Spell for Procrastination

Does anyone know where to go to get the Spell for Procrastination?

I have looked through every chapter and can’t find it.

Any help will be appreciated…

May your desire to connect with the Divine spirit of the Universe always be strong within your soul!


I’ve been searching for one too, probably for a few years!! It’s about time one of us makes one!! :sweat_smile:


I have this one from this site. Haven’t tried it yet so I need a spell to do a spell HA!
Hope this helps. :grinning:


This spell is really good and easy to use, tried it some time back. I would recommend it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: one just need to have an open mind and a positive mind set.


@Sarall to the rescue- that’s a great procrastination spell! :raised_hands:

A lack of willpower/motivation often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of creativity and low energy, so if you’re looking for more related spellwork, here a few you might also consider :blush:

May motivation and success soon be within your reach, @RitaKay! Blessed be :sparkles:


I tried that and it worked really well for me! Saying “I choose to…” made me realize I am in power of my time, not the other way around. It also helped me focus on one little thing at a time, start to finish. I use this when I get “stuck” in inertia.

What also helps me: lighting a candle and playing music I loved during especially happy times in my life. I have a play list for that. It makes me feel energetic.


I have used this spell before too & put it in my BOS. It worked for me when I used it! I should pull it out more often when I feel a lack of motivation or some procrastination. Thank you for reminding me about it!