📖 Spells8 Book Club XVI (Mar 25 - Apr 22)

Wishing a warm welcome to all of the forum book-lovers!

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Thank you again to everyone who joined in for last month’s reading session (Reading Session XV)

For those who haven’t yet shared their thoughts about their book (or anyone who enjoys reading book reviews!) you still have time to do so in :memo: Spells8 Book Club XV- Reader’s Reviews .

As of today, the sixteenth book club reading session has now begun !

Spells8 Book Club

Time to read!

  1. Announce your book
    The first post below is an editable wiki post- add your book title and name to the list! (instructions below)

  2. The reading period is open for [[ 4 weeks ]]
    While it is great if you can finish your book during this time, it is okay if you break it into chapters or sections- do as much as you can and know that doing your best is always good enough!

  3. Share your thoughts
    You are very welcome to share any thoughts or tidbits while you read in the comments below or in a new post in the forums. But save the best parts for the final discussion at the end of the reading period!

  4. Final Discussion
    After four weeks, a discussion post will open encouraging all readers to share a review of their book and any personal thoughts they have about it. A mini-review is perfectly fine, and there will be a suggested format for anyone who would like to write a longer review.

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A note about sharing books:

While everyone is free to choose their own book, you may consider reading along with someone else ! It is fun to share thoughts and insights about different books and even more exciting to do in-depth about a book with fellow readers :handshake:

If the book you plan to read is already on the list below, add your name to the list of others reading that book! For books with multiple readers, a separate discussion just for you will open for you to swap thoughts and share insights.

Please keep in mind that everyone will reconvene for the final discussion, regardless of which book you read :books:

If you are reading a book along with someone else, please make a note in the comments so I can create a special discussion thread for you! :grinning:

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Blessed be and happy reading!

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Please announce your books here :blush:

Book Title by Author
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Out of respect to others, please only add/edit your own entry

  • Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox
    @MeganB @BrightBear

  • Empty Cauldrons by Terrance Ward

  • Hekate by Courtney Weber
    @Nikita-mikaelson (finished)

  • Practicing the Presence of the Goddess: Everyday Rituals to Transform Your World by Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.

  • The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

  • The Jar Spells Compendium by Phoebe Anderson @Rowan

  • Witchcraft into the Wilds by Rachel Patterson @Razzcatt

  • Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic by Amy Blackthorn

  • Brigid: History, Mystery, And Magick of the Celtic Goddess by Courtney Weber

  • Charms, Amulets, Talismans, & Spells by Marian Green

  • The Witch’s Wand: The Craft, Lore, and Magick of Wands and Staffs by Alferian Gwydion MacLir.

  • Psychic Witch By Mat Auryn


For anyone who has trouble with adding their entry to the wiki post above, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

How to Edit a Wiki Post (with pictures!)

If you’ve read the instructions but are still having a tough time- no stress at all! For anyone who prefers, I am happy to add you in. Just write your book title and author in a normal post and I will take care of it :blush:

Blessed be! :heart:


I’m still reading Empty Cauldrons :sweat_smile: honestly, I haven’t actually read it in a few weeks. I might need to go back and skim what I’ve already read just to make sure I remember it properly.


lol ive been reading this book called the zombie apocalypse survival guide for what like 3 monthes and have gotten barely half way through as ive been more focased on wicca books lately


I think my issue with Empty Cauldrons is that I’m just not that into it. I want to finish it because it’s the first book I’ve seen that tries to tackle having depression as a pagan/witch but it’s just not doing it for me.


I need to finish my Spencer novel so I can start on this one. I’ve been looking forward to it!


I have a book that I want to start, I have the copy as an actual book, but I’m just not feeling drawn to the subject right now. I think it’s because the Morrigan :raven: has taken a step back for a little bit while I appreciate how far I’ve come & keep moving forward. I know that the next dip, she will be a stronger presence in my life. Brighid :triquetra: has been wonderful. I just don’t know what subject I should read about right now. I have read & read & read about Runes, Tarot, Astrology… maybe Lithomancy. So off I go on a hunt for an interesting book about Lithomancy or maybe something about working with your intuition. :thinking:

I will let you know when or if I have found something for this book club :joy:


question this isnent gunna be like school where they demand a book report in a spicific layout
i hated that not the report on the book but that it had to be set up i very particular way


Hi @Nikita-mikaelson No the Reviews are quite short and easy. @TheTravelWitch_Bry has it set up quite nicely. Here is the template:
Book Title and Author:

Status? : Finished / Still Reading

My overall rating of the book : ???/10

How does this book relate to my magickal practice?:

My personal thoughts/opinions:

An interesting quote from the book: " "

All in all, would I recommend this book?: Yes / No

I agree the school book reports were a bit daunting.
Blessed Be,


Nope! This is just something for you to do if you want. If you want to use the template that @TheTravelWitch_Bry put together then that’s grand. If you don’t, that’s grand, too! You don’t even have to post a review of the book if you don’t want to. It’s totally a no-pressure situation.


Hekate: by courtney weber

Already on chapter 3.

Enjoying the book thus far


had to add another book ive been reading as there is no way im not gunna be finishing hekate by next week


@MeganB Some books we fly through and others take months to get through a chapter- I feel you, Megan! And sometimes its not even the book so much as being super busy lol :sweat_smile: Hopefully Empty Cauldrons becomes better as you get further into the book! :pray::heart:

@Amethyst Happy reading, Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Siofra Ohhhh lithomancy! I know you’re taking classes for crystal magick, Siofra, perhaps that’s a good focus to work on this month :gem: I hope you’re able to find a good book- happy hunting! :open_book:

@Nikita-mikaelson Oh goodness no- I’m in the same boat, I absolutely loathed book reports in school! My literature classes in middle and high schools actually snuffed out my love for reading- it was years until I could pick up a book again after how much I hated mandatory reading and reports :sweat_smile: Like others have said, this is way more casual, and you are free to express your love (or hate!) for your chosen books in any way you’d like. The template is simply a suggestion for those who want a little guidance in how they share about their books :blush::+1:


Hopefully! But as you said, it’s difficult for me to find time for it right now :laughing: eventually, though!


Thats good. I actually like writing i create poems all kinds and fanfictions as well as create my own stories completely made up by me. But my thing is i write free hand i dont use structure or things like that i let my imagination take hold and create its own structure with what im writing


Witchcraft Supplies by Lisa Cunningham is a good one following on from the weekly challenge :grinning:


I still haven’t decided & with the Monday I had, if it’s telling of the rest of my week, I may bow out of this one again. I just have some things I am working on & I don’t know when or for how long I will have to read each day. I used to read during my downtime. But it turns out that doing what I am plus this seems to be the time that the schools have their big things… plays :performing_arts: , concerts :musical_note: , science fairs, birthdays :partying_face:

I will be back though as soon as I have figured out what I’m doing… :rofl: plus I have my procedure this week too. Things have really picked up here the past few weeks/weekends. :joy:


Lol so i may have assumed id take longer to finish hekate ive only got 3 chapters left


@MeganB No worries at all- one of the best things about books is that they are very patient :smile: It’ll always be there waiting for you when you’re ready and have the time to jump back into reading! :books::heart:

@Nikita-mikaelson That’s amazing, Nikita- you have so many talents! :sparkling_heart: And wow, you are flying through Hecate, I hope it’s been a fun read for you :blush:

@Julie8 Ohhh so many good books! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you enjoy Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic, Julie- happy reading! :two_hearts:

@Siofra No worries, Siofra- it sounds like you have a ton going on, it’s an exciting time of year! :grinning: Take care of everything, the fun stuff and important stuff too! Book club will be here waiting for you when you’re ready to jump back in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: