Protection spells

I need a simple protection spell for my fiance? He is moving to a potentially VERY dangerous prison tomorrow. I just need a spell for protection.


Hi! @SilverBear has some lovely spells & work to do for protection. One of her videos is about clearing energy & protection.

Energy Clearing & Protection Spellwork - SilverBear

If you are looking for maybe something he carries with him, you could maybe use a spell pouch or small plastic jar with protection elements in it.

Protection Jar Spell - SilverBear


I like @Siofra_Strega’s suggestions of something he can carry with him, though I’m not sure how possible that is. If your husband is open to it, you could create two separate sigils for protection that magically link together. One you keep at home on an altar space and the other he carries with him on paper or even draws on his skin to be hidden. The one at home can be charged regularly and prayed over, giving extra energy and protection to him since, and I’m assuming this here, he doesn’t practice.


@MeganB ooo… sigils… you could do a bindrune too! Putting runes together to make them 1 symbol, I guess in a way, a type of sigil!


Yeah it would have to be paper or something that he draws on himself because he can’t have anything in there. It’s prison. Lol.

No he doesn’t practice the craft but he is Norse pagan.


He could draw a bindrune on himself somewhere that won’t be seen or just with his fingertip on his skin. It won’t leave anything, for his whole self he could trace one on his forehead or the back of his neck! I’ll see if I can come with a protection bindrune. Or maybe he knows of one being Norse Pagan. Runes originated with the Norse.

(I don’t know why I was thinking uniformed police that could keep a charm with them or in their cruiser.)


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