Regarding love spell

Hey, I tried to do love spell . I am
Quite newbie so I think it backfired, I am
Not sure. What could be the reasons for backfire? And what can we do to reverse it?
Would love to get some answers. Thank you


Hey there Parth :heart: It’s hard to know if a spell backfired without context. Can you give us some more context on the spell you cast and what’s happening?

In my opinion, the chances of a backfire are generally very small. However, the chance is still there.


Hi Parth, I’m Garnet from Florida.

Your question is very valid but in truth I think you’re being too hard on yourself, relax. Maybe it did back fire, but it’s very rare.
I’ve had it take a long time (weeks or more.)and I also have had -0- success. Does this mean I’ve done something wrong? Maybe. Missed something in the ritual. Possibly.
The answers are easy and sometimes confusing, but Sometimes we didn’t comply with the spell or ritual, if so, try again (if at 1st you don’t succeed, try, try, again). It also may be that Goddess is saying, you aren’t ready yet, or now now. Sometimes She says no.
Why do you think your spell backfired?
Let me know, I’ll be glad to talk to you about it.


Hey. I casted a circle through 4 elements and I went out of a circle couple of times without doing anything and It was a one day spell so I don’t know if I should sit there for whole candle to burn because I didn’t.


Well , when I did the spell , I got a very good energy in the beginning but I kept going out of a circle without doing any ritual or something. And last night a huge fight with that person . And again the candle was not burning out . It hardly had wax but it kept burning for very long time .


Infact , I am not sure that what to do to go out of a circle and come back.


Greetings @parth!

Sorry to hear that the spell didn’t go as expected for you. But although the outcome wasn’t what you expected, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it backfired. Like Megan said, I think it’s pretty rare for a spell to “backfire”- especially if the spellwork involved was positive (as opposed to harmful Baneful Magick aka Black Magick).

That being said, it does seem like there was an issue with your circle :o: . Not all witches choose to cast circles during spellwork, but those who do will likely agree that if you do decide to draw a circle, the circle should not be broken until the spell is complete.

For more information about magickal circles, I recommend reading the full Circle Casting FAQ in the Spells8 Circle Casting For All Guide. There is a lot of helpful information there for those who like to cast circles! :sparkles:

To learn how to safely close your circle, check out the section called How to Take Down a Magickal Circle.

If you believe that your magickal circle is still active, taking it down now may help to bring a stop to any bad energy or strange things you are experiencing :+1:

I would strongly suggest closing your magickal circle, @parth, if you haven’t done so already and see if that helps! Going forward with your spellwork, I would suggest not using circles or, if you do enjoy casting circles during spellwork, to always carefully cat a door in the circle if you have to leave- or better yet, not leave the circle until the spell is finished.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles: :blush:


It sounds like you had issues with your circle which definitely happens. You’ve gotten some great advice from @TheTravelWitch_Bry about using circles moving forward.

I don’t personally cast circles for spellwork so I can’t personally give experience about moving in and out of a circle without cutting a door. I do have some things that might give you some perspective on your spell and if it worked or not.

:star: What was your relationship like with the person before the spell? – If you and this person had a tendency to argue and fight beforehand, it’s very possible that the spell didn’t backfire it just didn’t work.

:star: What did you use to cast the spell? – Sometimes our associations with different ingredients can affect the energy of our spellwork. Sometimes the energy of the objects we use may not be in line with what we’re casting the spell for. Also, if something wasn’t cleansed (if that was necessary), that can have affects on the spell, too.

:star: What words were said or what energy did you hold for the spell? – I have found it to be very important to be specific with what you want. For example, if you just asked for more attention from this person but didn’t specify why, then you got your attention just not in the way you wanted.

In my opinion, spells backfiring is very rare unless you’re doing specific types of workings and misuse a taglock or something like that. In this case, I think it’s possible that the spell just didn’t work or didn’t work as you intended.


Yes. In my experience. If you must leave momentarily, may cut a “door” with an athame or sharp object, but return as soon as possible and close it back up. If the spell is a long one, one that requires candles to burn out, I take reading material or work on my computer (if I can help it try not to), bring some beverage, fruit/veggie snacks, a little pillow, take a nap, and just stay put. For those spells I choose a candle that burns no more than 5 hours or however long you are committed to remaining in the circle.

When done, release the elements and close the circle out. This step I feel is very important. Stepping out of the circle is more forgiving than not closing it out, based on my feelings and advisement from others.

A lot of spells, calling upon the elements is not needed, based on how one feels. Some areas the person may need the extra push, one’s judgment. Either way, if calling upon the elements, feel it will need to be handled with care and if not, the spell will fall flat. Even if the spell didn’t require such, but being it’s being used and if not correctly, it will render the spell useless. That may be a huge reason why the spell didn’t work.

Spells can me attempted again, try it without the circle, see if anything? If you feel a circle is required, then stay put and close it out.