Statue of Isis: I'm feeling unsure

I just bought a gorgeous statue of Isis and I’d like to offer it as a gift to her but isn’t their a ritual or something else I have to do??? Lol I feel silly for having to ask but that’s what a coven is for!!!
Thanks for any help in advance!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats on your new statue!! Does she look like this??

My advice is first to learn as much as you can about Her. For example, Isis is her Greek name but the ancient Egyptians called her Aset (or Auset). Her name translates to “Queen of the Throne”.

She was both the protector of women and the bringer of magic. Isis began as a secondary figure to her husband Osiris, however after thousands of years of worship, she was transformed into the Queen of the Universe and the embodiment of Cosmic order. By the Roman period, she was believed to control the power of fate itself. - Source

You could also place the statue on an altar to Isis with offerings for her:

  • Drinks: Wines, milk, sweet drinks

  • Incense and oils: sandalwood, lotus, red rose, white rose, jasmine, verbena, cinnamon

  • Food: wheat, honey, almonds, peanuts, chocolate, coconut, orange, liqueur, lemon, grains, grapes, sweets

  • Candles: Golden, red and pink

  • Colors: Green, red, lilac, blue, gold and white

  • Crystals / Stones: diamonds, gold, jasper, lapis lazuli, labradorite, moldavite, moonstone, rainbow obsidian, onyx, pearl, white and pink quartz, ruby, sapphire, hot or solar colored stones, carnelian, quartz green and precious stones

  • Flowers: white, red and white roses, sunflowers, daisy, lily, carnation, lotus and cedar

Like you mentioned, you could bless your statue by chanting a prayer to Isis, or learning some of her epithets.

There are lots of ideas and correspondences in this website: Shehkemet - Isis

Hymn to Isis

“I call upon you, Isis, most graceful and high of the High Ones
Hear your lowly servitor and grant your blessings
Most full and gentle
You whose crescent moon and stars
Encompass the world”

Continues here

If you have a Christian background, there is a case to be made of Isis having a correspondnece to Mother Mary. Most things that correspond to Mary in Christianity also correspond to her, including the Hail Mary. Read more here: Isis and the Virgin Mary


Why not just sit and talk with her? Welcome her into your home. That sort of thing.


Congrats on your new statue, @Christina4! :sparkles:

Francisco and Kasie have both shared some great advice- I agree that getting to know Isis more through research and time with the statue are great ways to connect with Her!

As a good starting ritual, I also recommend the Isis Devotional for Healing Francisco mentioned above. It is a guided meditation, so you don’t have to think- you can sit in front of your situation and relax as you build your bond with Isis through your new statue.


Good luck and blessed be! :heart: :pray:


She looks similar but I posted pics somewhere on the forum. I’ll post another one. But thanks for the great info!!!


That works! I’ll give it a try.


Thank you!!! I did do the devotional. Things seem ok so far.


Here’s a pic of one of my altars that I need to tidy up.


Even prettier than I imagined! She’s in full color and spreading Her wings!

Perhaps make her a pedestal so that she’s rising above all the stones and other objects


She does rise above all other things on the altar.