this video to my “to watch” list. I can remember being a kid and obsessing over reading palms. I had books and I tried my hardest to study it. I even drew all over my hand with one of those funky Crayola markers to try and make an imprint of my own hand. Did anything stick? NOPE - but that’s okay lol

Thank you for sharing!


This was a very thorough introduction to palmistry- there is so much about this topic that I didn’t know about before! :star_struck:

I found it really interesting that hands have elements… I think I have a fire hand! :fire: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: This is really neat, @SilverBear- maybe I’ll spend some time studying the lines and try to do my very first palm reading on myself! :grin: Thank you so much for sharing :raised_hands::two_hearts:

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