Potency of Moon water in different phases?

Hi all, so i obviously know by this stage full moon water has the most ‘effectiveness’ or ‘potency’ if you like, however, what other moon phases are best for gathering moon water? I tend to wait for full moons but then again i tend to miss the full moon then leaving me waiting for the next one.


As far as potency, the water would contain the energies that correlate with that moon & which half the phase is in between full & new moons. So they could be used for different purposes.

There are moon water recipes for every moon phase & information about using each phase on this page. As far as what to do with Moon Water, there is also: Moon Water Basics :droplet: & 7 Ways to Use Moon Water This Week :full_moon:


Thank you this helps. I knew i saw something somewhere about different moon waters but couldn’t remember where. Cheers :blush:


You are very welcome!


I’ve made moon water at many different phases of the moon. I think some of my most potent moon water was actually made during the New Moon in Pisces! :pisces:


Interesting. I think i need to learn a little more about moon phases and what they represent i would say for me to know even more about moon water… :blush:


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