📖 Spells8 Book Club V (Feb 26 - Mar 26)

Warm greetings to all of the forum book-lovers!


Thank you to everyone who joined in for last month’s reading session (Reading Session IV).

For those who haven’t yet shared their thoughts about their book (or anyone who enjoys reading book reviews!) you still have time to do so in :memo: Spells8 Book Club IV- Reader’s Reviews .

As of today, the fifth book club reading session has now begun !

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Let’s get started

  1. Announce your book
    The first post below is an editable wiki post- add your book title and name to the list! (instructions below)

  2. The reading period is open for [[ 4 weeks ]]
    While it is great if you can finish your book during this time, it is okay if you break it into chapters or sections- do as much as you can and know that doing your best is always good enough!

  3. Share your thoughts
    You are very welcome to share any thoughts or tidbits while you read in the comments below or in a new post in the forums. But save the best parts for the final discussion at the end of the reading period!

  4. Final Discussion
    After four weeks, a discussion post will open encouraging all readers to share a review of their book and any personal thoughts they have about it. A mini-review is perfectly fine, and there will be a suggested format for anyone who would like to write a longer review.

A note about sharing books:

While everyone is free to choose their own book, you may consider reading along with someone else ! It is fun to share thoughts and insights about different books and even more exciting to do in-depth about a book with fellow readers :handshake:

If the book you plan to read is already on the list below, add your name to the list of others reading that book! For books with multiple readers, a separate discussion just for you will open for you to swap thoughts and share insights.

Please keep in mind that everyone will reconvene for the final discussion, regardless of which book you read :books:

Not sure what to read?

You can find book recommendations in:

Reading on a budget?

Free online books can be found in:

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If you have any questions about Book Club, be sure to check the Book Club FAQ and/or ask in the comments.

Blessed be and happy reading! :open_book::sparkles:


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Please announce your books here :blush:

Book Title by Author
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Out of respect to others, please only add/edit your own entry

  • Studies in Astrology: Volume I by Elman Bacher
    [this eBook is available online for free through the Rosicurican Library]

  • The Year we Disappeared by Peter Manso

  • Utterly Wicked: Hexes, Curses, and Other Unsavory Notions by Dorothy Morrison

  • Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie

  • Candle Magic for Beginners by
    Mystic Dylan

  • Wiccapedia A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide by Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenway

  • Six Ways: Approaces & Entries for Practical Magic by Aidan Wachter

  • Either A Guide to the Good Life by William B. Irvine or
    Brave Surrender by Kim-Walker Smith

  • Toil and Trouble by Augusten Buroughs

(((Please add your book above :arrow_up: Thank you! :blush:)))

NOTE: If you did not finish and are continuing your book from last session- feel free to add it in again here!


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Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


When I look in the right corner, I don’t have the option to edit the post. I just have the like, link, bookmark, and reply options. I don’t mind adding my book & author, but there is no way for me to do that.

My book is, The Year We Disappeared by Peter Manso. It’s a true story about something that happened where I live when I was a little, little girl. My father knew the people involved too. I love reading these types of books.


I don’t have the wiki edit button either. Here’s my book.

Utterly Wicked: Hexes, Curses, and Other Unsavory Notions by Dorothy Morrison. You can find it here on Amazon. I may never use the tricks in this book but I love the author and it looks like a fun read.


Oh, that sounds interesting @Amethyst! I am taking a break from my witchy books because I didn’t make it through my last one after 3 tries. So I will go back to it when I am finished with this one.


I know that feeling. Sometimes it seems like they make magic books dry just to see if you’ve got the commitment to read them. LOL


The book was okay, it’s about Celtic Gods & Goddesses… I just couldn’t get into it when I wanted to do so. So I figured I would try another genre & then go back to it.


Have fun with your new book! It sounds interesting if you like real life crime books. Very nice!


Yes! It happened on Nantucket a years ago. I remember the story being on the local news around here. I can’t wait to tell my father that I have this one & the other one too. My father knew the families involved in the Year We Disappeared too. That one happened when I was a baby/toddler


@Amethyst and @Siofra – I went ahead and added yours.

It looks like the Wiki part of the post hadn’t been activated so I fixed it. Anyone else should be able to edit it now (@TheTravelWitch )

I am reading Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie. It is one of the more recommended books for learning Ogam and I’m really enjoying it so far. I just started it, so I figured it would be a good chance to partake in the book club here. I’m also running my own book club on Patreon :sweat_smile: so I’ll be reading more than one book at a time!


Thank you @MeganB! I was going crazy trying to figure it out!

I don’t know that my time management skills would allow to me read 2 different books & follow them properly. Kudos to you! You are going to be a busy girl.

What is Ogam Weaving? I have never heard of it.


Ogam is another form of divination that comes from Ireland. I forgot the colon in the title :sweat: It should read Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom.

It is based on the Old Irish written alphabet, Ogam, created by the god Ogma to warn Lug that His wife was in danger. If you remember, I went through some of the Ogam before I took my break a while back. I think the most recent one I wrote about was Beith-Birch || The Ogham Staves but this book is opening up a whole new world and way of thinking when it comes to Ogam and I :clap: AM :clap: LIVING :clap: FOR :clap: IT


Oh, awesome! I will have to go back to that other post & read through it. My memory is suckish lately. It sounds interesting though!


Thank you! I thought I was nuts or something.


Hey all. I picked up this book at the local book store. I’ve been wanting to order some in but I can’t stand the wait so I end up buying locally. Anyway this book seems nice so far. It’s pretty long but I will try to finish it. I hope everyone has a great reading period! :slight_smile:


Good luck finishing it! I’ve heard about this book, I hope you like it!


Ooooh, your book sounds Interesting! Can’t wait for your review. :slight_smile:


Apologies to anyone who couldn’t edit the post- you are a hero,@MeganB! Thank you so much for fixing that :blush:

Wow- everyone has chosen some very interesting books! I am looking forward to reading your reviews and hearing your thoughts :star_struck:

Happy reading! :open_book:


@TheTravelWitch Is there a place where this suggested format is already posted? I looked through the previous Book Club pages and didn’t see one, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to be missing it :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance! :smile: I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday so far! :sparkles: