Protection candle spell

Today I did my very first protection spell. I can’t really link the original spell that I drew the inspiration from because I wrote it down in my B.o.S when I found it but then as I was preparing to do it I was inspired to tweak it a little to add extra energies to it. Upon completion I can honestly say I feel like it was successful. It’s hard to explain but I physically just feel more at ease and secure and in my mind when I reflect on the process I keep hearing “I am safe and protected” and can visualize a type of white light barrier surrounding me as if I were in a protective bubble. So I’d like to share it with you all in case anyone needs to use it.

I began with meditation letting myself soak in the protective light and visualizing all negativity and I’ll intent bouncing off of me like a pinball machine.
After casting my circle I took a white votive candle (the original spell called for black, blue or yellow but I didn’t have any of those colors) and cleansed it, my space and myself with smoke from a white sage stick and Palo Santo saying the following:

"I release all energy that no longer serves me. Cleanse this candle, remove it’s past.
Fill this space with joy, love and light.
I honor the cycle of life
And the four directions.
Bring me wisdom and growth.
Regenerate and transform myself and my space.
Bring clarity and cleansing energy
Purify my emotions and guide my transition.
I am grateful for health
Abundance, love and happiness.
Bring me strength and peace."

Then I hollowed out the bottom of the candle (my dollar tree candles luckily had loose wicks on the bottom so I was able to pull the wick completely out using a toothpick to whittle away the hole the wick was in) I then stuffed the candle with protective herbs starting with the powdered ones and using the more chunky ones toward the bottom where my hole was wider.
I used: ashes from the white sage and Palo Santo I burned during cleansing, ground cinnamon, ground ginger (to boost the intention), dried basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme and sage, and Angelica root. (Make sure to replace the wick after adding powdered herbs and ash so the wick goes in smoothly)

Then I inscribed the candle with a protective sigil I used this one but you could also use one of your own choice or design

And then dressed my candle with frankincense oil and speed it up powder a hoodoo magic blend that speeds up the effects of a spell (I will attach the recipe at the end of this post). I would’ve preferred to have used protection powder but I lacked the motivation to make any.
I wrote out my intentions on a petition including the same sigil I inscribed on the candle. The words you use on the petition shouldn’t make much of a difference so long as your intentions are clear precise and to the point. I placed my petition underneath my candle and lit it. Focusing on the flame and visualizing it burning away all the things I need to be protected from as it burned letting my candle burn all the way down extinguishing itself and burning the protective herbs in the process.

Once the candle smoke after it went out cleared I removed the wax (which I’m unsure what/if they mean anything but it didn’t drop out and spread like it did until the very end of the candle) from the petition and burned it releasing my intentions to the universe. Lastly I expressed thanks and released the quarters. You could say something like “thank you for your protective blessings. Leave if you must, stay if you will but know you are always welcome.”

Speed it up powder
Cacao (I used unsweetened cocoa powder)
(I used as many of the ground powdered items as possible because I had them on hand from the grocery store and as it was going to be a powder anyway it made more sense to just ground the lemongrass into the others using my mortar and pestle)

*Mix equal parts of each ingredient
*Stir clockwise while praying the following over it 9 times
"Make my prayers heard quickly
Make my answers come fast
Bring my requests to me with speed!"

This powder can be used to give a previously done spell a burst of speed by dressing a red candle with any appropriate intent oil and rolling in the powder. Or dressing the candle used for a new spell with it to bring it to fruition faster.

I found this recipe courtesy of pintrest and I used it on a money spell I had done that wasn’t showing signs of success and within a couple of days it was successful.

If you try this this is be glad to hear your experiences with it since I tweaked this spell essentially making it my own and I hope that it helps any who may need it.
Light, love and blessed be :pray:


This is a beautiful protection spell, @phoenix_dawn- may your wholesome spellwork help to keep you and your loved ones safe! :shield: :pray:

And ohhh- a bonus Speed-Up spell as well :star_struck: I’m glad it helped bring your money spell to fruition- it looks like a great recipe! I know there was a discussion about cinnamon’s property for speeding up spellwork a while back- it looks like a great addition to this speed-up spell too! :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful spellwork, Phoenix :pray::heart:


Thank you so much @BryWisteria I would have preferred to have Been healthier and in a better mindset but after a long meditation I think I ended up with all of that wax drip because I started to worry that something wasn’t right about the work and doubting my abilities right towards the end. But so far it’s holding up. No negative energy, no party animal shadows, and I had enough motivation to even work this spell so I’m pretty proud at the moment.

And as a small bonus I was abled kind feel my intuition spark while I read my cards this morning and started my research on Rhiannon. It’s been an halfway decent day. I actually found a jar spell for motivation when I was doing my first baby step spells that I thought I might try to help me out of the slump I’m sitting in but it calls for blue lace agate and I don’t have any :worried: I’ve been searching through articles trying to find something similar enough in closeness to properties to substitute but just can’t seem to find one. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I do actually prefer to mostly take a spell recipe when I find one that sounds like a winner and then I’ll add to it or change it to maximize the energy going into it in case I do have any worries for a moment going in. While I don’t know if that really works in my head is the more of the energy/intention the better chance of success.


This spell is wonderful!
Thank you so much for sharing :heart_eyes: I hope it works wonders for you :heart:
The speed it up powder is an awesome added bonus- and such a quick and easy blend! I’ll be making that today! :kissing_heart:


Great looking spell! I especially like your speed it up powder!


It sounds like some very successful spellwork that helped to bring good energy- congrats to you, Pheonix! :blush::heart:


This seems to be a fantastic candle spell! I hope for your safety and protection :sparkles:

And thank you for the Speed It Up Powder! I will make this over the weekend to have on hand for the future!

Sending you blessings!


If I had your address hun I could send you some blue lace agate. I’m in Alabama as well.


@jessica50 that is so sweet of you. I will send you a pm. You really don’t have to though. What part of Alabama? Welcome to the infinite roots coven though!

@robin77 thank you! I made up a good bit to keep on hand as well. I had a bit of trouble grinding the lemongrass into powder though do beware. I love that stuff. But like all other good things. Moderation is key because some things need to take time to manifest because there is likely a lesson to learn or something else needs to happen first so we can’t just go rushing all our spell work with it or it could potentially have some negative effects. Use the knowledge as you wish but use caution.


I am also in Alabama and I have a few blue lace agates as well. Huntsville has some great Metaphysical shops! Thank you for your Protection Spell. I have never worked one and I might should have started there. I will definitely soon, maybe tonight even. Also, thank you for your Speed It Up Recipe. And as I am sitting here at 12:32am on Aug 9th, a spell jar for motivation would probably be pretty handy. Lol. Thank you again. Love and Light!


@joy4 I wish I was able to get to Huntsville. Not having transportation sucks. I go to zero gravity in Decatur and was a regular at the Cullman store but since I’ve been stranded in the boondocks of Lawrence county I’ve been limited to ordering my supplies online. I’ll see if I can find the motivation spell and I’ll send it to you


I like Zero Gravity but I always get stuck. There is so much inventory!!! I really like to shop at The Dreammaker and Ela Botanica, my friend owns the last one. Both have online shops too. If I wasn’t working so much, I would scoop you and we could shoppppppp. I think it’s about an hour to Moulton from here. I really need to work my side hustle to catch up on bills, but just cannot make myself work. It’s horrible! Usually, I am motivated and determined, but this time, I just can’t make myself do it.


I feel you there. I’m having difficulty doing my side hustle as well. It’s actually just about 45 minutes from Huntsville to where I live. I’m just on the other side of Decatur going down hwy 24


I would love to have a new penpal/friend. It seems like I have outgrown the ones here that don’t understand what I am experiencing. I am also intuitive and an empath. And wooweee, I need to learn to shield myself. I was working with the public and I would come home feeling like I had 20 pounds of extra weight on me. One of my customers gave me a large Unakite stone to help absorb some of those energies and her husband gave me a Citrine point for abundance. I was off to the races then. Although she has done readings and a cleansing for me and I stop by to shop. She


She has had some strong turmoil in her life and I haven’t gotten to know her better. The no transportation in a rural area must really, really suck. I feel for you. I really do.


I’m always down for penpals. I hate living in a rural area. I really miss cullman


I am trying to find a way to PM you. I don’t think everyone on this wants my phone number, but here’s my email. There’s a better chance that I would see an email on days I work, but phone or text are better


@joy4 hi in case you didn’t figure out how to send a pm just click on her pic and hit message. Tech stuff confuses me lol but my son showed me how to do it :joy:


Thank you so much! Someone could make a fortune off a Junior Geek Squad. I regularly take advantage of my bf’s grandkids! Lol. Well, their tech brains anyway. I haven’t had a chance to catch up with any of you. Hope all is well. Sending Love and Light and bunches of hugs. Thank you again. Xoxo


Very welcome. I am hopeless with tech stuff lol