Potent Potion for Migraine

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I know I am asking a lot of these questions but I really need to get rid of my migraine which I have almost everyday when the day is closing.

It’s mostly starts from my sinus, back of my eyes to back of my neck.

Can someone suggest a tea/potion/herb to help with this?

I am on homeopathic medication for migraine but the effects are slow in homeopathy.

Thank you guys :cherry_blossom:


Ive posted several tea and oil recipes. If one of the @moderators could post the link for u that would be awesome


Whenever I get a terrible headache, I like to drink chamomile tea and diffuse chamomile essential oil. For me, it takes the edge off just enough for me to sleep or carry on with my day.


Lavender is great for headaches. Put some oil on the back of your neck to loosen the muscles if you think it may be a tension headache.

Being around your eyes may be an issue with focus. Do you squint a lot during the day? Have you seen an optometrist? Try adding some meditations every time you get a break or use the rest room to release facial muscles.

Are the lights around you too bright? Sunglasses might help- tell scoffers that the future’s too bright. :sunglasses: My mother used to use sunglasses in the winter because the sun’s glare off of snow was too bright for her.

Consider resetting screen brightness, too. Both too bright and too dark can mess with you.

Best of luck!


Thank you guys. Will surely use the things you shared.


Hi can you please copy paste here, not able to find


Hi @KhanjanB,

Your questions are always welcome :blush: And by asking them, you are helping others who are looking for the same thing, so it’s appreciated- ask away, my friend! :heart:

Yes! Here is the link to @Mistress_Of_HerbsRecipe Masterpost. For migraines specifically, here are the recipes she has kindly shared:

Migraines are terrible- I’ve heard that caffeine (like strong black tea or coffee) helps some people, but I’ve found it doesn’t do much for me. The thing that I’ve found works best is to go somewhere dark and quiet and lay down for a bit while doing meditative breathing. The smell of lavender helps, along with a warm cup of chamomile or lemon balm tea (they help to relax mind and body) :tea:

I hope you can find some methods that work well for you, @KhanjanB!

Blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you so much for this. I am sure it’s gonna help me . :people_hugging:


So mote it be, my friend! :heart: :people_hugging:

Wishing you all the best- blessed be!


@BryWisteria ditto. Ive even gone a step further…my bedroom is painted a midnight purple (super dark), my windows have black blackout curtains, black metal blinds, and they are tinted. Plus we installed a window ac unit. My room is an igloo. Its heaven!!!


Your room sounds like a sanctuary- the perfect place to rest until the migraine goes away! :grinning:


@BryWisteria it is it is. Its wonderful!!! And hubs has gotten so used to it being cold, he will holler for the fan to be turned on. Its funny!!!


You’ve gotten some great advice already, so I just want to add my two cents! :coin:

You said it starts in your sinuses and around your eyes. I would suggest a steam bath! In my experience, when I start hurting around my sinuses and eyes, it’s because of sinus pressure. An easy remedy for me is steam to help moisten the mucous membranes in the sinuses and relieve inflammation. If you haven’t seen a doctor about it yet, it might be worth a try.

I had surgery on my sinuses a few months ago because of severe inflammation and allergy-induced nonsense. Doing nasal rinses helps, too. Then the usual stuff like a warm compress on your face to help with inflammation, maybe some nasal sprays to reduce allergies if that’s a cause, too.

I’ve also found that I get tension headaches because of shoulder tension. All of those muscles pulling in my back and shoulders put tension on my neck and head. Releasing that tension with stretches, warm and cold compress, and rest is helpful, too!


That does sound amazing! We’re doing similar at our new place. All the windows are tinted, we have black blackout curtains, and the AC can be set to a single room (the current one will only do both bedrooms at once).

Same here. Sometimes, I’ll have a lukewarm bath with salts, so I feel lighter, and lay there, massaging my shoulders. That helps a lot, too.

Plus, I went to a physiotherapist who gave me exercises to help build up more core strength to help deal with posture and some knee pain I was getting. Turns out that almost everything boils down to the core. And as one who has never gotten into yoga, that was a bit of a problem for me.

Obviously not suggesting that you have the same issues. Just my experiences and how there are so many possible causes and solutions.


You should definitely try Yoga. I think I will not function without it. It’s so good for the flexibility.
The class I attend actually is blend of breathing techniques, meditation, stretches and yoga postures.
Lately Yoga has become so commercialised that people have started taking it as a form of exercise.
Yoga is basically helps to connect you body, soul and mind. There has to be a tutor who tells you to inhale and exhale at the right time while doing postures. It helps you with the endurance and resilience mentally and physically.
Coming to migrain. Yoga and breathing exercises does help me a great deal to handle the migrain symptoms.
Pranayamas ( breathing techniques) helps with the sinus and clearing the blockages, also with removing toxins from body, stretches and postures helps with neck movements and helps to relax the pain in lower neck and back. Yoga class hai to end with a meditation which will let you come back to your relaxed form.

Also I have heard that soaking your feet in hot water while you are having a migrain attack helps a great deal.


Could following videos be enough to get started? I’m not quite ready to do bodily movements within a group. And that’s generally been part of my difficulty over the years. I know I should feel safe, but… I don’t just yet.

I’ll try this as soon as I return from getting groceries. This headache is punching through my remedies, which isn’t a good sign.


Yes yes offcourse whatever feel safe for you. I do it online at my home too.
I am giving some YouTube links you can follow:


Thank you! :black_heart: I’m excited to start trying these tonight. :star_struck:


@starborn oh my room is amazing. I love it.