(Part 1)Foretelling the Future challenge

Long read, be advised! Lol

I used two methods or I guess three if you want to be technical lol. I used my Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and my pendulum Rosica.
Decks are The Crystal Power Tarot and The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards.
Helping in guidance: Quartz, Moonstone, Labradorite, Green Tourmaline, and my Silver heart. Palo Santo. White and black candles.
Featuring the ever so interested cat, Miss Nermal.

I began this reading by cleansing everything and myself(Nermal excluded), of course asking for guidance, love and light. I did a quick search on Youtube and found some beautiful cello music for grounding, then I proceeded to light my two candles.
I opened my Tarot journal to the next blank page and I kind of smirked at the symbolism: Monday- start of the work week, a chance to set the tone for the days ahead, a clear slate in a sense… and then my blank page. Get it?.. get iitttt? :smile:

I sat and thought about the question(s) I wanted to ask that would touch on being present and being aware of myself and others, as well as what kind of healing that I should work on. This would consist of 2 Tarot cards and 1 Oracle. Once I had my questions, I wrote them down.
Q1. What energies am I inviting into my energetic field today?
Q2. What energies am I putting out?
Oracle: Healing to be done or started today.

I start shuffling my tarot cards. Sometimes, if I really feel it’s the right time, I’ll take the cards that pop out. Most of the time though, I split the deck into three piles and that’s what I did this morning. Once the cards were broken into 3 stacks, I took Rosica and cupped her in my hand. 3 times, I whispered to her, “My intentions are to find the pile with the messages I need to receive” and then I blew my intent into her. The first pile was an absolute no when I asked her if this was the pile that held the guidance I needed. The second pile, when asked if this was the pile with guidance, she went around and around which has never happened before! Rosica has always been either a Yes or a No, she has never concerned herself with maybe’s or uncertainty. I then went to the third pile and asked her the same question I asked for the first two, and it was a yes. I went back to the second pile and asked my question 2 more times. It was a no.

Card 1- Four of Swords, Sugilite
“I take the time I need to rediscover my vitality”
Swords are linked to the element of Air

Card 2- Page of Pentacles, Pyrite
“I am open to opportunities for personal growth”
Pentacles are linked to the element of Earth

After writing down in my journal, I took my Oracle deck and started shuffling. Once into 3 piles, I again took Rosica into my cupped hands and said, “My intention is to find what healing I should begin today”, 3 times while blowing in between each time I said it. First stack swung YES, almost seemly violently. The second stack was a no and even swung closer to the first stack instead of swinging evenly back and forth. Same with the third. Seems like she knew exactly what I needed!

Oracle: Crocoite, Sexuality
Sacral Chakra
Linked to Kundalini Energy

I again wrote in my journal.

This was one of the most powerful readings I have ever done for myself.
After everything, I thanked each card, I thanked Rosica, and I thanked the Divine.

I put the cards back and started to clean up.

This is the end of part 1. Part 2 will go into detail about the wisdom I took away from each card.


Hello Miss Nermal! :black_cat::wave: She looks like a wonderful assistant and spell overseer :laughing:

Loving the symbolism of the blank page- very creative! And I really like your method for choosing which stack to draw from- this is such a great way to narrow down and find exactly the cards you need :flower_playing_cards:

Sounds like you’ve found a really great pendulum- Rosica knows exactly what you need! That’s amazing that she gives such strong direct to where you need to go :two_hearts:

Reading about your methods was a pleasure- thank you so much for sharing, @janelle! I’m excited to read Part 2 :blush:


Nermal is very cute! Did you name her after the cute kitten from Garfield? That’s a lovely couple of decks, I bet that tarot deck helps you learn about crystals too! That’s great!

It sounds like you have a fantastic connection to your pentacle. That’s great. I can’t wait to see what you post next!


I love the way you split the cards and use your pendulum - I tried this today- I don’t have a trusty pendulum yet unfortunately but an amber necklace (which I’ve never used as a pendulum before) was randomly calling to me so I gave it a whirl. Interesting responses :sweat_smile:. Amber didn’t seem too sure of what she was doing but I love this idea for future use.


Thank you, I really do love working with my pendulum. I always encourage others to give it a try!
If you had a stronger response with another object over the other, I think that’s a sign that it wants to connect. I would suggest working with Amber and asking it various questions and try to program it. Figure out the Yes swing and the No swing. Some people will have an IDK or Maybe swing which is in a circle. I have never received anything more than yes or no until I did my Foretelling reading, it was really something!

@Amethyst My daughter actually named her which is hilarious because at the point of getting her as a kitten, she had never watched Garfield! She had heard someone say “normal” and then went on a rhyming spree lol.

And thank you! These two decks were my first and believe it or not I bought them at 2 different thrift shops. The clear plastic wrapped around the boxes was gone but the wrap around the cards was untouched! Of course I did a strong but loving cleanse of them when I got home, took the time to connect with them and they have been amazing additions in my life.

@BryWisteria I never thought I would find a divination method that I was strongly guided too but Rosica was my first divination tool and I’m so thankful. You’re welcome! Despite the heaviness of the messages I was given, I was actually excited to share this profound reading. It was so strong and not in the sense of overwhelm but strengthening the confidence in myself to know what I need to do and when to do it.


What a lucky find! I kind of hope that if my decks end up in a thrift shop that they’ll find a good home like yours!


Your pictures are so beautiful @janelle! Thank you for guiding us through this wonderful session!

I think you did a great job explaining what each card was telling you. And your tips on pendulum use are very appreciated!

Also, where did you get that journal??


@janelle, great card spread. Everything about it looks beautiful! I love your journal as well! So awesome looking!


I’ve never tried pendulum divinition. I should give my opal pendant which I always wear around my neck a try. I’m still learning the Tarot and last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty busy trying to organize and get rid of furniture and stuff out of my apt…I guess it’s great that I’m getting rid of stuff now before the witches new year. Anyhow, that is my goal to have everything I don’t want or need out of my life. Been feeling pretty cluttered!


Yes, any crystal or metal object will work as a pendulum as long as it’s on a rope or chain of the sort.


Great post @janelle :heart: I’ll be on to part two shortly. I think I saw that in the new posts. I have a few to catch up on.


@Francisco Thank you very much!

I too also got the journal from a thrift shop. I was looking around and I don’t know what caught my eye to cause me to dig around but I came out with that and I couldn’t believe it.
Brand, spankin’ new! I will try to locate its actual origin and get back to you! I’m curious to see what other journals look like from whoever the creature is.


@walter I cannot stress enough to my SO and daughter how crucial it is to my mental state to clear and clean up clutter. My Mom was the staple of the type of person who had “organized clutter” but I’ve learned there is no such thing! Lol

And thank you! If I can be of any help with learning about your pendulum, feel free to reach out!


@christina4 Thank you! <3


@janelle, thank you so much!! Definitely will! (Yes ! Clutter drives me nuts! Lol)



I finally found a website that was cleverly hidden on the first page in the journal.

The inside of it has a map that is has a lot of imagery and I don’t think I ever looked deeply into it.

The site is www.alittlepresent.com


They all look great for a present indeed!! A present for myself maybe!!

Thanks for sharing, Janelle!