🍝 Spaghetti Pomidoro con Mozzarella - Kitchen Witchin' Catchup!

When all else fails I tend to throw together a quick Spaghetti Pomidoro which (looking at the ingredients) is a great recipe for Love, Protection and Prosperity!
Stirring with intention and muttering charms is all I do all day so I guess I’d just be muttering my charm du jour :joy:


  • Spaghetti (cook as per packet instructions) :spaghetti:
  • Mozzarella blob (sliced into moons) :full_moon:
  • Parmesan (grated to sprinkle on top) :cheese:
  • Fresh basil garnish (will come to that in a mo!) :leaves:

Sauce ingredients:

  • Tin of chopped tomatoes (protection, love, passion, creativity) :tomato:
  • Diced small white onion (protection, healing, prosperity) :onion:
  • Vegetable stock cube (or other seasoning) :salt:
  • Basil (protection, love, prosperity, luck, happiness, peace) :leaves:
  • Marjoram ("as basil, healing) :herb:
  • Oregano ("as basil, courage, communication) :herb:
  • Rosemary (purification, healing, concentration, love) :herb:
  • Thyme (purification, courage, strength, healing, love, prosperity) :seedling:

Fry off your onion first (I tend to use a bit of low cal spray oil)
Add in your chopped tomatoes and stock cube/seasoning and reduce the heat so it simmers lightly.

Sprinkle in a good pinch of each herb, taking a moment to breathe in the scent of each and focusing on your intentions and how each one will help.

Stir the sauce clockwise to attract positivity and allow it to reduce before combining it with the cooked spaghetti (it takes about the same amount of time to cook as the pasta).
Top with mozzarella moons and grated parmesan.

And here’s my favourite bit…
:leaves: The basil leaf garnish:
Now, I have edible ink pens (boujee, I know, but I occasionally decorate cakes so I neeeed them :joy:) but this would also work with a cocktail stick and some of the tomato sauce you’ve just made.
I read somewhere that if you write your wish on a basil leaf and eat it it will come true!

So you betcha butt all that stirring intention is going to be put in tiny writing on my basil and munched along with the spaghetti!

Anyway, I hope this counts for the catch up! I promise to share some witchy recipes and photos soon :kissing_heart:


OOh, that sounds good! Yum! :yum:


I will have to try this, it sounds like something my family would eat too!


THIS is perfect and hilarious- gosh I love reading your posts, @Limeberry! :joy: And ohhh such a tasty recipe, with so many health and magickal benefits :sparkles: This most definitely counts towards the challenge, and between you and @kasie’s yummy stuffing muffins I am now ravenous :laughing:

Edible ink pens!!! I gotta get some of those somehow- they sound like a lot of fun- and perfect for writing wishes on food! :yum: Thanks so much for sharing, Limeberry :heart: