Spell Jar time! I know...shocker...lol

Mental health is very important to me as I am someone who has had to deal with Panic Disorder and Anxiety my whole life. I am becoming more mindful of my language when it comes to this.

I used to say, “I suffer from panic disorder and anxiety.”

Basically, I was cursing myself every time I uttered those words.

Now, my language is, “I am in control, I am calm. I will get through today, even if I have to take time to sit and breathe.”

How can you change your language about your own “issues”?


Ooh, I cannot put into words how much I love this jar. Mental health has always been a big deal to me and I’ve been working hard to reword how I speak about it as well. This jar is perfect for me for that, but I also just posted about my routine struggles and I think I could utilize this with it?

My need for the routine stems from trying to aid my mental health and allow me to better handle my anxiety, so I think I may use this in conjunction with a routine. To trust in it, even when I feel like throwing the whole thing out the window and to just breathe when it gets thrown off because I know it always will.

I also have everything which is a bonus :wink: I think this may be my favorite spell jar of yours yet! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m really excited to make it :heart:


This is really lovely! Definitely gonna make one of these!


It’s like you read my mind again @SilverBear! Thank you for this! :hugs:


Don’t mind if I borrow this to use today- it’s such a great affirmation :pray::heart:

Maybe it’s more of a perspective thing, but sometimes I catch my brain counting up all the bad and negative things that have happened in a period of time. If I let it tally them up, things seem to just keep getting worse- like it’s looking for more things to add up :sweat_smile:

Sometimes it takes a few tries, but I try to get it to count and focus on any positive things that happened during that same period of time- no matter how small. Sometimes just a little shift of focus can help “reset the gears” so to speak! :gear: :brain: :grin:

Awesome jar on a very important topic- thank you so much, @Silverbear! :heart:


Borrow and use away! lol Anything I share here or on my platforms are for people to utilize – especially if it helps them! :heart_eyes:


You may find this article interesting… https://www.theeclecticgreenwitchery.com/post/why-it-s-difficult-to-think-positive


You’re the best, Silverbear- thank you so much! :hugs::heart:

That was a great read- you’ve really got a knack for making science fun and digestible! When you lay it all out like that, it really makes sense why it’s hard to focus on the positives over the negatives.

I really love this quote:

" Pain, also, is something we have trained ourselves to feel. Our addiction to it, as with everything else, can be conquered, and it is truly as simple as making the choice to be happy instead. Although the concept of choosing to be happy is in itself a simple decision to make, executing it will require some focus and dedication."

True that- our brains sure can be sticky about things! :sweat_smile:

Really great reminder for the day. I’m going to try to make more of an effort to focus on positive things, but also try to be more forgiving and understanding when my brain gets stuck on the negatives. It’ll be a work in progress! :muscle:

Thanks again, Silverbear! :heart::blush:


:raised_hands: I have found this to be so true :star_struck: especially with some of my physical conditions that do cause chronic pain… I have actually found alternative methods or natural methods of relieving my pain or discomfort, even if that means I can’t get to things as soon as I would like to or have to take the day off, so to speak.

I have also been working on the execution of my decision to not be trapped or limited by the pain in my daily life with a more positive outlook on what I am still able to do & accomplish. For me, it is paying off immensely. I do still need to wear my braces or splints for different weather changes & activities, but that beats being laid up for a day or more because I don’t wear them when I need to do so.

I have worked on a lot of things & have found that while I do have bad days, they aren’t as often as they used to be & I am able to use other coping strategies instead of the daily pain medication & as needed pain medication. We have actually lowered the daily pain medicine that I take twice a day by 30 mg & I no longer have a prescribed as-needed pain medication. I use alternative methods or at the most 800 mg of ibuprofen.

Part of this practice now is journaling, but at the end or when I get through the regular stuff, I end the session with the positives from my day & things that I am grateful for, that practice has helped me so much in the last week or so.


Can’t wait to complete this jar!!! I found a beautiful store by name named the Sterling staph and I absolutely love it. I normally mail order my herbs but she has such a beautiful selection I now can shop local!


Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and I am excited to make this spell jar!!! I also didn’t know I was sabotaging myself with how I speak about it. I will be making a change in my language today!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pentagram: :astrology_moon:


@SilverBear this is a beautiful spell jar! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I love learning and you make it so simple and easy.
Now I just have to remember (eg I keep thinking about blowing the cinnamon through the front door on the first, but I always forget on the first)…do you have a spell jar for memory?

I developed anxiety and eventually I experienced a year where I couldn’t leave my house for about a year and I would have about 20 panic attacks a day. After I was able to leave the house I still had panic attacks for a few years after that. I don’t remember the last time I had a panic attack but I do know that I still have to be mindful of my thoughts or else it can creep back in.

I did Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and got a workbook -EJ Bourne’s anxiety and phobia workbook. It was a huge help! I definitely recommend it @victoria10 !

Changing our thoughts are a huge help as are the other areas that we can work on as addressed in Bourne’s workbook ( eg exercise and diet)

@Aurora_Hestia I find routines hard too and if I do something for days in a row it is boring and not stimulating. My brain starts to go to sleep. Lol. There are days where I have decided that my non routine is my routine. Lol.


Rosemary is a wonderful Herb for memory! :two_hearts:


Also FYI - I have a lot of digital files in my store - a lot of them help with anxiety and mindfulness. :slight_smile:


That is perfect. It is also supposed to be good for hair loss. My skin on my head is so tight I think it is choking out the hair follicles. I don’t have bald spots but my hair is thinner.

I think I will make an anointing oil for hair and memory and massage my scalp with it.

Thanks @SilverBear !!!


Happy Birthday @dorian1! I hope you have a great weekend!

I haven’t done this one yet, but I plan to in thebl next week!


Wow! That was very insightful. I very much enjoyed watching that video. It was so informative. I wasn’t aware of my mental chatter or mental models but it all makes so much sense now. Thank you!


Thank you Phoenix_Rose…I will look into getting the workbook. :blush:


Happy :hugs: Birthday :birthday: @dorian1

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With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


*Thank you so much!! And may many blessing come along your path! Merry we meet and merry we part!