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Wondering if there is a video or discussion on exactly how the moon and zodiac signs work together. Is it that the moon is in front of the 12 planets at a particular time? Like today the Moon is in Libra. How is that determined? Also, if I was born on August 24, I need to know the exact time I was born to identify my “moon,” zodiac sign right? It could be different than my Date of birth - Virgo. Many thanks and gratitude for any help or reference material to my rookie question.

Again, thank you.


I will have to look for the moon & signs aspects & how they work together, because the moon moves through the signs quicker than the sun. I just can’t explain it off the top of my head right now.

As far as your Sun sign, that is done by the date you were born. The Moon sign is the time & date as well as your rising sign is the time & date… because the signs can change within 24 hours for those two.

However, for reference about your particular signs… you can have a FREE natal chart done with interpretation including Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendant plus the houses & planets with interpretations at

There are apps on your phone that will do it for you too, one of them is:
Time Passages & it will show you the current chart/aspects & how they are related to each other

Also, there is a site with FREE astrology lessons for the basics:

Free Astrology Lessons

We also have a thread with other information about Astrology that covers many topics:

Astrology Information :milky_way:

I hope those help to get you started. I will go find a couple of books & search the site & forum for anything else that I can find about it for you :smiling_face:


This is AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to send me this info. When you try to google zodiac moon signs, you get info on the zodiac meaning/characteristics/moods/symbols but not how it works :). So grateful for your info and LOVE the free astrology lessons. I should have searched Spells8 for Astrology - I kept searching for horoscope, zodiac, and moon. Again, thank you for the links.


You are very welcome:smiling_face:

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Greetings @ApisMellifera!

Siofra has you covered with some great tips and resources- I was trying to think of how I’d best word an answer to support what has already been given, and it’s pretty tricky to explain! I completely understand your confusion with visualizing how the moon moves through the zodiac signs :laughing: :+1:

Additionally, astronomers and astrologers disagree on some things with the zodiac signs/constellations (you may have heard about the debate over Ophiuchus), so note that I’m taking a more astrology-based approach here.

From Space: Zodiac Constellations and Zodiac Signs

The way I picture it is that, from Earth looking up at the sky, we see the moon and can watch it moving in the sky. This is because the celestial bodies (including us here on Earth) are in constant movement, revolving around one another- Earth is revolving around the sun, and the moon revolves around the Earth.

The Moon changes signs every two or two and a half days, and passes through all 12 signs of the zodiac every 27 and 1/3 days.

From We Moon

The Zodiac sign of the moon is based on which constellation the moon appears to be in- aka, which Zodiac constellation appears to be closest to the moon at any particular time. It changes to the next constellation every 2.5 days. And it goes through all 12 traditional zodiac signs within a 27.3 day period.

(Astrologers and astronomers, please feel free to correct me if I got any of that wrong!)

The astrological theory is that the sign the moon was in at the moment of your birth (as well as the position of all other planets in the skies) has an effect on your personality, life, future, etc. All of these influences can be read and examined through your natal chart :scroll::sparkles:

Again, anyone is free to correct me if I got any of that wrong, but that is how I currently view determining moon signs! :full_moon_with_face:

I wish you all the best with exploring your signs and chart, @ApisMellifera- good luck and blessed be! :heart:


Everything you @BryWisteria and @Susurrus said are spot on and very well explained!!

I would also say that @ApisMellifera, if it wasn’t already said is that there are places where the time of your birth is optional to give you a basic natal chart, although it would be more precise and thorough if you have the time.

Happy star gazing!! :dizzy: