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I’m not sure how to word this for anyone who doesn’t remember my sensing and soaking up energy from everywhere and not really understanding that was what I was doing issue, that I still have very little idea what do keep it from affecting my so much.
I’m going to a live event tomorrow, a birthday gift or I wouldn’t be putting myself in this position, and for this particular event there are very strict rules for what can be brought in. Pretty much nothing can be brought in . Small purse that will be searched are pretty much it and possible physical searches and what will be seen as rocks will absolutely not be allowed but I was thinking that I should bring a stone or bag or something around that many people that are going to be really amped up.
Any suggestions for one or two things that I could discretely bring in that would be the most helpful?
I am not above putting something in my bra​:joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


I would say if you can’t bring anything in, don’t risk trying to sneak something in for fear of either being kicked out or having that object taken from you.

What you can do instead is create a spell oil, body mist, or even a sigil that you can draw on yourself beforehand. These can help protect you and shield you from the energies you’ll experience while you’re there. I’ll drop some links for you!

→ You can adjust this spell jar to be a spell oil: Ground & Center Earth Magick Jar – Spells8

→ Here’s a good harmonizing oil recipe: Harmonizing Anointing Oil – Spells8

→ And a protection oil recipe: Protection Anointing Oil – Spells8

→ You can spritz yourself with Florida Water for protection: Florida Water DIY Recipe – Spells8

→ And here’s a grounding oil you can create: Grounding Oil 🧘🏼‍♀️

→ Make a sigil for yourself: Sigil Making 101: Draw Your Manifestations – Spells8


@MeganB As I am just starting out/over I don’t have the resources for the oils and I can’t really think of a sigil that would help protect me from being bombarded with energy of nearly 10,000 people.
I made the mistake of looking at the area prison as we drove by once and I wasn’t right for days.
I have been so consumed by the fear of just leaving the house that this part didn’t occur to me.
I have been living with this for so long that the idea of controlling it didn’t occur to me until it was mentioned the first time I posted about it here.
Like I said, I am only going because it was a Birthday present from my daughter


Hi @Nixi!

100% agreed on this! I always err on the side of safety when traveling- all herbs and spices have to go in my checked bag for exactly this reason. If security takes something, you’ll probably never see it again- not to mention the increased stress of worrying about causing a scene or getting in trouble.

Pentacle! :pentacle_tarot: Draw the five-pointed star with your finger in the air, summoning each of the elements in turn. Let their energy wash over you one by one, swirling around your whole body.

Then seal it up by drawing a full circle in the air- this circle bonds the elements to you, and protects you within a sealed sacred space. Know that within your circle, you are protected.

If you feel the energy waning, you can re-draw the circle at any time. Do it inside your pocket where no one can see, or go to the bathroom or another private space and re-do the full drawing routine.

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you all the best and I hope you’re able to have a pleasant time with minimal stress! :pray:

Blessed be :sparkles:


How about some stone jewelry? Do you have a necklace or a bracelet or some earrings you could wear? A ring?


Protection from Draining Energies by our own @SilverBear is a great one for these reasons.

Also Black Tourmaline is an amazing stone to carry or wear also if you are able.


@ AileyGrey Unfortunately no I don’t, I literally lost every person, place and thing as well as chunks of my memory. I’m still finding my way out of standing in the street of what I used to be my neighbor with the clothes on my back, no shoes on my feet and my cat
My new husband has been working on getting me what I need and want but it’s slow going.
All he wants is to make me happy. He rarely leaves the house without coming back without something for me, it might be my favorite candy of the perfect quartz point even I had been looking for one for weeks.
A huge change from what I’m used to.
In fact he bought me a necklace last night. I know it’s just character memorabilia but there’s just something about it


@ Siofra-Strega [quote=“Susurrus, post:6, topic:34690”]
Protection from Draining Energies by our own @SilverBear is a great one for these reasons
I have read it and I don’t know why í didn’t think of it

That I could have done as it turns out, security was not as strict as it was made to be


Ahh well, I’m proud of you for going! That must have taken a lot of courage to step outside your comfort zone. :tada: :sparkles:


It will all come together! That’s an awesome necklace! I love the colors!


It turned out to be a pretty good night. I feel asleep a few times, I’m wondering if it was energy overload or just the fact that I have have getting up every 2 hours to give my toddler fever reducer for 2 nights.
My husband kept poking me and becoming increasingly irritated which prompted someone to call for security who asked about drugs or alcohol and when that didn’t pan out, she asked a discrete version of “Do you feel safe at home?”
It wouldn’t be be us if something odd didn’t happen


Thank you @MeganB it very much was, I rarely leave the house and it’s been over a year since I’ve done anything even close to that


Sounds like it was an exciting time and that you made some interesting stories! :laughing: :+1: I’m glad everything worked out and that you were able to have a good time, @Nixi :blush::heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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