Sleep spell/health jars?

Hello! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! My father recently has told me has had some trouble sleeping and I was wondering if there was a spell or tea or anything really that I could do that might help aid him? I just thought that since I am learning that I could do a health spell jar and mail it to him as a little present to keep him healthy, or something along those lines :purple_heart: I have checked our amazing list of things I could do but I figured I’d also ask the community as well. Thank you!


It depends, do yo want a sleep jar? In that case, I’d use:
Wool for sleep and comfort.

Lavender for soothing peace.

Chamomile for rest and relaxation.

Calendula for positive dreams

Bloodstone for protection.

Smoky Quartz to relieve nightmares.

Amethyst for restful sleep.

Aventurine for better sleep.

Fluorite for better sleep.

Peppermint for clarity.

Hops for relaxation.

If you don’t have all of these ingredients, use what you can. I’d seal the jar with a candle in one of these colors…
The best colors for sleep are blue, yellow, green, silver, orange, or pink. These colors reduce stress and soothe the nervous system.

I wish your dad a great sleep! :zzz::sleeping:


What about making up a dream pillow or sachet for him to place under his pillow. Chamomile & lavender can help with sleep, there are crystals that can help, I used moonstone and angelite.Dream PIllows…Have you ever made one? This may have some helpful information in it also.

I hope the information from @christina4 helps too, those sound wonderful and I may just use some for my own sleep jar or sachet!


That’s a very nice idea, @quadeera. I’m sure your father is going to appreciate it!

I would follow the advice Christina gave you, or search for one of SilverBears’ amazing jar recipes.

The dream pillow idea is also good. Here’s one I found:

Sweet Dream Pillow

This pillow is designed to encourage relaxation and soothe restless sleep.

  • One 8×4-inch rectangle of cloth (your choice of color)
  • Thread to match
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Cotton batting (about the size of your fist, or two 4×4-inch squares)
  • Ribbon (optional; for length, see above)
  • One Tbsp violets
  • One Tbsp spearmint
  • Two Tbsp lavender
  • Small bowl
  • Iron (optional)
  1. Blend the herbs in the bowl with your fingertips.

  2. Fold the rectangle of cloth over onto itself so that you have a square of doubled material. If you are using a fabric with a design, make sure the design is on the inside. Pin the two pieces together.

  3. Using a running stitch, sew along two of the three open side of the fabric square, leaving one side open.

  4. Fold approximately a quarter-inch of the raw edge of the open side out and down so that the raw edge faces the rest of the pouch. Finger-press the edge so that is stays creased, or use an iron. Turn the fabric pouch right side out, so that the seams are to the inside. (The raw edge of the pressed side should be inside the pouch.)

  5. Tease out your cotton batting to it is fluffier and larger. Place the herbs in the center of the cotton and fold the edges inward so that the herbs are rolled inside the cotton. If the cotton batting is flat, lay one of the edges down, pour the herbs in the middle, lay the second square on top, and secure all four sides with a running stitch.

  6. Tuck the herbs in the cotton batting inside the fabric pouch. Pin the open side closed. If you are adding a ribbon hanger, fold your piece of ribbon and insert the ends into the open side of the pouch and pin them into place. Sew the pillow closed with a running stitch, sewing the ribbon into place as you go.

  7. Tuck your new dream pillow under your bed pillow or place next to your pillow before you sleep.

You can increase the size of this pillow. The larger you make it, the more cotton batting you will need to protect the herbs inside. You may use as a many or as few herbs as you like.

Suggested blends for dream pillows:

  • Peace: lavender, poppy, gardenia
  • Harmony: chamomile, violet, calendula
  • Happiness: honeysuckle, sunflower
  • Love: rose, jasmine, gardenia
  • Health: eucalyptus, nutmeg, carnation
  • Prosperity: cinnamon, orange, basil
  • Protection: geranium, sage, clove

– from “The Way of the Green Witch” by Arin Murphy-Hiscock


What a lovely idea for a gift, @quadeera! Your father would be very blessed to receive such a thoughtful present :blush:

You’ve got some wonderful recommendations- whether you choose to go for the spell jar or dream pouch, you may want to consider including some herbs for relaxation and decreasing anxiety :relaxed:

Good luck, and wishing you a very happy holiday season as well! :heart:

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