Readings of any kind

Hey there, I am a newish member … And I would really love if someone could help me find a way to get some questions answered… Wether it be a tarot read, palm read , spell , ritual anything …

Merry meet , thanking thee in advance!


Hi! Every Friday MeganB holds a Freebie Friday. These are a couple of past ones so you can see how she does it & the set up.

Freebie Friday :sparkles: May 13

Freebie Friday :sparkles: May 6th

That’s not to say that someone here can’t also do a reading of some kind for you if they choose. I personally am not comfortable doing readings for someone else, I can only do up to a 3 card reading for myself & that can be difficult :rofl:


Welcome, @Unique03!

My tarot and tasseography skills are a constant work in progress and I’m afraid I’m still not at the point where I’m ready to draw for others. That being said, if you go through the draw process (be it a tarot card, oracle card, tea leaf reading, etc) and post a picture here, I’d be happy to share my thoughts about reading it :flower_playing_cards: :mag: :blush:

If you don’t have cards or divination tools of your own, why not try a Tea Leaf Reading (or coffee if you prefer) :coffee: There is a step-by-step guide on the process in Tasseography: How to Do Tea Leaf Readings. It is a very relaxed and simple form of divination that anyone with a cup and tea leaves can do! :grinning:

For a full reading you may be able to find someone in the forum able to help and additionally, like Siofra said, MeganB is a very talented reader who offers free readings here in the forum every Friday :raised_hands:

Good luck and I hope you can find the answers you seek! :sparkles:


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