Returning witch

I was in the process of learning to be a witch and getting ready to fully dedicate myself to my pagan heritage when I became involved with my husband. After the birth of my first child my husband insisted that my children be raised Catholic. I converted to appease him and to learn as much as I could to help raise my children as Catholics. My husband has been useless in this process and I was all in but it never felt right. I recently realized that I had given up a huge part of myself to Catholicism and I was not happy with that. I am returning to my pagan roots and re-learning everything I already had. It’s a frustrating process to re-learn everything because it was forgotten. But I’m here and I feel better every day that I honor this heritage of mine.


Merry Meet, Wendy!!

My sympathies to you, it sounds like you’ve had it pretty hard. But remember that “The beginning is always today”! So glad you decided to join in! You’ll find us to be a very laid back, accepting group.

Feel free to explore the forum and comment on any topic you like. Also I recommend you the Daily Devotionals page, the Courses page and the sitemap of Spells8!


Its muscle memory! Its never forgotten! What’s within you, is never forgotten.


Merry Meet @wendy8! I had a similar thing happen and came back over the past summer. Re-learning everything is very frustrating. I completely understand. I had been away from it for 20+ years, so I lost A LOT of information. I hope you find this site easy to follow and it’s very helpful. Everyone here is wonderful and supportive of your path. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Blessed Be :star2:


Merry Meet @wendy8! I’m Kasie, from West Virginia. I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough time, but now you’re back on track! Feel free to ask any questions, someone here will be glad to answer!


A very warm welcome, @wendy8! :heart:

No matter what happened in the past, it seems you have found your way now- congrats to you! The journey may be difficult at times but it is worth it to feel comfortable and proud of yourself and your beliefs :pray: We are blessed to have you join us!

Feel free to explore the forums and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. You are also warmly invited to join the current activities in the forums- such as the weekly witchy challenge, divination discussion, and group tea ritual. These can help you to feel welcome and at home here :two_hearts:

It is a pleasure to meet you- blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Welcome back! :hugs: I’m Christina, nice to meet you! I think you’ll like it here.


Hello, I am Wendy as well! Do you know you can be a witch and a Catholic? I have several acquaintances who are Christian witches. The Catholic Church celebrated our holy days, their saints, are our Gods and Goddesses (ex. Bridge to Saint Bridget). If you read the series by Ann Moura, The Green Witch (Vol. 1-4), you can see how her family blended the two to be accepted by family and community. Many witches are secular as well as pagan. I share this to show you that you do not have to reject your family. You can do both.


Hi Wendy,
My name is Jeannie, I see your frustrations, when changes can be like a tidel wave! There are so many twist and turns! It’s wonderful you are her in the present with us! At least your claiming your heritage! That represents strength to me! I am so honored and blessed to meet you! I am here for you along with the rest of us!( As above so below) I just had a transition myself! I was Christian for along time and raised Catholic! I knew I didn’t belong! I had different views and my thoughts didn’t always line up with Christian values! Nor was I going to be a disciple!
Today I just hope everyone excepts Me for me! But I am so glad that you found a place where you can grow spiritually together! I am so happy that your in are on spells 8! At least know you will find everything will come back to you like the group mentioned! You will be teaching me a couple things giving me insight I bet! We all are here for each other! Doing devotionals, meditating, grounding ourselves, conjuring up energies, invocations,

“Fill yourself no glowing with energies of the universe. Center the energy given to you. Direct this energy into personal healing, Healing for others or for some other positive goal”, In the book magic cauldron!
Blessed be
Merry meet Merry part