Protection for empaths JAR SPELL

Make a powerful Empathic protection jar to protect yourself from negative energies and to achieve emotional balance. Seal with a black candle. Keep this jar with you when you feel you need some protection.

You can give it an extra charging boost by placing the constructed jar under the full moon tonight!


I absolutely need to make myself one of these. Thank you for sharing!


Definitely making this one. Thank you for sharing


Beautiful jar spell- thank you, @Silverbear! :pray::jar::sparkles:


Awesome! I will make myself one of these. Is there are recipe or instruction list for doing this? Any tips for keeping something like this incognito, as I plan to stay in the broom closet at least for the foreseeable future… at least whilst I am still a baby.


You can make a mini jar and keep it on you - like in your pocket or bag or in a drawer near your bed or in your desk.

Add each ingredient to the jar, as you do so, focusing on each purpose of each one and what it means to you. When you seal it, you can repeat the little chant I use on my empath spray or you can make up your own little chant/mantra.

Negative energy you may not stay
This little jar will protect me and send you on your way!
Negative energy I banish thee, so it is my word, so mote it be!

BAM! - done :slight_smile:


Would this type of Jar spell, and other protective spells from the Spells8 site offer effective protection for someone has likely been “tag-locked” with negative magic?

I have a friend who needs some help, because s/he believes s/he has been targeted with dark magic from someone else in her shared house (probably best not to be too specific in a public forum where the perpetrators can hypothetically read this too). Is this something a Baby W**** could handle (or would it be better to call in the ghost busters, Buffy the vampire slayer or the A team?)


Protective spells can be done for that type of spiritual attack - however, I would do a cleanse first - then the layer of protection - then a white light “bubble” or try one of the following below.

I also want to mention - a novice witch can perform protection spells - however they MUST be confident in what they are doing…it can’t be all wishy-washy. I like to teach younger witches that, you can fool yourself, and you can fool others, but you can’t fool the universe.