Renewing my daughter's dream sachet

Some of you may remember when my daughter and I made her a dream sachet, well the time has come to renew it and I have a question or two.

One of my questions is what to do with the remains of the previous sachet. It has negative energy in it that needs to be rid of, do I follow the guideline of burying it somewhere far away from here? I will mention that my trash will be picked up in the AM, is that option doable by any standards?

The other question I have is could I just burn the remains in my cauldron as part of a cleansing ritual?

BTW, I’m back from my trip to see my family, obviously! I missed everyone and partaking in our various spells8 activities. I’ve liked some posts and have been feeling pretty inspired by everyone’s content lately <3


Why not just scatter it in a field, woods, or park and let the elements recycle it all?


Burning them in your cauldron is a great idea. The natural ingredients you could throw outdoors or flush them, compost, toss them in the wind. The crystals, just cleanse and charge them good for at least 6 hours depending on which method you use.
Im not sure about burning for a cleansing ritual bc if the herbs already hold negative energy, wouldn’t burning it just spread it? I could be wrong but it’s something to look into.
Anyhow I’m glad you’re back! I hope you could show us a picture of the new sachet. Hope your daughter sleeps well with the new one :sparkling_heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart:


Burning the natural ingredients is a fine way to release what you’ve trapped. A lot of people have a misconception about what energy is in witchcraft. Inherently, energy cannot be positive or negative. It just is. What’s different is how that energy is charged. In this case, the energy contains remnants of nightmares, trapped worries and stresses, and general everyday anxieties that the mind holds on to at night. When you burn the ingredients, you’re cleansing that energetic signature and removing the influences that are on it, giving it permission to go back out into the universe in a neutral state.

I’m not sure what the ingredients you used were, but obviously, we want to make sure what you’re burning is safe to burn and that it’s done so in a safe manner..

Alternatively, you can always dispose of spell remnants in the trash, but I would leave that as a last resort. That’s just my own practice and belief.


Hi Janelle!! Welcome back!! :smiley:

Like Megan said, it depends on what the ingredients are!

I looked up the dream sachet topic to see what ingredients you had used. It seems that you’re fine burying it. Maybe you can go for a hike and find a quiet spot that looks good to you. Make sure it’s not a place that you usually visit.


Depending on what they are I would either bury them away from me or burn them if at all possible. I use crystals in my dream sachets, so I would definitely cleanse and charge them afterward.